Snapchat’s Newest Snap-tics

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All you have to do is point at your designated target, zero in and shoot — with the camera in your Snapchat app, of course — to paint the world around you with colorful animations. Lenses have always been the best part of Snapchat.

As digital marketing firms begin implementing Snap-tics (Snapchat tactics) into their strategic marketing plans, there is a whole new world of possibilities available. Always remember the 9th of November, also known as the day Snapchat graced the planet with their new world lenses.

What Is a World Lens?

With 150 million daily users, Snapchat is the social media platform that seems impossible to beat. Instagram’s newest Stories feature attempted to break into the market. However, with Snapchat’s innovative features rolling out regularly, digital marketing firms are eager to make the platform work for them.

These lenses are slightly different than your typical Snapchat lens. Instead of face augmentation, your background world will be morphed into something new. Bring the drab of the grey world around you through the transformation to especially fabulous.

As Nick Gambino from NewsWatchTV so simply stated, “It’s basically adding an acid trip to the whole captured moment.”

The Anticipation Is Killing Me

It is assumed that the world lenses are simply a hype machine for none other than Snapchat’s new Spectacles. The second attempt at something similar to Google Glasses will retail at $130. These Spectacles will record moments of your daily life to be saved to your “Memories” file on the app.

This is yet another tool in the arsenal of digital marketing firms across the country. Snapchat continues to prove that it’s less about the financial backing or who did it first, rather it’s about who did it better.

With augmented reality glasses, adding a sleeping cloud that vomits rainbows to your personal world can be as easy as clicking a button.

Qualities to Look for in a Brand Journalist

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The ranks of the Fusion 360 team are filled with many different talents. Among us there are the few, the proud, the brand journalists. For those who aspire to write as a career, this is a field you may start considering.


Digital marketing companies are always on the lookout for the unique talent. If you don’t posses the qualities we’re looking for, I’m sorry to say we take “Mean Girls” very seriously, so you can’t sit with us.

The Importance of Brand Journalists

Consumers have gotten wise to the old tactics of advertising. With ad blockers and DVR set ups, no one has to look at your sales attempts if they don’t want to. In addition to that, the lack of trust for large companies creates a need for someone to tell the story of the brand through digital marketing companies. Cue the brand journalists to stage left.

How to Be the Best Brand Journalist You Can Be

To join a team of revolutionaries, you need to be a cunning linguist who uses their talent for good. The story has always been the essence of communication. The way you get that story to the reader needs to be show stopping. Most folks have short attention spans. With the right kind of headline and lede you can pull anyone into the rabbit hole of information that is the internet.

To be the best brand journalist you can be, you should practice open-mindedness. You won’t always be writing about things that gather traditional interest. Heck, you may well find yourself writing about the state of refrigerators. Instead of brushing off this topic, take the opportunity to write accurately and leave your audience wanting more.

Lastly, your brand journalist needs to be quick. We’re talking “I just saw a Dragonite on my “Pokemon Go” radar!” quick. Digital marketing companies aren’t known for their lackadaisical attitudes when it comes to deadlines.

Brush up on your skills and someday soon you may be able to count yourself among the ranks of brand writers, changing the face of this world one article at a time.

Social Media at Advertising Week

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Advertising week has once again wrapped up, leaving us with several nuggets of wisdom to digest. The strategies and tactics imparted upon us are the perfect ammunition for digital marketing companies to load up on for the next year.

The heart of the advertising industry has always been about bringing people together, no matter the product. However, creating emotional connections in the virtual world is no easy feat. It’s high time for companies to put social media first in their advertising plan instead of leaving it as an afterthought.

Social Media Marketing Requires Meticulousness

With the birth of new social media platforms comes the opportunity for creativity and, in the words of Apple, “Courage.” It feels as though companies like Snapchat are rolling out new features weekly.

Your social media marketing plan will fall apart if you don’t understand why your target audience is using each platform. When you understand the subtleties of how these folks use each program you can better reach them. A precise plan will lead to stronger connections with your target audience.

Consistent Communication

According to the professionals at Advertising Week, there are two kinds of media, aggregate media and human conversation. Aggregate media is the data analysis side of it — purely number crunching. Human conversation on the other hand, is the feeling that another person is getting your message and you aren’t just talking into the great void that is the internet. The most successful digital marketing companies use both types of communication to create campaigns.

