The Best Video Editing Software of 2019

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Depending on your needs, the best video editing software is going to differ from that of someone else. Speaking in absolutes — “the BEST” — assumes that everyone has the same needs, however, the fact of the matter is that it’s a case by case situation.

If you are a beginner, you will not need advanced software, and a professional at a video production company is going to need something different than that of an editor in Hollywood. The needs of an Apple user that heavily relies on Apple products may alter significantly from PC users. be different as well. While the needs are going to differ from person to person, there are some characteristics and capabilities that set certain software apart from the rest. Here is what we think are the most recognized programs that give users the ability to do what they need in the most efficient way.


We are four months into 2019 and video production companies still agree that Adobe’s Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut Pro are the “best” editing software for professionals.

PREMIERE PRO — The reason this is oftentimes the first software people will talk about is because of its ability to support a variety of different formats, cameras, and devices, and its ability to work on multiple platforms. Further, Premiere runs on Macs and PC computers without difficulty. Whether its a commercial made by a video production company or a feature film made for the big screens, the advanced editing capabilities work for both. With the latest update to the program in 2018, editors are able to use HDR media, playback media faster, and still utilize its other main features (like precise color grading, VR editing, and audio layering). In addition to all of this, using Premiere is convenient if you use any other Adobe products.

FINAL CUT PRO — Apple’s highest quality editing program has a lot of similarities with Adobe’s Premiere. Like Adobe’s ability to work great with other Adobe products, obviously, Final Cut works nicely with other Apple software. It also supports HDR and RAW formats and a lot of other interfaces. As time passes, while Final Cut can execute some advanced editing, it is starting to be seen as a good developmental program.

We mention these two programs first because these are what the professionals at video production companies are using, and they will give you more capabilities than anything else. Nonetheless, as we said before, the needs of each person or entity are different. That being the case, beginners may not need Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, and Hollywood editors may need other editing software that specializes in CGI, 3D effects, and more.


Here is a simple list of other software that beginners and/or Hollywood editors may consider to be a better program for their needs.


  • Avidemux
  • Shotcut
  • Rocketium
  • Nero Standard
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Video Pro X
  • Wideo
  • MacXvideo
  • Lightworks


  • SynthEyes
  • PFTrack
  • Mocha
  • Boujou
  • Houdini
  • RealFlow
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Cinema 4D
  • Maya
  • Adobe After Effects

While these different programs may not be used by professional video production companies, they will still accomplish similar things for beginners and accomplish more for the industry leading professionals in Hollywood. Ultimately, there is a lot of different editing software, but based on your level and needs, the best program may differ from someone else. However, many video production companies, like us here at Fusion 360, would say that Adobe’s Premiere Pro is the best program to use in 2019.

Can a Marketing Company Supplement an In-House Marketing Team?

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Every company markets its product and service somehow, but the way they do that differs from place to place. A small bakery might leave signs outside their door or post things on their website, both tactics are a form of marketing. Other companies might turn to marketing companies that specialize in a specific type of marketing. Then, there are the larger companies that can support their own in-house marketing team in order to carry out their needs. However, is there ever a time for companies (big or small) that have their own in-house team to rely on a marketing company?

The answer is — YES! — and you can find out why from the sections included below.

The Effect of Marketing Varieties

When a company builds up its own marketing department, they are going to take care of the companies immediate marketing needs. Depending on the company, these immediate needs are going to differ from company to company. To some, the first thing they will look to establish in an online presence and a solid public relations effort, but another might want to focus on their point of purchase and branding. After that though, they may not have the budget or constant need to fill positions that focus on any other marketing need.

A company may have marketers focusing their day to day work on direct marketing and point of purchase marketing aspects, but might not be doing anything to advertise their product or help their social and online presence. Marketers that know about product placement, brand recognition and how to sell their company’s product directly may not know how to make their company look good on social media. Maybe they do, but what about SEO and content marketing? These other marketing aspects may not be critical enough for the company to hire full-time employees for the work but might be important enough to outsource to a marketing company.

Knowledge and Experience

Perhaps the company has found a handful of marketing gurus that have a vast understanding of all common marketing concepts, but do they have the experience? When a company outsources a certain part of their marketing efforts, they have the assurance that the marketing company they hire specializes in what they need. This gives the company new insight and results that they wouldn’t see otherwise.


We have a separate blog post that lays out other reasons marketing companies are used by in-house teams and two of the reasons found there have to do with timing. There are stints during which a company suffers at the hand of turnover, and during these hard moments, a company can turn to a marketing company for help. Further, there are periods in which there is a surge of work for the company. Whenever there is a time where it is hard to accomplish all the work, companies can definitely benefit from the help of a marketing firm.


There are multiple reasons in-house teams still utilize the resources that come from a marketing company, and these are just a few. If your company needs any marketing help with SEO, social, branding, film or web, contact us at Fusion 360.

The Top Social Media Sites for your E-Commerce Store

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Social media has become more than just a place to socialize with our friends and family, it has become a necessity for businesses to use in order to grow and tap into new markets. Marketing companies know that these sites are crucial marketing goldmines; if companies know how to utilize them, they will reap the benefits.

So, which social media sites should you be using for your e-commerce business? Should you be tweeting about your products, uploading pictures to show them off on Instagram, or posting about them on Facebook for your friends and family to see? We here at Fusion 360 agency have come up with a guide on which sites are best when it comes to promoting your e-commerce business.


If you’re a regular Facebook user, you might notice that there are tons of ads for products and services being pushed on the platform. While sponsored posts are present on all major platforms, Facebook pushes businesses more than these other platforms and even offers various marketplace pages which can be utilized by marketing companies and businesses to promote their brand.

