Different Accessories Needed on Set

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To create the best outcome possible in your video production, there are a few tools or accessories that will make the process easier. Some of these accessories can also help increase the quality of your results. There are so many different kinds that you can find and use to create successful videos, but we are just going to touch on a few notable different accessories that may be needed on a video production set.


You already have your camera to film on, so what else are you going to need to create an awesome video? If you are shooting inside, a lighting kit is super useful. Typically a three point kit will create the lighting you need within the studio. These lights will help the quality of your video significantly increase. The best part of the lighting? It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get these types of lights for pretty cheap.


On a video production set, microphones are a necessity. It is one of the easiest ways to separate the experienced from the ammeters. Microphones help to produce a super clear sound. If you happen to be filming a group or a crowd, have a mic boom is super useful. It will allow you to pick up the specific voices and noises you want from the crowd.

Camera Lenses

Did you know there are hundreds of different kinds of lenses you can use on your camera? There are different lenses you should use in different situations to get the best result. For example, you can use a wide angle lens if you have a lot of things to fit in. Or you can use a macro lens if you need a close up shot. There are even specific lenses you can use for different lighting.

Green Screens

Green-screens can be important on your video production set if you need to digitally add a background. Like the lights, green-screens aren’t too expensive. They can transport your set to literally anywhere in the world.

Fun Stuff

If you are looking to splurge a little bit on a fun accessory for your video production set, things like drones or go pro types of cameras can create great content. These tools are not needed on set by any means, but they can be really fun if you are looking to step up your video production.

Accessories on video production sets aren’t always necessary. They do however help to create even better videos and can make the filming process easier on you. They can help to add to your video and make you stand out as a videographer. There are endless numbers of different kinds of film accessories and they are constantly coming out with new ones. Try out a few new accessories today to see if you can see a difference in your videos.

What Makes an Award-Winning Film?

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Did you know that academy award winning films are not necessarily the films that make the most money in box-office sales? That’s because the people who judge films for Academy Awards are anywhere from 30-100 (they’re not teens or young couples on dates), and there are only 6,000 of them (They’re a relatively small percentage of the population that judge these movies). Also, Academy Awards are like, literary awards. They depend a lot on emotional impact, not necessarily action quality or actor attractiveness, even though those things are somewhat important. So, what is in film production that makes a film award-winning quality?

First, the film must be compelling. For example, dramas are emotionally captivating—they make an audience feel emotions more deeply than comedies do. In film production, scenes need to make an audience hold their breath and clench their fists tight. What makes a drama an even more emotionally powerful film? A true story. If the film is based on something that actually happened, audiences are sucked in even more. That’s the stuff that the judges eat up. It’s one thing to watch something fictional, but another thing entirely to watch something real. Knowing that the film is based on true events triggers empathy. When an audience realizes that the scenes flashing across their faces portray REAL human beings, it deepens the film’s impact in a way that nothing but reality can.

To win an award, a film must send a widely accepted message, or in today’s world, a progressive message. This is of vital importance. Your film production will not win any awards if the message you’re sending is widely offensive or directly combative toward public opinion. For example, WWII films consistently do well. By and large, most people agree that Nazis were bad, American soldiers were heroes, and the slaughter of innocent Jews was horrendous. If, however, your film portrays Trump as a national savior and Obama as a dangerous criminal, no awards for you. Public opinion varies too widely.

Furthermore, famous people play a huge role in film production. The reasoning is two-fold. Celebrity directors, actors/actresses, and studios attract more attention, and Academy Award judges do have favorites. Secondly, celebrities are often famous because they’re talented people. Talented people make excellent films. Excellent films win awards. Basic.

The last element of award-winning films is the quality of the film production. Brilliant writing, screenplay, and soundtracks define Oscar-nominated movies. Films that feel too experimental or too predictable just don’t do as well. Your film should surprise and delight your audience while remaining mostly inside their comfort zone. Also, films that are obviously “Oscar-bait” (cliché Oscar material released at the end of the year) are sometimes less liked because they’re trying too hard. 

