7 Tips When Choosing a Video Production Company

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Life is filled with choices; no matter where you go, you’re going to have to make crucial decisions that will impact you and those around you. In today’s world of digital marketing, video production companies are going to be one of those choices. Brands around the globe depend on these video production companies to create crisp, engaging and professional video productions to help market their product or services, so it’s important that you choose the right production company to take on your branding.

So, how do you narrow down what the best option is when it comes to video production companies? Do you solely base your decision off reviews, or do you feel that you need to go deeper than that? Remember, this decision will not only affect you but your company as a whole. Go back to the first paragraph and remember what we noted no matter where you go, you’re going to have to make crucial decisions that will impact you and those around you.

When it comes to finding the right video production company to produce visual content for your brand, you need to do extensive research on the company you’re considering. Everything from reviews, accolades, ratings, past work and statistics should be considered, as this will give you a good idea of what kind of work you can expect, and it will also help you see if their asking price is right.

How you approach your hunt for the perfect video production company plays a huge role in what kind of work you can expect to get in return. So, before you go and call the first agency that comes up on Google, here are seven tips that will help you narrow down that long list of video production companies and ensure that you pick the best possible option.

Take a Peek at Ratings and Reviews

While you can’t judge a book by its cover, reviews and ratings will give you a good idea of what other clients think of that company’s work. Of course, you’re bound to find mixed reviews, but what you should be looking at is the overall star rating. If you find that one of the companies that you’re looking to hire has an overall low rating, it may be a good indicator that multiple clients were not happy with the company’s work. 

When you’re looking for successful and reliable video production companies, you want to look for businesses that have higher ratings, often in the four to five-star rating range. Oftentimes, these are going to be the video production companies that will work hard to make sure that the client is satisfied. 

As for reviews, go through and read about what other clients have to say about the company’s services. Do people seem satisfied with the quality of the work, the time that the project took, the pricing and the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided? Reviews can help you establish an understanding of what you should expect if you decide to work with the company.

Review the Company’s Past Work

Just like employer’s review resumes when it comes to hiring a potential employee, you should review a video production company’s past work before hiring them to do any work for your business. Past work will help you understand what the video production company is capable of and if it’s the style of video that you’re looking for. Think of the company’s past work as a sample, something that you can take a look at before you invest.

If a company isn’t willing to put up work that you can look at before you decide to do business with them, you may want to reconsider your options. After all, you wouldn’t buy a new home without looking at it, why would you purchase services without knowing what you should expect? 

Video production companies should be proud to display their work, as that shows that they can stand behind their work and are eager to work with you. Ultimately, their past work serves as a portfolio, something that is a must in the world of digital marketing.

Speak with Past Clients

Simply reading reviews and taking a look at a video production company’s past work isn’t enough, it’s just a start. Another suggestion we have is that you speak to the company’s past clients directly to get an idea of what the workflow was like, what it was like working with the employees as well as the owners and what you can expect in terms of working with a specific production company.

When speaking to video production companies about a possible partnership, ask if you can speak to their past clients about their services. Most video production companies will be happy to let you do this, and if a certain company is hesitant or refuses to allow you to speak with one of their old clients, it may serve as a red flag that maybe you should continue your search for the perfect production company. 

What are You Getting for Your Buck?

Ultimately, the price is going to have a huge pull on whether you decide to work with a production company or not. While we often strive to find the cheapest alternative, you also want to take into account quality. Sure, there are going to be video production companies out there that can get you a good deal for what may seem like a mass amount of content, but what good is quantity if you end up with mediocre videos that fail to represent your brand?

Instead of hunting for companies that can offer you high-quantities of videos at low process, you should look for video production companies that can guarantee you quality, even if it comes at a higher price. When it comes to your brand, your most important investment is going to be in digital advertising and video production; you want to get your name out there in a positive way, and high-quality video production is the best way to achieve this. If you’re constantly putting out mass amounts of mediocre videos, you’re bound to lose followers and misrepresent your brand.

Choose a Company That will Involve You as Much as Possible

When it comes to your brand, you want to have as much control as possible and make sure that you’re in the loop. Video production companies are meant to bring your vision to life, so when you’re looking for a company to partner up with, make sure that they’re prepared to involve you in their brainstorming sessions, meet with you regularly when they come up with new ideas, and ask for input and suggestions when it comes to the production.

