Snapchat’s Newest Snap-tics

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All you have to do is point at your designated target, zero in and shoot — with the camera in your Snapchat app, of course — to paint the world around you with colorful animations. Lenses have always been the best part of Snapchat.

As digital marketing firms begin implementing Snap-tics (Snapchat tactics) into their strategic marketing plans, there is a whole new world of possibilities available. Always remember the 9th of November, also known as the day Snapchat graced the planet with their new world lenses.

What Is a World Lens?

With 150 million daily users, Snapchat is the social media platform that seems impossible to beat. Instagram’s newest Stories feature attempted to break into the market. However, with Snapchat’s innovative features rolling out regularly, digital marketing firms are eager to make the platform work for them.

These lenses are slightly different than your typical Snapchat lens. Instead of face augmentation, your background world will be morphed into something new. Bring the drab of the grey world around you through the transformation to especially fabulous.

As Nick Gambino from NewsWatchTV so simply stated, “It’s basically adding an acid trip to the whole captured moment.”

The Anticipation Is Killing Me

It is assumed that the world lenses are simply a hype machine for none other than Snapchat’s new Spectacles. The second attempt at something similar to Google Glasses will retail at $130. These Spectacles will record moments of your daily life to be saved to your “Memories” file on the app.

This is yet another tool in the arsenal of digital marketing firms across the country. Snapchat continues to prove that it’s less about the financial backing or who did it first, rather it’s about who did it better.

With augmented reality glasses, adding a sleeping cloud that vomits rainbows to your personal world can be as easy as clicking a button.

Caught on Snapchat: The Newest Trend in Advertising

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Snapchat is the fun quick way to send videos and pictures to friends without having the worry of people looking at your craziness for too long. Now many companies like McDonalds and Taco Bell, along with other successful marketing and advertising agencies, are moving some of their advertising over to the popular app.

Finding What People Are Looking For
Snapchat is easy, it’s fun, it’s quick and that’s what people are looking for. Snapchat allows marketing agencies in Utah as well as around the world to put a short fun video up, showing just how diverse their company is. The user, if they don’t want to watch the whole thing, can see the name quickly and move on to their next photo. The image may have been quick, but it was memorable.

Snapchat Discover
Snapchat recently added a new way of seeing news and other ads with Snapchat Discover. Different from regular Snapchat, Discover lets the marketing companies be front and center, instead of fighting for space — like on Facebook or Twitter. Discover allows for graphics, text overlays, animation and sound. Discover uses unique channels for different publishers. Advertisers can have their own place where they can market to those using the Discover feature.

Know Your Audience
Snapchat is a social media platform for people who want a quick idea of what their friends are doing, and Snapchat makes that possible with videos and images that last for a short time. One thing you will want to look at is how are you going to get your message across quickly and with flare. Doing ads with flare, color and humor will help make your company feel more approachable. Remember, the people who use Snapchat are in a younger generation and want something fun — not long and drawn out.

Overall, to make sure your advertising is effective, especially to the Snapchat users here in Utah, make an advertisement that can represent your company at a glance in a fun and effective way.