How SEO Works

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When it comes to building your brand’s image, you want to show the public what you are all about in the best possible way. A good way to do this is through efficient, on-brand marketing. It might seem simple, but it is more than just plastering ads everywhere and building your social media presence. One of the most important things you can do to build your brand is to use SEO. In order to use SEO you have to know how SEO works. Marketing companies use SEO to effectively build their brand’s image.

So, if your company is still learning the ropes of content marketing, here are some pointers when it comes to SEO.

What SEO Can Do

Implementing SEO tactics is the organic way to increase the visibility of a company’s link on search engines. This includes image, video, news, academic and local searches. If a company takes time to optimize their site, it will be seen as more reputable by search engines. The more SEO content you create, the higher you will rank and the more you will appear in relevant searches. Marketing companies use the tactic of Search Engine Optimization heavily in order to keep your business on top. The SEO process is a measurable, repeatable process used to send signals to search engines indicating that your site is worth showing in Google’s index.


So, how do you optimize a website? Creating high-quality infographics, video, images and blogs that include keywords is the first step. After that, marketing companies can edit a site’s HTML and associated coding to also increase its relevance through keywords. Search engines look at factors like these in order to analyze where a site should fall in its search results.

How to Utilize SEO

Another element considered in SEO is the speed of the webpages. If your site doesn’t load quickly, visitors won’t stick around and search engines won’t appreciate it either. Marketing companies use these tools in order to utilize all the benefits that SEO can bring for a company. These basics are determining factors in SEO and can greatly affect your website’s traffic.

If you are looking for a professional digital marketing company to manage your SEO campaign, it is important to find a marketing company that can help you. Marketing companies like Fusion 360 can help you to build your SEO and in turn, successfully build your brand’s online image.

The Benefits of Hiring an Agency

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When it comes to your brand’s image, you want to show the public what you are about in the best possible way, and the only way to do this is through efficient, on-brand marketing. Sounds simple, right? Just start plastering ads all over the place; spam your social media and bother the living daylights out of people online. Well, it doesn’t quite work like that. There are proper ways to market your brand, and some of the tasks that come with it might be best if left to professional marketing companies.

So, with that being said, here are the benefits of hiring marketing companies like Fusion 360 instead of trying to do everything on your own.

You’ll Save on Salary Expenses

Let’s face it, you can’t just dump all of the marketing tasks on your current employees — they have other things to do and doubling their workload will burn them out. The next option that you may consider is hiring a team to do marketing in-house but that might not be the best idea either. Unless you’re prepared to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, this idea might not work. By hiring a marketing company, you won’t have to pay a yearly salary, all you have to worry about is the contract pricing.

You Get a “Package Deal”

When it comes to marketing companies, you’re paying for a wide array of services that are going to boost your brand’s image. Agencies are usually comprised of content writers, SEO teams, social media experts, graphic designers, web designers and videographers. If you choose to build an in-house team, that’s a lot of salaries you’ll have to cover, and if you want the best of the best, they won’t come cheap.

You’ll Get Top-of-the-Line Tools

Marketing companies don’t mess around when it comes to their client’s success. Hiring a marketing agency will guarantee you the latest tools and technologies in the world of digital media so you can reap the benefits of beautiful content. These tools aren’t cheap; your company will save big on these tools by hiring an agency.

Marketing Companies Don’t Need to be Trained

If your current employees don’t possess the necessary marketing skills to successfully market your brand, you’re going to spend a lot of time and money as you experiment with your own marketing ideas. Instead, just hire a marketing agency ⎯ they require no training, which means you can get to marketing your brand sooner.

You’ll Benefit from an Outside Perspective

Lastly, by hiring a marketing company, you’re going to benefit from an outside perspective on current techniques, style and branding. By bringing in a marketing agency, they can help you brainstorm new ideas and provide their input on what you can do to improve your brand.

There are so many benefits that come with hiring marketing companies rather than trying to do everything yourself. If you’re in need of a marketing agency to help build your brand, contact us here at Fusion 360.

Apps and Sites to Track Your Social Media

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The most successful marketing companies are constantly tracking their social media statistics in order to achieve greater success online. Social media stats help brands see what they’re doing right, as well as what they can improve on to boost their engagement. This is why marketing companies help their clients by utilizing proper tools provided online.

