When to Use Drone Footage

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Drones are brilliant tools that filmmakers can use, and the technological research and advancements tied with these innovative machines have only helped video production companies elevate their content. Whether you’re filming a documentary, news story or a vlog, it’s important to know just how a drone can help you achieve video production greatness and when you should be utilizing its capabilities.

Drones should never just be thrown into the mix of a video, they serve specific purposes. We here at Fusion 360 Studios have compiled a guide for you to follow when it comes to drone usage — here’s what we recommend.

When You Need an Establishing Shot

The most successful video production companies use drones when they want to film an establishing shot. These shots help set up a specific scene or showcase a specific location, and a drone is going to help you get a more dynamic view of said location. You’ll most likely see drones in use during the introduction or transition parts of a video or movie.

When You Want to Provide the Audience with a “Break”

Touching more on transitions, drone footage can also be used to give the audience a break after an intense scene. For example, say you’re watching an action movie, if the content has been super dramatic and up close, a drone shot can be used to give the audience a break from the up-close intensity. Video production companies know that it’s important to retain an audience’s attention, but they also don’t want to make a production too overwhelming, and that’s where drone footage comes in handy.

When You Need “Smooth Motion”

When you’re shooting that showcase high-speed chases or movements, a drone helps ensure that the scene flows naturally and the footage comes out smooth. A chase car is used in higher-budget productions, but if you’re looking to simplify the process, a drone is going to do just fine. You don’t have to have a major motion picture to take advantage of a smooth sweeping shot, they can be used in brand films when you want to set up a location or sense of motion.

For Size Comparison

If you’re trying to capture the magnificent size of a specific location compared to, let’s say, an actor, then drones are going to be the best way to achieve this. For example, video production companies will shoot a close up shot of a subject in a specific location, then they will fly the drone up and away from the actor to show the incredible size of the location or the insignificance of the subject by showing how little they are.

There are various ways to use a drone, but it’s important that you don’t overdo it. If you’re looking to create some stunning visual content with the help of a professional video production company, give us a call here at Fusion 360 Studios. When it comes to video production companies, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

The First Commercials: A History of Advertising

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Television advertisement has been around for decades and they’ve effectively helped businesses thrive for as long as they’ve been around. Advertising is defined as a form of communication intended to spread awareness about products and services with the intention of persuading consumers to choose that specific brand.

When we talk about television advertisements, we’re talking about television programs that are produced and paid for by advertisements from specific organizations that are trying to spread the word about their product or service. Throughout the 78 years that television advertisement has been around, it has proven to help brands grow indefinitely. As years go on, the value of television ads have risen throughout the years; a single, 30-second advertisement on the Super Bowl today costs upwards of three million dollars.

Video production companies today still utilize some classic television ad techniques and combine them with current techniques to create engaging content, and today we’re going to take a look at the first commercial that was ever aired and go over the history of television commercials.

The First Ever Commercial

The first commercial aired in the United States on July 1st of 1941 — the watch manufacturer, Bulova, not only aired in the state first but also first around the world. The commercial was 10-seconds long and featured a clock on top of a map of the United States with the brand’s name visible. The commercial used a voice-over to state that “America runs on Bulova.” This advertisement was aired on NBC (known as WNBT-TV back then) right before a baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The Growth of Television Ads

Soon after the Bulova advertisement, other brands began to create their own commercials. Companies like the Pan American World Airways and Botany Worsted Mills started to invest in video production companies to create advertisements. Interestingly enough, the number of television sets in the U.S. increased significantly during the 40s, and by the end of this decade, the number of companies that chose to advertise on television was also growing exponentially.

With the flourishing of the advertising market, the American Association of Advertising Agencies was formed to regulate TV advertisements.

The Creation of Commercial Breaks

Today, video production companies are familiar with how commercial breaks work, but this form of advertising was brand new in the 1960s. At this time, one to two-minute advertising slots were introduced, and they were played during TV shows. This marketing technique was most efficient because long-television programs retained audience attention effectively, and companies such as Tide and Crest capitalized on this.

During an hour-long television program, nine to 10 minutes were reserved for advertisements.