There’s nothing worse than getting a project back that doesn’t represent your brand at all, so it’s crucial for you to be involved in the production process as much as possible. Of course, there will be moments where video production companies are going to be working on the project without your presence, but staying in touch is the best way to ensure that the project goes as planned.

Make Sure the Company Understands Your Goals

You can’t expect video production companies to produce content blindly, they have to get to know your target audience and develop a strategy to reach your professional goals. When speaking to various video production companies, really take the time to observe them and their motives. Are they simply going to get a basic idea of what you want and then wing it from there, or are they genuinely trying to get as much information and background from you as possible before they get to work on the project?

The best video production companies are those that take the time to identify your target audience, come up with goals and take the time to develop a strategy that will ensure the success of the campaign. Go with a production company that has your brand’s best interests in mind before their own, because this will help you succeed.

Finally, Make Sure You Feel Comfortable with the Company You’re Working With

This is possibly one of the most important steps, you have to feel comfortable with the company that you decide to work with. Ask yourself a few major questions: did the company provide you with adequate customer service? Did the company seem to care about your brand’s success and were they attentive during your interactions? A solid relationship between you and the company is going to make working together that much easier. A company that is willing to establish a healthy relationship with your brand is a company that is going to work hard to make sure that they can represent your business in the best way possible.

So, when on the hunt for the right video production company, follow these tips to ensure that you get the service that your business deserves. Whatever video production company you decide to go with, make sure that it’s a company that you feel can produce quality work that best represents your brand. Alternatively, head over to Fusion 360 Studios and check out some of our work. We’re an award-winning digital agency with a passion for digital marketing and a drive to be the best out there. Our Emmy-award winning team will work hard and diligently to make sure that your business thrives in today’s highly competitive digital world. 




Stages within Post-Production

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Post-production, the final stage in the video production process, and the most awaited stage for film production companies. There isn’t anything more exciting than getting to edit, review, and prepare your project for the public. However, film production companies know that there are still several steps within this final stage that need to be completed before you have that final project ready for everyone to see.

Just like pre-production and production, this stage is divided into smaller steps to ensure that your project comes out as planned. So, once you’ve gotten all of your scenes recorded, it’s time to get into the stages of post-production.


The editor will read through the script and make cuts in the video accordingly to how they believe it makes the most sense within the storyline. Editors must run upload all the shots and sync every shot into one cohesive piece through their preferred editing program. These editors have huge creative responsibility and will often advise filmmakers on how the scene should develop or be viewed.

Sound Editing

After the picture has been edited, you want to make sure that you have solid audio. Film production companies need an audio technician to enhance the film by cutting dialogue tracks, recreating sound effects, and mixing all of the audio at the end.

Part of the sound editing includes the use of Foley artists who recreate organic sounds. This process is finished in an ADR room (see next section) and is usually utilized for big productions that have the money to hire Foley artists.

Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

Automatic dialogue replacement is done to make sure that the spoken audio is clear, crisp and ready for the big screen. During this process, the cast comes back and record over clips where the audio wasn’t clear enough. This is done in a large, hollow room where the actors can watch the film and record over the clips.

Make Sure You Have Music

The film production will rely heavily on music, but producers must be sure to obtain the proper copyright to any music they use. However, many productions hire a studio musician to create an original soundtrack for the film. Film production companies often do this because royalty free music might not fit the production and buying the rights to popular songs can get pretty pricey.

Create Titles and Obtain a DCP

Once your editing has been done, you’ll want to create an opening title, title cards, and crawls to both display the name of your film and credit everyone involved. Once the film has been finalized, you’ll want to create a digital cinema package (DCP), which is a hard drive that contains the final copy of your film. Video production companies need these so that movie theaters can play their movies.

Finally, Start Your Campaign!

Post-production is definitely where most of the work is at, but it is also the most rewarding stage of video production. Film production companies go through a lengthy process to create video projects, but in the end, it’s well worth it to look back and see a finished, quality project.