If you’re looking to expand your social media arsenal, we can tell you what tools to look for.

In-App Statistics

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook provide companies with in-app statistics that they can use to get a general idea of how their content is doing. These stats will show you things such as website and profile clicks, as well as impressions. The reports are not as detailed as a full web report but they still give you quick and convenient information.

Some of our favorite apps include Analytics Pro, Hootsuite and Reports Plus.

Google Analytics Pro: an app for the popular web application Google Analytics that presents data in a meaningful way, rather than just simply listing your data in an unorganized fashion.

Hootsuite: A Social media management platform used to submit messages to a variety of social media services including Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Reports Plus: An app that allows a business to securely access and transform data to gain new insights on content performance.

Website Tracking

If you’re looking to get a more detailed social media report, you may want to consider using websites to analyze your statistics. Marketing companies often opt to use websites such as Social Bakers, Sprout Social, Report Garden and Google Analytics to examine social platform growth. Another great thing about these websites is that they can self-generate a report for you, which compares growth from all your accounts.

Social Bakers: A global, AI-powered social media marketing company that measures everything from social media to your audience in one simple place.

Sprout Social: A website software that helps your brand improve in social engagement, social marketing, customer care and data intelligence.

Report Garden: Aids marketing companies in creating performance reports, invoices, campaign budgets, site audits and more.

Google Analytics: Perhaps the most popular statistic tracking website out there; it tracks and reports all website traffic.

There are tons of tools out there that are available to help marketing companies track their statistics. While these are some of our favorite tools, you should definitely experiment with several apps and websites to find out which one works best for you. If you need help managing your social accounts and tracking analytics for your accounts, make sure to contact us here at Fusion 360, we can help take your company’s social media to the next level, it’s what we do.

Three Ways Pinterest Can Dramatically Spike Your Engagement

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Pinterest might not be the first platform that comes to mind for most businesses looking to grow their social media presence, in fact, a lot of companies solely focus on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, did you know that Pinterest can significantly spike your engagement?

In order for your engagement to skyrocket, you have to build a connection with your audience. You have to provide them with valuable information within your content that they’ll love in order to earn their trust. So, how exactly can Pinterest help you achieve amazing engagement rate? Marketing companies have narrowed down the three major ways that Pinterest can be beneficial to your brand.

You’ll Reach a Younger Audience

It’s important to understand what kind of audience you’ll be reaching on the social media platform that you’re marketing on, and when it comes to Pinterest, marketing companies have found that this platform reaches younger demographics. The average age of the audience on Pinterest is usually under the age of 40. With over 100 million users, 80 percent of people on Pinterest are female — there is, however, a growing male population. As you use Pinterest, you’ll notice that it also offers businesses an analytics tool. This tool allows marketing companies to examine the demographics, as well as engagement numbers.

Higher Share Rates

On Pinterest, shares are called pins and marketing companies have found that around 80 percent of pins on Pinterest are repins of already created content. This being said, original content on Pinterest is bound to get a crazy number of shares; on the other side of things, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where original content is flooding the platforms.

It’s Easier to Find Informational and Visual Content on Pinterest

While Instagram is the go-to for video and picture content, you’ll hardly find things like infographics and visual diagrams. This type of stuff may not sound exciting, but there are a lot of people looking for these items based on their own research needs and sheer curiosity. Sure, Instagram is a good platform to browse if you’re just mindlessly scrolling through; it’s a platform that is filled with pictures and videos of people’s lifestyles, adventures and hobbies. However, when people want informative visuals, Pinterest is usually the place to go. Marketing companies know this and create infographics specifically for Pinterest, which directs more engagement to their brand. Like the other platforms, marketing companies will tell you to use relevant hashtags and keywords to increase the chances of your content being seen.

Pinterest is an underrated platform when it comes to digital advertising, but it will give your brand a boost over the competition if you can utilize it properly. If you’re looking to grow your social media following and want to see more engagement, contact us here at Fusion 360 for your social media needs.

How a Green Screen Works

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Today, we are faced with thousands of new technologies that can help us achieve incredible feats. From the medical field to the world of digital media, industries across the globe have benefited from these advanced technologies. When it comes to video production companies, there have been significant advancements that have given these establishments a chance to thrive in their industry. Everything from cameras to microphones and even software, the advancements have reached new heights that people 50 years ago would have never predicted. One of these technologies is the green screen.