After the launch of local cable TV, small companies began to reap the benefits of television advertising — this was perhaps the most important moment in advertising history. TV advertising has had a significant impact on how brands and businesses market themselves, and video production companies throughout the ages have managed to keep up with the industry’s evolution.

If your business is in need of a video production company to help get your name out, make sure to give us a call here at Fusion 360 Studios.

Three Simple Things You Can Do to Promote Your New Company

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Starting a business is perhaps one of the most, if not THE most daunting task imaginable. You’re putting in your hard-earned money, valuable time, and all of your marbles into creating something hopefully valuable and something that will generate success for you, your family and your employees, so of course you’re going to be nervous. Up and coming businesses need to hit the ground running if they want to have a chance at success, and the best way to do this is by focusing on simple and effective tips to begin with.

Oftentimes, businesses overwhelm themselves by overcomplicating the initial promotion process, which leads to poor decisions and a devastating launch. Social media marketing companies are aware of this and know that if they want to help a start-up succeed, they need to simplify the initial process while making sure that they create a strategy that will help generate the most amount of traction. Here are three simple things that you can do to promote your new company.

Don’t Hesitate to Join Social Media

The very first tip that social media marketing companies will give you is to create social media accounts for your company. Social media is a great way to gain exposure, and the sooner you start, the better. Social platforms allow you to build and engage with an audience, showcase your content, and run free advertisements — social media is no longer just an option, it’s a necessary marketing method for all businesses.

2. Set Up a Website

Your website is going to act as your lead generation tool and information source for potential customers. To start, just worry about a basic website; don’t get too caught up in complexities, that’s where you’re going to start running into issues. Social media marketing companies often have web development teams that can help you create a website, but you can also use sites like Wix, Square Space or Word Press if you’re not looking for anything too fancy.

3. Network with Similar and Relevant Brands

Word-of-mouth is the single most effective way of marketing your product or brand. Hopefully, your customers are going to be the primary source of word-of-mouth advertising, but similar businesses can also help spread your company’s name. It’s important that you aren’t trying to solicit customers, but rather work with these companies to learn how you can grow your own consumer base.

From social media marketing companies to other brands within your industry, there are various ways to market your company, but these tips are going to get you some quick results while you come up with a more advanced and more rewarding strategy. If you need help promoting your new company, social media marketing companies are ready to help, and no company can help you more than us here at Fusion 360.

What is a Brand Film?

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With all the different ways to market your company to your consumers, clients and the public, it’s hard to keep track of all the different tactics. One of the recent marketing tactics that is trending positively is the production of a brand film, but what exactly is a brand film and how does it differ from other video content?

Video production companies everywhere understand that a brand video is not a simple advertisement for a product, nor is it a promotional video. They are, however, supposed to show off your brand to your consumers and the general public in order to develop more trust and loyalty to your brand. When these videos are done right, your consumers should feel as if they can identify with your brand and connect on a deeper level. To expand more on what a brand film is, we will briefly discuss their purpose, what they consist of, and their future.

Purpose of a Brand Film

As we already mentioned, a brand film should ultimately build loyalty and trust between the consumer and your brand. Why? How? Simple. These are supposed to give viewers an inside look at your company. By giving consumers or clients a look inside your doors, they will see the culture of your company and find more ways to identify with the brand, developing an even more special relationship. In addition, video production companies suggest that these videos educate, engage and produce an emotion that viewers will feel.

What Your Brand Film Should Include

A brand film isn’t a short 30-second clip of people waving at the camera, but a two to five-minute video that conveys who your company is. This kind of video should display the inner workings of the company and consist of traditions and cultures that exemplify what makes you unique. Whether you interview the CEO, have a narrator, or simply throw up texts throughout the video, it has to have the company’s voice. If you are unsure how you might display your culture, secrets or anything special about your company, ask yourself, what makes your company tick? What is the driving factor behind the brand? What does the company do for others? From there, you should have plenty of ideas about what your video needs.

The Future of Brand Films

The more our world embraces digital content and representation, the more you’ll see brand films. Video production companies understand that these videos can have a strong influence on others, and therefore, these videos have a bright future. When a company creates a brand film that feels genuine and less like an ad, then they will see the positive results that come from consumers that trust their company.