Great Content

Digital marketing companies with great content will build better connections with their followers. The advertisements that tend to stick with us are the ones that hit close to home. This emotional connection builds a relationship that lasts longer than the 30 seconds that the ad does.

Your social media platform is useless unless your audience feels like you’re hanging out with them every day on social media. Be the Milhouse to their Bart. Make the relationship matter.

EdgeRank: Facebook’s Algorithm Explained

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Even with all of the social media channels out there, Facebook has managed to remain king. Good work, Zuckerberg. So, if there is one thing digital marketing firms need to know, it’s how Facebook works. Just one problem: Most people, marketers included, don’t REALLY know how Facebook decides what people see in their News Feeds.

It’s really not their fault. Facebook keeps its algorithm, known as “EdgeRank,” under pretty tight wraps. Luckily for you, we’ve got a decent handle on this whole EdgeRank algorithm (at least what Facebook allows us to know). Let us enlighten you, or should we say “edgelighten.”


Fusion 360: The Michael Phelps of Digital Advertising

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Michael Phelps has 23 individual medals, 13 of them are gold. He is one of the greatest Olympians of all time. We are especially big Phelps fans because we too have won a ridiculous amount of awards. In fact, Phelps only has us beat by one medal. Soon, we’ll have more awards than Michael Phelps. That may sound braggy, but is it bragging if it is true?

Let us take a look at our advertising agency here in Utah. Fusion 360 has been pulling in awards since the company’s inception fourteen years ago. Fusion 360 has raked in 18 Telly awards, three Emmy awards and one Webby. We do not see Michael Phelps with any Emmys.

Not only is Fusion 360 one of the premiere digital marketing companies in the country, it is the number one premiere advertising agency in the state of Utah. What does it take to be this awesome you may ask? Well, while Phelps may pride himself on swimming, does he play 19 games of ping pong a day? Utah’s number one advertising agency consumes 86 cans of soda a day. Maybe if Michael Phelps consumed sodas like we do, he would have more medals.

Phelps dropped the 200 Meter at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Fusion 360 never drops the ball. Never.

Being Utah’s Number one advertising agency is not easy. However, we are up to the challenge. Yes, Michael Phelps is one of the greatest Olympians in history. Medal count: Phelps —23. Fusion 360 — 22.

If Phelps was our older sibling we would be bragging about how we almost beat him. I think it is safe to say Fusion 360 is the Michael Phelps of advertising agencies, not just in Utah, but also in the entire United States. See you in the medal count, Phelps!

Marketing on Instagram Like a Boss

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A new report shows that Fortune 500 companies have doubled their use of social media since 2013. Way to go, guys. The report shows that these big wigs still have room to improve. Where you might ask? Well, they could really do better on Instagram. Digital marketing firms are here to help.

It doesn’t matter if you are on the Fortune 500 list or a small start-up. All companies can benefit from the marketing field of opportunity that is Instagram. Starting something new, however, means there will be a learning curve, and some mistakes will be made. Here are a few tips to help you market on Instagram like a boss.

What Instagram’s Story Feature Means for Advertising

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There’s a great adage from Oscar Wilde that speaks continually more truth as our society evolves: “Talent borrows, genius steals.”

Instagram has taken Wilde’s words to heart recently by releasing its newest feature, Instagram Stories. The app will now let you post videos and photos of your daily shenanigans that people can view for 24 hours. After that, the content disappears.

If you’re a Snapchat user, that feature probably sounds wildly familiar because the company implemented that same conceit into its app months ago and users and digital marketing companies alike used the feature to help broadcast their brand on a larger scale and a more creative way.

“Instagram is a follower platform where Snapchat is more of a best friend platform,” VP of platform partnerships at VaynerMedia said to Advertising Age. “Snapchat hasn’t encouraged brands to build up huge followings.”

Instagram Stories is a no-brainer, especially since the company is considered to be very brand friendly for companies who look to advertise on the app. Digital marketing companies are also looking to take Instagram Stories more seriously than Snapchat Stories because the audience base is so much larger. Snapchat revealed they have 100 million daily users, whereas Instagram has 300 million daily users.

The differences between the audience reached between the two users has already been notable. Within 24 hours, a video from Nike on Instagram Stories had 800,000 views. Nike’s most viewed video on Snapchat Stories has been 66,000.