A mysterious piece of equipment, the green screen has helped filmmakers create stunning visual effects that can greatly enhance a scene. Green screens are commonly used in news stations to help project an animated weather map, and in some cases, a digital news set. They have also become common amongst YouTubers, but video production companies still value this technology when it comes to film making. The question is, how do they work? Here is everything you need to know about how green screens create visual magic.

The Color is Crucial

You may be thinking, why Green? Why not red, purple or black? Well, green is used because it’s easy for modern cameras to pick up due to the color contrast, which gives the video editor the cleanest image possible. It’s also used because green has been shown to be one of the less common colors worn in clothing and as a result, the on-screen talent does not appear as if their heads are floating.

The Science Behind Chromakeying

Using a green screen is known as color making or chromakeying — the process of singling out a specific color in an electronic image. When video production companies utilize chromakeying, like green screens, they are able to use editing software to make the background color transparent. This then makes room for another image of your choosing to show through the now transparent background; an illusion is created in the background as the subject of the shot stands in front.

Going back to where green screens are most used, news stations use green screens to create a digital weather map. The meteorologist stands in front of the green screen, while producers use chromakeying to isolate the green screen. Then, using advanced editing software, they turn the green transparent to allow the image of a weather map to show through. The viewers then see the meteorologist appear in front of the digital weather map.

In the Film Industry

Video production companies use these green screens for more than just weather maps — they use green screens as an integral part of special effects in high-end Hollywood blockbusters. For example, in a superhero movie such as Superman, the actor may have to lie on their stomach in front of the green screen while a fan blows on them to give viewers the illusion that the actor is flying through Metropolis. The editing team then just has to chromakey the green screen to replace it with an image of the city.

Green screens are still one of the most popular and useful tools in the world of film, and properly using one can help elevate your videos beyond anything you’ve done in the past. For help creating your best video yet, contact a professional video production company like Fusion 360! We can help you with any of your video needs.

Different Kinds of Video Your Company Needs

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Video content is one of the best assets your company can have. Video helps your company to stand out and, when done right, can grab viewers’ attention and keep them engaged in your content. People have short attention spans, so if you can create an engaging and entertaining video for your audience, then you will be able to provide them with all the information they need about your company or product in a short amount of time.

Video production companies like us — Fusion 360 —know that different kinds of video serve different purposes, which is why we like to create an assortment of different videos for our clients. If you are thinking of creating video content for your brand, here are the different kinds of video that your company can utilize in order to stand out more.

Brand Film

A brand film is one of the most important video assets you can have. Brand films help tell the story of your company, as well as your personality and your goals. Brand films tell exactly who your brand is, diminishing others’ varied ideas about who you are.

Video production companies know the importance of a brand film, which is why they like to capture their audience’s attention within the first ten seconds. They will include interviews from company employees and client testimonials to keep it personal and connect with the audience.

A brand film should also portray your companies strengths. Figure out what makes your company unique and do your best to show that in your brand film. If you don’t know what to talk about in your brand film, video production companies can help you come up with some ideas and write a script to perfectly capture your brand image.


Promotional videos are a great way to introduce new products or services or even invite people to a conference or webinar. Think of a promotional video as an invitation. You are inviting your audience to take part in whatever you are promoting through a video.

Promotional videos typically have a call-to-action in them, which encourages your audience to buy your product or sign up for your service. In addition, promotional videos tell the audience what’s in it for them. Do your best to really build up whatever you are trying to sell or promote.


How-to videos are really popular, especially if your audience is excited and ready to learn about your product. The great thing about how-to videos is you can get creative with them. Rather than providing a set of instructions, you can show your audience exactly how to use your product. Video production companies recommend focusing on the essentials when creating how-to videos. Too much information or detail can result in a long, perhaps boring video.


If your company is on social media, which you should be, creating social videos are a must. Platforms like Facebook or Instagram have the auto-play feature, which allows videos to start playing automatically while scrolling through your feed. Because of this feature, videos immediately grab the viewers attention.

When creating social videos, the most important thing to keep in mind is to make them short. If people are scrolling through their social media feeds, they probably won’t have time to watch a longer video. If you do have a longer video, video production companies recommend posting a teaser on social media and then linking back to the longer content.