Stages within Pre-Production

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When most people think of the stages of film, they often think of pre-production, production and post-production. Sound simple enough, right? Well, if you haven’t worked with film production companies or studied video production, you might think it ends there, but it doesn’t. Within these main stages are more stages, each just as important as the other.

Pre-production is more than just script writing, this is where your movie is made. Everything and anything you want to include in production has to be planned out in pre-production if you want to ensure a smooth filming process. Here are the stages within pre-production that film production companies go through to prepare for production.

Creating and Finalizing a Script

As mentioned before, there is more to pre-production than just script writing, but this is the first step. Before you start pre-production, you have to have direction and purpose to work off of. Even though writers can edit their script as they go, writers will want to have something ready for the director, cinematographer, camera crew, and cast to read. Without it, you can’t begin the other processes of pre-production.

Creating a Budget

Setting a budget for your production is the most important thing you’ll do in pre-production. Your budget will help you gauge how much you can spend on talent, equipment, crew, props and just about anything else you’ll use in your production. If you don’t set a budget, you can find yourself overspending on one department and not being able to afford another. You must take the steps to create a manageable budget for the film.

Finding the Right Crew

Another vital process in pre-production is finding the right crew for your project. A cast, camera crew, effects crew, editors, cinematographers and assistants are just some of the people you’ll want to seek out for your project. With a solid crew, you’ll find that your project will be that much easier to produce.

Storyboards and Shot Lists

The creative team and cast need more than just a written script; storyboards and shot lists help the team understand what each scene will look like. If you’re having trouble envisioning the shot, you may want to hire a storyboard artist onto your team to lend you a hand. Having a clear vision of what you want your production to look like is the best way to make sure you produce a project you can be proud of.


Film production companies don’t always make the best sets, especially if you need more room. Location scouting is another very important part of pre-production. Once you’ve gotten your script written and your storyboards drawn up, you have a clearer vision of where each scene needs to be shot. Go out and look for the perfect location for these shots and make sure you know whether or not you can access them.


After everything has been sorted and you’re ready to get into production mode, you’ll have to do one last thing in pre-production: rehearse! If your cast rehearses, it will make production so much easier. More importantly, if your cast rehearses, you should avoid any challenges or hiccups with making deadlines.

As you can see, there are several steps within pre-production that film production companies have to get through before moving on to the next major stage. If you need help planning out your next project, contact Fusion 360 Studios, we’ll help get you on the right track.

Choosing the Resolution for Your Film

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As a video production company, we often come across the term, “camera resolution.” Whether you are taking pictures or filming a movie, video production companies must intentionally choose the right camera resolution.

In this digital age, more and more camera manufacturers are trying to find ways to increase image resolution on phones and cameras. Resolution is simply defined as the measure of how many pixels an image contains. An image is clearer and more defined if it has a high resolution.

Choosing the Resolution that Works Best for You and Your Budget

With updates on newer and better cameras in the market on a seemingly daily basis, it’s crucial to determine which lens works best for you in producing the clearest images and in highest resolution. Many video production companies want more resolution at a pocket-friendly price, and as such, camera production companies are working tirelessly to make a 4K, 5K, and even 6K camera. Obviously, these cameras come at a high price; you will need to compare the quality between different lenses while staying within your budget.

Choosing the Resolution Based on Your Project

It is good to go with what generally works best for you in all uses; however, different projects may require a different lens/resolution. Do you want to film an epic, larger-than-life film with dynamic movement? Are you making a heart-wrenching drama with more cinematic bokeh and tight shots? Or perhaps you are just shooting an event. All these help in determining the resolution you will use.

An epic film requires a full frame with wide-angle lenses that are of high quality, while a dramatic film may require an APS-C, or the standard cinema industry S35 sensor size camera or smaller may be best for general use. However, if you wish to shoot a film to be screened on TV in 4K, you must ensure that you are shooting in the Ultra HD 4K format. This ensures your image is clear and colorful for the entertainment of your audience.

Ensure the Storage Capacity is Adequate

Video production companies must ensure they have a high capacity and fast memory card as well as a drive to store your footage. Similarly, having a good resolution monitor to view your footage on is advisable. For example, if you are shooting a 4K video, you will need a 4K monitor to effectively review your footage. A qualified and experienced video production company will be able to give you valuable advice on the most appropriate monitor to use in your video shooting.