If you want a similar result, you really should consider hiring a video production company. Without turning to professionals, you might end up with the wrong message. To guarantee your brand film turns out the way it should, consider contacting us, Fusion 360 — an award-winning video production company that has all the experience you need. For other inquiries, contact us today.

What is a Social Video?

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Videos content is amassing billions of views online, and if your brand isn’t taking advantage of video content marketing, you’re going to see yourself falling behind your competition. Video production companies exist because businesses need these professionals to create killer video content that’s going to bring in new audiences and help retain existing ones.

While you might be able to create your own video content, having a video production company help is definitely the best route to take; these companies are experts in video production and can be the difference between a successful social campaign and a social failure. Before we go on, we should probably explain in more depth what a social video is.

Social videos are a form of digital content that is designed to be seen and shared through social networks. Brands distribute these videos through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. There are other platforms such as Vimeo and Tumblr, but the big four are modern businesses’ target platforms.

Since these videos are distributed via these different platforms, they have to be optimized for each one; each platform has unique characteristics and audiences and therefore they require unique videos and editing patterns. Facebook videos will need to be edited differently than Instagram videos, which will be edited differently than Twitter videos, and so on.

Another thing worth noting when it comes to social video is that it by no means has to be a “viral” video. While it’s what we all want, social videos don’t need to get millions of views to be successful, it’s all about shareability and how effective it is when it comes to reaching your target audience.

Why Social Video is Crucial

People today watch millions upon millions of videos, choosing videos over articles, books or movies. This is why it is important for companies to take advantage of knowledgable video production companies to help them embrace social videos and connect with their audience. Brands across the nation are utilizing social videos to create more engagement, and if your brand doesn’t jump on board, you could see yourself falling behind.

Hopefully, this blog has helped give you an idea of what a social video is and how it can benefit your company. Video production companies know that these videos are valuable pieces of content, so your business shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to giving us a call here at Fusion 360 Studios. We’re ready to help you get started on your next social video project.

From the Storyboard to the Big Screen

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As you sit and watch your favorite movie or TV show, you probably don’t think about how much work or planning was put into creating it. How long did it take them to film? How difficult was the editing process? Who came up with the idea or script? Depending on the type of film, video production companies spend a good amount of time planning, filming and editing. From the storyboard to the big screen, here’s how your favorite videos and movies are made.


Although you might think that a good film starts with a storyboard, this step actually comes a little bit later in the pre-production stage. Before a storyboard is created, there are a few other things that need to be decided first.

Even before video production companies start coming up with video ideas, they have to determine both their budget as well as their goals. The topic of a video will depend on what you want to achieve. Production companies have to decide if they want to increase brand awareness or perhaps improve engagement. Once they know what their marketing goals are, they then start brainstorm ideas that will help meet those goals.

Once there’s an idea, its time to start writing a script. After the script is written, producers have a good idea of what shots they will need. This is also when they create their storyboards.

The last step in the pre-production phase is figuring out equipment, locations, talent and when to shoot.


Now that all the necessary planning is done, it’s time to start production. This is where storyboards and shot lists come in handy. An important step is making sure the cameras and lights are all set up properly before filming starts so that the footage doesn’t get messed up.

One thing that all video production companies do is get B-roll footage. B-roll is basically any footage without subjects in it. When editing a film, B-roll can come in handy when trying to establish the setting or even when you need to add some length or extra scenes to a film.

Post Production

After everything has been filmed, its time to take it to the post-production phase. Now, editing isn’t just piecing the clips together and adding some music behind it. Many of the aspects you love in your favorite movies are created in post.

Editing starts by importing the footage into a video editing software and then sorting and labeling it so it’s easy to find. Then, the editor will start making cuts and piecing the footage together.

At this point, it’s time to add sound. If there are going to be any voice-overs, now is the time to record and add these to the film. When adding music, editors need to make sure it matches the tone of the film and is at the right volume.

Just as you would edit a photo to get the colors right, video production companies like to color correct their films. You want the colors to appear as rich as possible as well as all the clips to match, so colorists will come in and play with the colors on a few clips to make them all match.

Another key part of this stage is creating graphics and text. Many video production companies prefer using motion graphics in their video to animate their logo or any text they are adding.

