Marketing Companies Vs. Advertising Agencies: What is the Difference?

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Whether the closest you get to the business world is about as close as an athlete is to a paintbrush or you have been a part of a business team for over a decade, it is still difficult for people to explain the difference between marketing companies and advertising agencies.

In a way, they both work towards the same goal: help their client grow.

This goal is common for a lot of businesses, but the reason marketing and advertising is so intertwined are because there is quite a lot of overlap. You cannot take a marketing 101 class at college without going over advertising, and that is what creates all the confusion—advertising falls under the wing of marketing. The reason advertising is not always under the management of marketing companies is because advertising has too much depth and importance to simply ask marketing companies to include it within their other services; this is why many colleges have advertising tracks separate from marketing degrees.

Ultimately, the difference between advertising agencies and marketing companies comes from the different purposes and roles that each firm seeks to fulfill. 

Marketing Companies

To put it simply, marketing companies aim to enhance sales and profits for their respective clientele. In order to do this, they will create in-depth strategies that entail product sales, retail distribution, pricing discounts, and more. Instead of simply creating content for their client to use, a large portion of their work comes from consulting. In order to fulfill these services, marketing companies have communication managers, product managers, research analysts, and marketing directors on their team.

Advertising Agencies

A lot of the same work is done at advertising agencies (such as research, consulting, and etc.), but the overall focus is ever so slightly geared differently. Instead of profits and sales, ad agencies focus on branding and the company’s reputation. Advertising agencies work towards this improved image for companies through creative content and written and visual media. In an advertising agency, you are likely to find video producers, photographers, writers, graphic designers, and web designers working together for the client.

The contrast between purpose and position is enough to distinguish a marketing company and an advertising agency even if there are some overlaying goals and roles. In this article, we have not mentioned social media managers, but you may find them at both types of firms. Not all agencies are the same and their specialties alter what service they perform, and this only adds more confusion. However, if you can recognize the difference between marketing companies and advertising agencies purpose and positions, then you will likely be able to tell the difference.

Whether you are looking for a marketing company or advertising agency, if all you want is to promote your brand or product, look no further than Fusion 360. We have talented teams that will fulfill your needs and take your company to the next level.

The Importance of Video in Digital Marketing

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The Importance of Video in Digital Marketing

Many people know that video has a positive effect on their digital marketing efforts, but don’t realize how necessary video is to survive and thrive in this digital age. The draw of a video compared to a photo, or any other type of ad for that matter, is mind-blowing, and we now have even more research to prove that people prefer video. Video not only helps marketing companies to stay on trend, it helps companies to be more creative, innovative, relatable, and edgier. Here are five reasons why video is the way to go.

  1. People Prefer Video

People would rather watch a 10-second video than read an article for five minutes. It’s not that they’re lazy, but that they value their time. According to a study, when faced with the option to choose between watching a video and reading text on a page, 72 percent of people would choose to watch the video instead of reading the text.

  1. Videos are More Affordable to Make Now

Today, videos are becoming more common because they are easier to make due to new technologies available to the masses. Marketing companies can now afford DSLR cameras because they are cheaper than they used to be. Even if a company doesn’t want to invest in a DSLR camera, most phone cameras have advanced camera capabilities. Many phones even have cutting-edge filming and editing technology, and some have the option to download free video editing apps.

  1. Video Content is the Most Engaging and Simple

There’s a reason YouTube became a hit, and it’s because people love to watch video. Not only is video the most engaging, but it also provides an easier way to gain an understanding of a product or company. As stated on Hubspot, 97 percent of marketing companies claim that videos help customers understand products better. Simple graphics or text on a video can provide explanations to customers queries, often better than a FAQ page.

  1. Videos Boost SEO

When you use video, you have an opportunity to boost your SEO if you do it in the right way. Using keywords, a meta description, and a compelling title with your video will benefit your SEO. When you apply these factors to a video on your website can boost your SEO, since videos are seen as quality content by search engines.

  1. Everybody Else is Doing It

Why should you use video? Because everybody else is doing it. Literally, that’s why if you don’t jump on the bandwagon, pretty soon you’ll be the only one left without video, showing consumers that you’re outdated. According to Cisco, 80 percent of all traffic will consist of video by 2021.

Video in the Future

Marketing companies today need to incorporate video into their marketing strategy in order to survive; otherwise, they become antiquated. Hubspot reported that 85 percent of people say they’d like to see more video from brands this year, so let’s make it happen!