Choosing the right camera resolution is very important in the delivery of the story you want to tell. As a filmmaker, it’s essential to first determine the story you want to tell then choose the lens you need to deliver it. The gear is your storytelling toolkit and as such, you need to choose the tools which fit the need for the job. Pick a video production company with an excellent history of quality productions because they are experienced enough to choose resolutions that bring out the best in a film.

5 Tips When Casting Talent

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Casting talent for your project is one of the most important steps in the video production process.  An actor’s performance can make or break a film. When you’re put to the task of casting talent for a video production, there are many things you should take into consideration.  We’ve gathered a list of the five most important details you should know next time you cast talent for a video.

  1. First and most importantly, it is essential that you reserve a private room for auditions.  You want the actors to feel comfortable and secure so that they will give their best performance. Additionally, you’ll want to have a waiting area prepared for actors as they arrive.  Organizing the flow of the audition before the actors arrive will save you a lot of stress in the long run. 
  1. Be sure to advertise your auditions and provide solid information.  Send out the information about the audition any way you feel works best for your project. Probably the most professional and reliable ways to find the best talent is by contacting talent agencies and have them inform some of their clients.  Stay organized by arranging a meeting time with the actors before the audition.  Be sure to inform the actors of what they’ll need to bring or wear to the audition.  Inform actors if they will need to perform a monologue or if a script will be given to them. If applicable, provide short character bios so that the actor better knows what you are looking for in the audition.
  1. It may be useful to have an assistant with you to film the auditions.  As you begin to make your final decisions, you’ll want to look back and review the auditions! Be sure that the actors state their name and agency on tape before the audition begins. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to direct the actor during their audition.  Let them do multiple takes, and ask them to perform the scene in a variety of ways.  This will give you a better idea of how it is to work with that actor and it will provide you with a variety of character interpretations.  If a scene requires two characters, consider pairing actors together.  This allows you to see the chemistry between the actors.  Consider how the actor performs on their own and how they perform with others.
  1. Finally, remember that callbacks are key. Callbacks give you a second chance to get to know the actor.  You can try putting them in different scenes with different actors to see how they perform and get along.  Callbacks will help ensure that you make the right decision.  They will give you the confidence you need to proceed forward with your video production.

Casting talent is no easy task but as previously stated, it is one of the most important steps in video production.  If you can afford to do so, you may want to consider hiring a casting director to do the work for you.  It can ease your stress and save you a lot of time and energy.  If you decide to continue forward and cast your video production yourself, be sure to keep these steps in mind.

While the task may be daunting, following these key steps will make the process significantly easier.  For help casting talent or creating a video, be sure to contact the video experts at Fusion 360 Studios.

Selecting a Soundtrack for Your Film

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Phenomenal action scenes, remarkable cinematography, and precise dialogue deserve a spectacular soundtrack. However, it can be quite challenging for a film production team to find the perfect soundtrack for their work of art. Regardless of whether it is a personal project or a client’s project, choosing a great audio track can cause numerous sleepless nights.

Film production companies are well aware of the implications of a sensational soundtrack; it’s what transforms your numerous scenes into a wonderful and relatable story. Music has a lot of emotions and soul woven through their waves and that is exactly what the film industry relays on to execute a perfect scene. If you can remember your favorite movie or commercial, it’s likely that you will remember the background music and if not, you might go back and find a song that carries emotion of your favorite moment.

So how do film and video production companies find the right track for their projects?

Choose the Soundtrack that Communicates the Message

The use of a music track in your film or video helps communicate the message to the mind and heart of the viewer. Whether you want to educate or entertain your audience, the type of background music you use will help convey the message to your audience. For example, for an educational video, it is advisable to use a calm and quiet song which will not divert the attention of your audience.

Set the Mood and Emotions

By choosing the right music track for your film, you set the mood for your film. As mentioned before, music brings in a lot of emotions no matter how big or small the project is. The most qualified and experienced film production companies always concentrate on how they want to make the audience feel; focus on the feelings you want to evoke and then choose the music track that best conveys those emotions.