In short, real-world dramas do best because they engage audiences. Controversial messages in movies divide and offend the Academy Award judges. Celebrities actors and directors can carry the film into prominence/nomination. And movies whose film production flows flawlessly stand out.

No matter what film you are looking to create, the same principles can be applied to everyday videos. moving stories/emotion, real-life connection, great talent, and etc. The film production team here at Fusion 360 understands these things and apply them to the videos we make. If you have any film production needs, do not wait to contact us!

5 Video Production Tips for Beginners

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If you are starting your video production journey, there are probably some things you don’t know or just aren’t quite sure of. There are a lot of things to learn and remember when making a video, so looking at production companies can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are our top five production tips for beginners to make it a little bit easier for you.

Plan, Plan, Plan

One of the biggest tips we can give for beginners is making sure to take the time to plan out before filming. A few of the things you are going to want to plan out are your goals, what audiences are you are targeting, what specific things you want to be included, who you want in it and more. There are really no limits on how much you can plan, and the more you plan, the more likely your film will turn out the way you want it to. Production companies are always emphasizing the importance of planning, with good reason.

Backgrounds are Important

A lot of beginners don’t really put much thought into the backgrounds they are using for their videos. There are actually two different kinds of backgrounds used in film production. You can use real backgrounds like living rooms and parks or fake backgrounds like green screens and curtains. If you are using real backgrounds, it is important to make sure only the things you want to be shown are in the background. If you want to use a green screen but don’t have one, production companies are often willing to rent them out to you.  

Don’t Use a Camera Mic

This tip may seem like an unnecessary one to beginners, however, it is actually a pretty big deal. Using a real external microphone will make the sound you produce a thousand times clearer and overall better than using the simple microphone that comes with your camera. Again, if you don’t have an external microphone, production companies can be a good resource to look to for rentals.  

Lighting is Everything

This tip is no joke- lighting can make or break your film. If you are filming outside, filming on overcast days, an hour after sunrise, or an hour before sunset are some of the best times to do so. If you plan on filming inside, choosing a room that has good natural lighting is a great option. If natural light isn’t available for you, using film lights like those at production companies is the best way to achieve the same look.

Film in Small Segments

Filming in shorter clips is great for multiple reasons. It is a lot easier to remember enough stuff for a short clip rather than for a huge one. By filming short clips you can also make it easier on yourself or whoever is going to edit your film. This makes it a lot easier for editors to make smoother less choppy cuts and therefore creating a better overall end result.



5 Traits of a Successful Video Production Team

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When it comes to hiring a successful video production team, it can be tough. There are so many different teams to choose from! What makes a good and what makes a bad production team? Here are the five traits of a successful video production team you might want to look for before deciding on your production team.


The first trait you will want to have in your video production team is reliability. You don’t want a team that is going to bail last minute, start late, and maybe even not finish the project by your deadline. You want a team that you can trust 100 percent. All of your time and work you have put into your project should be rewarded with a team that is going to put their all into it and makes you a priority.

Full of Ideas

Coming into a production set with your own ideas is great, in fact, it is preferred. However, If you have a video production team that offers no input at all you should have a few red flags go off. Production teams are experts when it comes to making videos. So having a team that offers no new ideas or alternatives shows that they either aren’t qualified or aren’t fully interested in your project- both negative things. You want a team that is going to use your ideas, but if they see a better or easier alternative they are going to speak up and share their expertise with you.


When hiring a video production team, passion should definitely be something you keep an eye out for. Hiring a team that is passionate about not only film but about your project specifically will help to create a great end product you will be proud of. Passionate teams will be will to work late or take the time to re-shoot certain scenes if needed. They are willing to put the work in to get the result you deserve.

Team Players

Teamwork is beneficial in every single aspect of life. This is no different when it comes to video production. Though some filmmakers can create amazing products by themselves, when they work as a team with other people it offers a different pool of ideas, skills, and results. It can also help the filmmaker be less stressed and able to create higher quality content in a short amount of time.


One of the last important traits to look for in a video production team is creativity. Again, you can come in with all the ideas in the world, and they can be really good ideas! However, having a pool of other peoples perspective and creative ideas can come together to create a result you could have never imagined! When it comes to video production, the more creativity, the better.