For digital marketing companies and other businesses looking to make a name for themselves, it looks they’ll be better off investing their efforts into Instagram then Snapchat. Not only does Instagram have more users, but they tend to have a larger base of both millennials and people in their 30’s and 40’s, whereas Snapchat is almost exclusively a millennial audience.

Does T-Swift Need a Rebrand Effort?

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Previously on ‘Celebrities With Way too Much Time on Their Hands’, digital marketing firms watched on the edge of their seats as Kimye and Taylor finally shouted “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.

Something about a released video on Snapchat and a naughty song lyric ended with Kimye nearly committing a felony and Swift destroying her image of America’s Sweetheart. Should T-Swizzle disappear for her own good? Or is this the ideal opportunity for a rebrand, since she hasn’t released new music since 2014?

Master of Personal Brand

If you can see past the “Teardrops on Her Guitar” after being involved in Kimye’s most recent attempt at character assassination, you will see why digital marketing firms everywhere marvel at her personal branding talent. This country star turned pop princess mastered the formula of defining who she was well before getting interrupted at the VMAs.

Taylor went with the times when she decided to use social media to connect with her audience. By regularly engaging with fans and sending out replies like no other star had, she developed a loyal fan base. The personalized experiences are exactly what digital marketing firms hope to attain for their clients.

The partnerships she forged allowed companies like Coke, Twitter and Target to profit from her popularity. She was also able to advertise her 1989 tour on television. The mutually beneficial relationships don’t stop there. Taylor used her voice to fight for all artists on Apple Music in receiving proper loyalties. With the backing of both communities, it’s surprising that her brand is even in question.


Those watching on the sidelines are contemplating whether the “Bad Blood” is going to be too much this time. Will Swifty be able to “Shake It Off”? I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a 22-track punk rock revenge album. Swizzle, don’t let me down.

Print v. Digital: Why Your Money Should Be on The Digital Future

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Plenty of digital marketing firms struggle when deciding where to allocate portions of their marketing budgets. Should you go all in on digital? Should your split your budget down the center and drop some bread on print? Maybe ditch the paper goods altogether?

The reasons for going all-digital for your marketing strategy are many, though there are still plenty of marketers (and of course, print publishers) making a pitch for print advertising. Is there any credence to their words, or is print really breathing its final breath?

Let’s break down a few reasons why print can still be useful for marketing and explore why your best bet might be dropping cash on the digital future.


Gearing Infographics Toward Social Media

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Infographics were created as a way to keep readers engaged in content. In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever, large blocks of text quickly turn readers away. With the visually engaging appeal of an infographic, it is easier than ever to keep readers reading.

Many companies create infographics, but some do not know how to optimize these infographics for social media. Since social media platforms warrant a large number of infographic shares, it is important that these images are properly optimized. Digital marketing agencies can aid companies in their efforts to take infographics to the next level — both visually and SEO wise.

Five-Star File Names

As the wise wizard Albus Dumbledore one told young Harry Potter, “Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.” Little did Dumbledore know, but his ideas epitomize the key to making your infographics social media friendly.
Digital marketing agencies strategically name infographics because it is one major way that the infographics become searchable and social media friendly — don’t be afraid to follow suit. These digital marketing agencies know that Google crawlers read file names as well as page content, so names are important.

When naming infographics, always use keywords and relevant terms that describe the image. Carry the proper file name over into the alt attribute. This provides Google with enough information to properly identify your infographic.

Subject Matter Matters

Just because a company sells hand sanitizer doesn’t mean all of its infographics must be about hand sanitizer. Picking a relevant infographic topic is vital, because people only read about what they are interested in reading. Just because hand sanitizer might be a boring subject, winter health tips might be more intriguing.
Picking a relevant infographic topic that relates to both your product and your audience is key to infographic success. Digital marketing agencies are equipped with the skills needed to help companies discover existing and pertinent infographic topics. The more searched your topic is, the more social media friendly it is.

Mobile Friendly

A large portion of Americans access their social media accounts from smartphones — that is why it is so important that your infographics remain mobile friendly.
Perhaps you create an amazing infographic, but if it becomes distorted on a small mobile screen your readership decreases. If a graphic does not read well on a smartphone or a tablet, not even all of Dumbledore’s wise advice can save it.
Digital marketing agencies use infographics as a form of content marketing — and infographics must not only be widely viewed, but widely shared as well. These digital marketing agencies know that if your infographic is unreadable on a smartphone, no one will share it — which can be devastating.