Comply with Copyright Laws

You will have to either choose free music or purchase music that fits to your video, however, you must be sure that you legally acquire and use the music. There are numerous copyright laws that all film production companies must observe when it comes to using someone else’s music; every video or film you see on TV or in the theaters have went through the right venues in order for them to be played, and if they hadn’t then they would be in a heap of trouble.

Whether it is instrumentals or vocals, be certain that the audio track you use sets the tone you want in your video project. If you are unsure, it helps if you listen to a few songs and create a playlist where you can overlay the options before picking the right one. A quality soundtrack that is properly and carefully selected will always make your film more attractive and entertaining.

Choosing an experienced and qualified film production company will give you an edge when you are creating a video project. Film production companies like Big Door will assist you with anything from selecting the best location to finding the right song.

Different Video Styles

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There is no one way to create video, and when video production companies are tasked with creating a video for their clients, it’s important for them to sit down and see what style is best for the client as well as the video idea. From animations to news-style videos, there are various methods of shooting a clip that work depending on what the message for that specific video is.

All video production companies understand these differences, but you might not. This guide is made to help whomever understand what type of video is best for certain situations. Below are a few of the ideas.

Head-Shot Videos

Head-Shot videos refers to clips of a host who is seen only from head to shoulder. In these videos, the host is going to be talking directly to the camera in a standard shot. This type of video works best when you’re trying to shoot a personal or promotional video and goes great on a client’s homepage or even an informational blog post.

If you’re looking to make a professional video with raw ethos, this type of video might be the best decision; it’s a great way to introduce the face of your company to your potential consumer base.

Testimonial Videos

Video production companies may use testimonial videos if they are working for a client who is offering a service or product to their consumer base. These videos are helpful when it comes to trying to build up a strong reputation on a certain product or service. Testimonial videos can be shot like talking head videos, except instead of showing someone who works for the company, video production companies should use someone who has tried out the product or service and is willing to leave a positive review.

Animated Videos or Motion Graphics

Some video production companies offer animated video services. These videos are used for quick, visually appealing storytelling on certain subjects. Sometimes, animations reach an audience more than live video, and motion graphics allow the creator attract viewers with creative and aesthetically pleasing images that make it easy to send a message to the audience.

Text-Filled Videos

These types of videos are favored amongst video production companies because they’re amazing when it comes to establishing SEO. These videos use scripts that target specific keywords that lead back to the client’s site when searched on google. This will only work, however, if you have a solid script and reliable sources.

There are so many ways to get your client’s message across when it comes to video, so it’s important to determine what the goal of the video is in order to get an idea of what style you’re going to be using.

If you’re looking for the best video production companies to handle your video needs, look no further than Fusion 360.

Different Roles on a Production Team

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Video production can be quite the process. If things aren’t planned out and assigned in an efficient way, things won’t be completed in the best way possible. And as a result, your client isn’t going to get the end results they want. Luckily, there are video production teams. These teams are created and designed so that everyone on the team works together. They make production processes go a lot smoother and help get a result both the production team and the client want.

The Producer

The first role of a video production team is the producer. The producer coordinates and manages the process from beginning to end. They help come up with creative ideas, work with you on your budget, oversee writing the script, and a ton of other things. From pre-production to post production, the producer is there to help communicate with you and the team the whole way.

The Director and Assistants

The next role on a video production team is the director. The director is the person who you typically see the most, both on set and off set. Like the producer, they help with script writing, budget oversight, and a few other things. However, their main job is to direct the production. Telling people where to stand, what angle to have the camera, what lighting is needed, and so on.

In video production, there can be a lot of assistants too. This really does depend on your budget and the size of your production though. For example, if you are filming a really short clip, assistants may not be totally needed. On the contrary, if you have a production with lots of people and scenes, having multiple assistants can be super useful. Assistants help directors and producers do their tasks. They help with scheduling and making sure things are in the right place when it comes time to film.  

The Cinematographer and Camera Operators

The next position is the cinematographer and the camera operator. These are the people that work on the cameras. Their responsibilities include making sure to get good angles, lighting, and overall capturing what the director has in mind. Cinematographers are in charge of having the right equipment to get the best shots possible.