Once the editing process is finished, it’s time to export and publish the video. Where producers display their final product is dependent on how it will contribute to their marketing goals.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into creating a quality video. If you are wanting some video content for your company but don’t have the time or resources to create it, give us a call here at Fusion 360, an award-winning video production company.

Bizarre Terms for Normal Things

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Just like any other industry, filmmaking comes with its own unique vocabulary. Amongst the odd terms and references you’ll hear when working with video production companies, you might think one thing means something, but it will mean the complete opposite or even something that wouldn’t make sense. The thing about these bizarre terms is that almost everybody who works in video production companies knows what they mean, and they actually act as a rite of passage that every filmmaker must go through.

So, if you’re new to the world of video production or just want to know what everyone on set is talking about, here are some of the most bizarre terms for objects and people that you might find while you’re working with video production companies.

A “Baby”

When you hear “I need a baby,” or “can somebody get me a baby?” while on set, it might seem a bit odd. Video production companies don’t actually use human babies for their video production projects, they’re referring to a small set of tripod legs. These small tripods allow filmmakers to put their cameras closer to the ground, allowing for low-angle shots.

A “Cheese Plate”

This one can be especially tricky if you’re on set and you happen to be hungry, but when someone asks for a “cheese plate,” you’re going to be disappointed when they bring out a metal plate with holes in it. This piece of equipment serves as a multipurpose utility bracket that comes in various shapes and sizes. They’re oftentimes used to create camera rings.

A “Dead Cat”

No need to panic, when a videographer asks for a “dead cat,” they want a fuzzy cover that goes around the end of a boom mic in order to block out wind distortion. The reason they call this accessory a “dead cat” is because the fuzzy exterior makes it look like a cat.

A “C-47”

When you hear the word “C-47,” you might think of an advanced camera, a high-end mic, or a fancy lens, however, a C-47 to a video production company refers to… a clothespin. Yes, that’s right, the term that originally comes from a C-47 aircraft is used in the world of video production to refer to a clothespin. There still isn’t a clear answer as to why this is, but most people say that it’s because of the item’s versatility.

These terms are…peculiar, we know. If you aren’t apart of the video production world, it’s perfectly normal if you are left scratching their head, but if you want to understand what’s happening on a set, be sure to learn everything you can about all the bizarre film terms.

A Guide to Visual Content Marketing

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A study by Social Media Chimps has shown that 83 percent of learning occurs visually, thus visual content is arguably the most important form of content out there ⎯ it’s more digestible and more memorable. That’s why the most efficient way to get people’s attention today is by creating the best visual content possible. Marketing companies across the nation know this and utilize visual content in order to thrive in our digital world.

With that being said, marketing companies have to ensure that they’re not just creating content blindly but following a strategy or guideline that will ensure their content’s success. If brands really want to connect with their audience and draw in new consumers, they have to be efficient with their content creation. Here is a quick guide to visual content marketing and how you can achieve marketing success through powerful, engaging visuals.

Some Quick Facts

In 2018, 500 online marketers participated in a survey about how visual content influences their marketing strategies, and below are the following results:

  • 45% of the surveyed marketers said 91-100% of their content contained visuals
  • 56% said that they used visuals in their content 100% of the time
  • 88% said that they used visuals in more than half of the articles that they published.

The visual content that these marketers said they use are as follows:

  • Stock photography — 40% of content
  • Original graphics — 37% of content
  • Charts and data visuals — 12% of content
  • Videos and presentations — 7% of content
  • Gifs and memes- 4% of content

How Do You Create Efficient Visual Content

Not far behind stock photography, original infographics are a huge chunk of what makes up a brand’s visual content. But, how do you make sure that your content is unique and effective? Well, here are some characteristics of great visual content:

Appeal: Visual content needs to be attractive and presentable; it needs to be stimulating for the consumer, otherwise, they’ll be put off and take their attention elsewhere.

Comprehension: Our mind is designed to interpret visual information with minimal effort and almost instantaneously, so if your audience is having a hard time understanding your content, you may be doing something wrong. An MIT study conducted in 2014 found that the brain can process an image in as little as 13 milliseconds — crazy fast!

Retention: Memorable content is good content, and if you can get the content to stick in your consumer’s mind, you’re on your way to visual excellence.