No matter what type of video content you decide to create for your brand, it will be powerful. Video content is one of the top marketing tools right now and has the ability to help your brand get a good amount of attention. If you are looking for a video production company to create some video content for your company, look no further than Fusion 360. Our award-winning video production team has the tools and skills to create an amazing video that will show off your brand. Give us a call to get started on your video content!

How to Utilize Facebook Ads

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Today, there are over two-billion users on Facebook, making it a key marketing platform for businesses across the globe. While this social media platform may seem like a gold mine for businesses, the ever-changing algorithm can make it hard for even the most experienced marketing companies to connect with their target audience. Nonetheless, Facebook ads make it possible for companies to stay relevant in newsfeeds.

Marketing companies have to find ways to not only appeal to target audiences but also find a way to reach them; Facebook ads is one of the most efficient ways to do at least make contact. When it comes to taking advantage of the vast population on this platform, it’s all about how you construct your ads, how you place them, and who you place them in front of. Here are some tips on how you can more efficiently utilize Facebook ads and bring your brand the awareness you’re looking for.

Types of Facebook Ads

First, we’ll go over the different types of ads you can run on Facebook. The type of ad heavily depends on what your goal is, so it’s important to understand what each ad is used for and which kind your brand will benefit from. Here are a variety of ads that you can use.

Photo ads — These are some of the most simple ads you can run on Facebook. Photo ads are an introduction to both your product and your page. A successful photo ad is achieved by boosting an existing post with a photo from your Facebook page.

Video ads — Video is becoming the most dominant form of advertising online, and video ads can help showcase your brand’s product or service, as well as your style and voice.

Lead ads — These ads are only available on mobile devices, but they are great for collecting consumer information quickly and efficiently. Lead ads are also great for collecting newsletter subscriptions and signing up for a surveys and trial sessions.

Dynamic ads — Dynamic ads target certain people who are most likely going to be interested in the specific product or service. For example, a person who is viewing a certain product might see that same product again in an ad later on. This is a way to remind the consumer to purchase or use a specific product or service that they were considering before.

Messenger ads: Considering over 1 billion people use Messenger every month, ads on Messenger are a good way to tap into another Facebook market. When you create your ad and you’re ready to post, you just need to choose messenger as the desired placement.

Choose Your Objective

Once you’ve gone through the different types of ads, you have to take a step back and think about your objective. What is your end goal? Are you looking to hit a certain number of sales or are you wanting to grow your audience? Once you’ve chosen the type of ad that you want to use for your brand, it’s time to choose that objective.

The Facebook ad manager can help you find what might be best for you. Once on Facebook, you can select the “campaigns” tab and then click “create a new Facebook ad campaign.” Once you’ve clicked this, Facebook will give you 11 options to choose from in the form of objectives:

-Brand Awareness
-App Installs
-Video Views
-Lead Generation
-Catalog sales
-Store visits

Choose Your Placement

Placement is everything — and this is especially true when it comes to ads. Experts at marketing companies understand this and take the time that is needed to decide the proper place to run the ads. If you are just starting out, you can choose the “automatic placement” option, and Facebook will automatically place your ads to Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger. Where the ad is placed depends on where your consumers spend most of their time.

You can choose the “edit placements” option if you’re more advanced, giving you a more personalized approach to your advertising. It’s common for marketing companies to choose these options since they know exactly where they want their ads to run.

Create and Post Your Ad

After you choose the ad type, your objective, and where your ad will be placed, you are ready to create your ad! When you believe that your ad is ready to see the platform, you’ll want to post using either automatic placements or manual placement options to get your ads out into the public.

Track Your Ad Performance

Lastly, you’ll want to track your ad performance. This will give you a reference to how well your ad is being received amongst consumers. Depending on if it is doing good or bad, you can decide if you want to keep running the ad or not, as well as how you can make the next ad even better.

Marketing companies follow these steps in order to properly utilize Facebook ads, and if you decide that you’re ready to run your own ads, you should consider following them as well. However, if you need help creating, running or conceptualizing your ads, contact us here at Fusion 360 Agency. We’re ready to help you create awesome ads that are sure to reach your target audience.

Why Videos Do Better Than Pictures on Social Media

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When you scroll through your favorite social media platform, you may notice that a majority of the content that is posted happens to be in the form of videos. Why? Because videos are the most engaging and dominant form of advertisement. Whether you’re an influencer or a big company, you’re more likely to increase your engagement if you post well-crafted videos on your page.