How Videos Elevate Your Advertising Game

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With traditional advertising not being as effective as it once was, advertising agencies have to adapt to the changing methods when it comes to marketing. People just don’t read the paper anymore and, now that streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix have become such a success amongst the youth, television advertising isn’t as effective when it comes to reaching different demographics. However, this doesn’t mean that video advertising isn’t a good method to use.

The cost of advertising ver the last 25 years, particularly the cost of commanding consumer attention, has seen a tremendous increase since 1990; more and more advertising agencies are taking video advertising to the next level. From short, BuzzFeed style videos to Instagram stories, here is how videos can help elevate your advertising game.

People Today Buy More Based on Where It’s Advertised

As sad as it is to us, people don’t engage as well with blogs anymore as well as they do with videos. On average, four-billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Over the years, the video sharing platform has become one of the most visited sites on the internet and has created some of the most successful social media starts today. YouTubers have tremendous pull when it comes to their audiences (subscribers), which makes YouTube videos the perfect place to advertise.

Take for example Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known as PewDiePie. Having amassed an audience group of over 66 million people, He is currently the most subscribed individual on YouTube. As almost one-third of shoppers will purchase a product after viewing a video ad, this is good for brands who are looking for a sponsorship. For example, earlier this month Kjellberg was sponsored by a drone company who were looking to get the word out about their glow in the dark drone. Someone with this much pull on YouTube can definitely convince a few hundred thousand of his viewers to purchase this product.

YouTube ads are just one way of advertising, but advertising agencies should convince their clients to invest in influencers and endorsers in order to push products and services to the online audience.

Search Engines Love Video

While brands can benefit from sponsorships and YouTube ads, advertising agencies are happy to see that search engines absolutely love video ads. The largest search engine companies make videos their priority and take them into account when creating and updating algorithms. The best way to take advantage of this is to distribute your videos throughout social media and embedding them onto your site with. This will make it more likely for your target audience to find your brand or agency when searching for relevant information.

Video Ads are a Win on Mobile

About 88 percent of short videos 30-seconds or less are viewed on mobile devices. Whether this is on streaming platforms or mobile games, these ads are more likely to reach the consumer than if they were on their computer or television. Since people most people spend a large amount of their time on their phones, mobile ads lead to more business.

As algorithms constantly change online, video ads stand the test of time—you just have to know how to make them and where to place them. Advertising agencies like Fusion 360 have video ads on lock. If you’re struggling to see results, let us help you.


Targeting Your Audience Using Video

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When it comes to marketing, you have to have a specific audience in mind for your content to be effective. You can’t just go out and shoot a video without knowing who you’re shooting it for, otherwise you won’t see any results; you will have wasted your time, energy, and resources creating something that won’t even be watched. Film production companies know this, of course, which is why they always have a plan before they begin producing their next video project.

Whether you’re trying to promote a service, product, or you just want to get your companies name out there, you have to know who you want to target to avoid a video marketing disaster. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to establishing a target audience.

Who is This Service or Product For?

If you’re trying to promote a service or product, you have to be able to identify who will be using it the most. Film production companies aren’t strangers to creating commercials, and these commercials have to appeal to the specific group you’re trying to target. One great way to uncover your audience is by running surveys or focus groups. Through these practices, you’ll be able to look at results from groups of people who took the time to review your product to see what age group is most interested in it.

Speak Your Audiences Language

Once you’ve figured out who your main audience is, you will want to implement their lingo into the scripts you write in order for them to better relate to your message. If your are targeting the millennial generation, for example, you will likely use modern idioms and pop-culture references that are commonly used today. However, if you’re targeting a more mature audience, you may want to stick to a more professional tone.

The way your dialogue is written plays a huge role in how your audience will react to your video. Film production companies are great when it comes to writing in different voices.

Shoot Videos That Will Entertain Your Audience

Another major factor when it comes to targeting your audience is shooting something that they won’t get bored of watching. If you want to truly engage your audience, you’re going to have to keep them interested in your video long enough for them to soak up all of the information that you’ve put in your project. Using different camera angles, incorporating music, and including things like motion graphics and infographic text are great ways to make your video dynamic and engaging. Film production companies know that if they don’t put the necessary effort into their projects, they won’t reach their audience as well as they need to.

Targeting your audience is all about making sure that they feel a connection to your content. If you’re in need of a professional advertising agency to help you with your video production needs, look no further than us here at Fusion 360 Studios. We have a a staff that understands both young and old consumers and what content will work best for your audience.