Your visual content should meet these basic quotas if you’re going to want to be a leader in your industry, and marketing companies are always ready to help you make that happen. If you’re looking for one of the best marketing companies, give us a call here at Fusion 360.

The Importance of an SSL

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Unless you’re a web developer, you might not know what an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is or why it’s so important for a website. Marketing companies and their web devs know that SSL’s are a standard but crucial security technology that helps brands establish an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link makes sure that all of the data that is passed between the server and the browser stays private.

An SSL not only benefits marketing companies and their clients, but it helps your visitor’s data remain safe and secure. If your website doesn’t have a trusted SSL running on your servers, you’re putting your consumers at risk. Now that you know the basics of what an SSL is and why it’s important, here are some more in-depth reasons as to how your website will benefit from an SSL.

Website Authentication

When visitors visit your site and see that you have a valid SSL certificate, it proves to them that their connection with your website is secured, which will make them feel safe. There’s nothing sketchier than visiting a website that doesn’t have a secure connection; it makes you feel as if your data is at risk of a breach, oftentimes turning off potential consumers from your site.

Website Integrity

An SSL also ensures that none of the transmitted data is being altered. The SSL on a website uses algorithms that allow parties to verify that any and all information received by the site is complete and intact. From websites to emails, they help protect your personal data online and make browsing the web that much safer.


Some people might be paranoid about visiting new websites because of the possibilities of a security breach. Most people have everything on their computers, from important documents to their financial information, so they’re right to want to avoid taking any risks, especially if a potential consumer sees that a website connection is not secure.

An SSL will ensure that not a single byte of data that is exchanged between you and the server can be intercepted. This is all thanks to the strong algorithms used for encryption. Strong algorithms that marketing companies can help set up when working on your website.

SSL is essential for websites today, and it is widely used throughout the internet. If you’re still a bit confused about anything that has to do with an SSL, give us a call at Fusion 360. Our talented web development team is ready to help secure your website and ensure your customers’ online security, and when it comes to trustworthy marketing companies, we’re one of the best.

5 Ways Brands Can Get More Personal with Their Customers

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The success of modern marketing today relies heavily on how a brand interacts with its customers. If a brand doesn’t take the time to get personal with their current consumer base, they’ll fail to see any growth as a business and might even lose some loyal customers to competitors — these days, it’s all about how you can make your customers feel important. Marketing companies exist to help brands achieve this personal attachment with their customers, and they know what it takes to help these brands successfully engage with their audience.

Here are five of the most effective ways to get more personal with your customers, and how improving your customer satisfaction will help you achieve significant growth as a business.

Offer Your Customers Real Value

Marketing companies know that if you want to genuinely engage with your customers, you have to lead with content, not products. If you want to get personal with your customers, you have to gain their trust first, and that starts by providing them with something of value.

Be Responsive

Another way to gain your customers’ trust and get more personal with them is by engaging in constant dialogue with them when it comes to any issues they may encounter while using your product or service. You should also make sure to keep the conversation going from the initial interaction, because these are the interactions that are going to grow your audience.

Respect Consumers’ Privacy

Consumers will most likely be freaked out and even put off from your brand if they see that you’ve obtained any outside information without consent. The best way marketing companies can get more personal with customers is by being completely transparent and up-front about data privacy and personalization practices.

Showcase your Strengths

Customers will want to get more personal with a brand that can show them what sets them apart from the competition. What is it that makes your brand so valuable? Why should the customer choose you over the competitor? Being able to answer these questions and leveraging your talent will bring in new consumers, as well as solidify the loyalty of your current customers. Marketing companies like Fusion 360 are ready to help show your customers, as well as your competitors, why you’re the leader in your industry.

Practice Great Storytelling

It’s going to take more than irrelevant pop-ups and interruptive ads to build a personal connection with your customers. Top brands like Apple and Microsoft use compelling storytelling and engaging presentations to build that trust with their customers, and your brand should do the same. Your business should be honest about the value that they can offer a consumer as well as what your company stands for. Even if it means not pleasing everybody, your brand should focus on attracting the right customers.

Getting personal with your customers and building strong relationships with them is the best way to ensure your brand’s success, and marketing companies are the best way to achieve that. If you’re looking for help with your customer engagement, don’t hesitate to contact us at Fusion 360. We’re ready to elevate your digital marketing game.