So, in a world where visual content rules the internet, what makes videos more effective than a simple photo? Both types are visual forms of content and should perform nearly the same, right? Well, video production companies will tell you otherwise. Here are the main reasons that video do better than pictures on social media.

Your Mind is Designed to Remember Video Content

Videos thrive in today’s world because the human mind is programmed to retain visual content better than a page filled with text. The average social media consumer remembers about 95 percent of a message when it is watched, as opposed to the 10 percent they retain when they read the content. However, the videos must be intriguing enough for people to have interest enough to watch. Video production companies are constantly perfecting their work in order to interesting to all kinds of different viewers.

Videos Combine Visual and Auditory Senses

One of the main things that makes videos more efficient than pictures when it comes to social posts is the fact that videos bring auditory and visual characteristics to the project. These two senses combined give more to viewers and in turn help companies get their message across to consumers. Commentary, music and movement are all aspects of videos that help create engaging content, as opposed to text and still images. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to making a video for your company, there are plenty of video production companies that can help give you an engaging video.

Videos Lead to Higher Exposure Rates

Fifty-five percent of internet users watch videos online each and every day, so if your brand isn’t taking advantage of video marketing, you’re really missing out. These videos are viewed mostly on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These videos drive a whopping 157 percent increase in organic traffic from search results. This is the main reason that 87 percent of online marketers are utilizing video content today even if they have to outsource their production to a video production company. It’s also worth noting that videos on social media get three times the number of outbound links than a simple plain text post. Video production companies exist to help brands stay relevant in today’s competitive market and on social media channels. They do it by creating captivating video content that is sure to get people’s attention.

Visual content in the form of videos is the best way to make sure that your brand keeps up with the competition. If your brand is in the market for a video production company, contact us at Fusion 360 Studios for your video marketing needs.


How to Find Your Ideal Target Audience

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One of the biggest mistakes that start-up companies make is assuming they know who their target audience is. You’ve probably heard of the negative connotation that assumptions come with and there is no exception in the world of digital advertising. If marketing companies decide to assume they know who their target audience is, they can find that there is a good chance that they will be wrong. As a result, they will waste time on ineffective marketing tactics, a wasted budget, and ultimately failure to keep the company running.

While finding your ideal target audience might sound like a grueling task, marketing companies like Fusion 360 can make this process so much easier. With some simple steps, our talented team can help you really pin down who you should be marketing to — here’s how.

Analyze Your Current Customers

To begin, you’re going to want to take a closer look at your current customer base. Find out what it is that drives them to your product or service and try to connect the dots between their interests and other potential customers interests. All reliable marketing companies know that getting to know your current customers is the first step in growing a company’s consumer base and avoiding a plateau.

Research Your Competition

Marketing companies are always studying their competitors, and your business should too. Your brand should investigate what markets your competitors are tapping into in order to be completely aware. While you could potentially go after the same audience as your competitors, knowing who they are targeting will more likely help you expose any niches they may be overlooking, which will, in turn, give you your own consumer base.

Find Your Product’s Unique Selling Point

You have to fully understand your product or service if you want your brand to succeed. Make a list of all the potential benefits your service or product has and start brainstorming some general demographics that could rely on your product to solve their problem.

Check Demographics

Once you’ve got a general idea of what your target audience might look like, you have your foundation ready. This step is where you’ll have to get into the nitty-gritty; you’ll have to look through things such as age, gender, income levels, occupations, ethnicity, education, location and family status to narrow down who you’re going to be marketing to the most.

Don’t Overlook Psychographics

Unlike demographics, psychographics entails your audiences’ personal characteristics: personality, beliefs, values, interests, hobbies, behavior and lifestyle. Marketing companies get in-depth with these things because it helps them decide how their client’s product or service is going to fit into the customer’s personal life.

Decision Time

Once you’ve done all this research, you’re ready to pin down who your main target audience is. Make an effort to prioritize and target the group you’ve found through your research — not doing so will lead to wasted resources and stagnant growth.

Once you’ve finally pinned down your specific target audience, you’ll find that creating content will get both easier and more effective. If you’re struggling to get a grasp on who you should be marketing to, don’t hesitate to contact us at Fusion 360 — we’re ready to help you master the ad game and make a name for your brand, one digital step at a time.