Video production teams are super important to guarantee the client gets the best results possible. When you have a production team with clear-cut roles and responsibilities, it helps to make sure everyone gets their specific jobs done. When there aren’t specific things assigned to people, multiple people may be working on the same thing while no one could be working on another thing. Production teams are the best way to stay organized on set and create an end result everyone can be proud of.  

3 Qualities of a Great Video Production Team

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Looking at a video production team is not as easy as it seems. Watching a video today with amateur knowledge of video making, you might only find quality in the visual quality rather than the actual quality of the video. Because people within video productions all have decent cameras, it is easy to be fooled. In order to find a legit team with high-quality content, there are at least three characteristics you should look for: Expertise, Creativity, and Timeliness.


No matter what the video production you are looking to make, the team you hire must show a certain level of expertise. For you to rely on a video production team to create the video you want, you need to feel confident in their overall experience and knowledge. Almost anyone can make a good video today—just look at the Instagram pages of teenagers and young adults—but not all have real-world experience with implementing props, scripts and a product. Quality video production teams have years of experience writing scripts, purchasing and placing props, and promoting clients products. These individuals have either been in the video production business for years and/or have a deep education in film. You should be able to feel comfortable with their expertise as you communicate with them about your vision and see their past work doing the same for your product.


A lot of times, the word “creative” is thrown around like everyone has it. Now, it would be a discredit to others to say that they lack in creativity—that may not necessarily be the case. However, even if someone or a group of individuals are full of creativity, they might not be able to exhibit that creativity correctly through their video productions. Avoid cheesy or cliche scripts, scenes and overall body of work and seek out true genius. Creativity should not be seen only in one image or idea, but throughout every aspect; real creativity is weaved in all areas to make a complete video. Look for this as you analyze video production teams’ work; see if the dialog, backdrops, props, and message sync together to make a video that is full of creativity.


The last aspect that you will want to find in a video production team is their timeliness. Are they hitting your expectations? Not only in knowledge and creativity but also timeliness? It is crucial for video production teams to make their deadlines. This seems obvious, but all aspects of production (pre, actual and post-production) take A LOT of time and if they are unable to get the work done in the expected amount of time, then you might have found a video production team that falls short of being great. If possible, contact past clients they have worked with to find out how their experience was.

There are a variety of qualities that make up a great video production team but the combination of these three should ensure you with a reliable team that qualifies to work with you. For a team that can do this for you, consider hiring Fusion 360. We are confident that we have a group of talented individuals that will do exactly what you need for your company or product.

Different Accessories Needed on Set

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To create the best outcome possible in your video production, there are a few tools or accessories that will make the process easier. Some of these accessories can also help increase the quality of your results. There are so many different kinds that you can find and use to create successful videos, but we are just going to touch on a few notable different accessories that may be needed on a video production set.


You already have your camera to film on, so what else are you going to need to create an awesome video? If you are shooting inside, a lighting kit is super useful. Typically a three point kit will create the lighting you need within the studio. These lights will help the quality of your video significantly increase. The best part of the lighting? It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get these types of lights for pretty cheap.


On a video production set, microphones are a necessity. It is one of the easiest ways to separate the experienced from the ammeters. Microphones help to produce a super clear sound. If you happen to be filming a group or a crowd, have a mic boom is super useful. It will allow you to pick up the specific voices and noises you want from the crowd.

Camera Lenses

Did you know there are hundreds of different kinds of lenses you can use on your camera? There are different lenses you should use in different situations to get the best result. For example, you can use a wide angle lens if you have a lot of things to fit in. Or you can use a macro lens if you need a close up shot. There are even specific lenses you can use for different lighting.

Green Screens

Green-screens can be important on your video production set if you need to digitally add a background. Like the lights, green-screens aren’t too expensive. They can transport your set to literally anywhere in the world.

Fun Stuff

If you are looking to splurge a little bit on a fun accessory for your video production set, things like drones or go pro types of cameras can create great content. These tools are not needed on set by any means, but they can be really fun if you are looking to step up your video production.

Accessories on video production sets aren’t always necessary. They do however help to create even better videos and can make the filming process easier on you. They can help to add to your video and make you stand out as a videographer. There are endless numbers of different kinds of film accessories and they are constantly coming out with new ones. Try out a few new accessories today to see if you can see a difference in your videos.