It’s recommended by marketing companies that you post at least two updates per day to promote your business, and that you utilize Facebook’s Dynamic Ads, which tracks a user’s browsing information to provide targeted product advertisements.


Instagram is a more photo-heavy platform, which is great for showing off your product or service through amazing visuals. Marketing companies also know that Instagram is an influencer-driven platform, so it’s important for businesses to invest in influencers to take photos with a specific brand’s product in order to get the audience’s attention.

Another cool feature that Instagram offers is the ability to allow users to click on a picture that will redirect them to the company’s website, making it easier to purchase a product.


When on Twitter, it’s best to keep it short. People use this platform for brief text, videos and images, so you should focus on visuals and on a strong, short-form quote related to your industry. Apart from posting the visual content directly to the site, you could also link to your website through a text tweet. One differentiating factor between Twitter and the other big platforms is that it acts as a customer service support channel, so make sure that you utilize that to your advantage.


Snapchat is a good way to offer quick, behind-the-scenes content, teasers and upcoming promotions when it comes to product releases. Snapchat is a great platform because it allows for ads and customized geofilters, which can make your brand seem more personal.

These platforms are the best ways to grow your e-commerce business today, and marketing companies can help you get started. Give us a call here at Fusion 360 if you’re ready to take the next step in your digital marketing endeavors.

Production Companies vs. In-House Video Teams

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Video content continues to dominate social media pages and the digital world. More and more companies are putting stock into video productions by building out teams that can create content that shows off their product and brand. At the same time, there are more video production companies than ever before.

In-house production teams and video production companies are both going to create solid video content for the miscellaneous video platforms, however, is one better than the other? While there may be factors that can be argued one way or the other, everything comes down to how much money the entity that is looking to create video content has. After that, you can find positives and negatives for both sides.

Let’s dive in and simply explore the possibilities that each side provides, starting with in-house teams.

In-House Benefits and Shortcomings

If a company builds an in-house video production team, they should have the confidence to execute everything they want when they want. An in-house team should know their company’s brand inside and out, further, they should know what the vision and expectations are. This knowledge should help them make a video that displays their company’s brand, product or message exactly how they want it.

While it is nice to have a team within the company working on the various video projects that the company needs, they can have some shortcomings. As mentioned before, the company’s budget will dictate what kind of personnel they will be able to hire, the quality of equipment they will have access to, and ultimately how much they can spend on their projects. That limitation can restrict what types of videos the team can create and how well the videos will be made.

As a result, a company that builds a production team should be sure they have the budget to house the individuals that will be able to create the type of videos they need. If they look to do something more, they might start hitting a ceiling with their own abilities and will need to turn to a video production company.

Video Production Companies

When a company relies on a production company to help them create video content for them, they should be able to find a production team that is right for them. What we mean by this is, there is a variety of video production companies and each one will vary in quality and experience; it’s the same as before, the larger the budget, the higher the quality. However, in comparison to an in-house team, a production company will likely have more experience, equipment and resources.

Considering a video production company’s niche is video, they are going to be able to create a wider variety of videos and have access to more equipment. In addition, they are going to know talent agencies, filming locations, certain individuals that specialize in a specific aspect of video, and other unique resources. Instead of focusing on one product or company, these video production companies are creating video content for multiple entities that need a higher level of quality in their production, or for smaller businesses that can’t hire out their own team. Even though these companies may not work full-time on just one product or service, they still can execute everything their client needs.

Deciding which of the two types of video production groups are better really comes down to the needs of the company. As a video production company ourselves, we may be a little bias (we are the better option, of course), but if you have any other video questions, read more from our blog or contact us today.

How Realistic is the Advertising in the Mad Men TV Series?

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A lot of our understanding of reality and the accompanying mental images that we create are shaped by TV series and movies, so, with that said, how realistic is the advertising in Mad Men?

If it’s been a few years since you’ve seen Mad Men, it is the four-time Outstanding Drama Emmy-winning AMC original TV series that is based on a variety of characters that work at an advertising agency in New York during the 1960s. As you watch this fabulously-written TV series, you will follow multiple stories, all fictional, that show the characters presenting advertising pitches for companies like Kodak, Heinz, Life, Hilton and more. However, with the show still being viewed daily (thanks to its contract with Netflix), people still want to know how the “Sterling Cooper-Draper Pryce” agency compares to an actual advertising agency.

Mad Men Ads vs. Real Ads

Considering we are talking about advertising, we might as well start with the actual ads that the writers and the designers of the TV series created. Business Insider did a great job creating a compare and contrast of the ads you see in Mad Men vs. actual 1960-advertisements from the companies mentioned in the show. While the Mad Men ads have components of an actual ad that a company would produce, they miss out on the research and the captured target market in their ads. However, the creators of the TV series did a good enough job reproducing believable images that normal viewers would not question.

The Advertising Process and Pitches

There are multiple scenes that show intense pitch meetings, but where you’d usually find creative directors, account supervisors, and copywriters brainstorming and coming up with fresh ideas, you see television drama. Mad Men is often praised for its attention to detail and authenticity (as it should be), but you can’t have a successful TV series (that is based on a fictional story) by showing everything that happens at an advertising agency. For example, an area in which they lack, naturally, is how long and how much detail goes into actual meetings with potential clients. While Mad Men may share a few ideas and make negotiations in their brief meetings, they miss the additional detail of discussing casting, placement, videographer recommendations, slogans and much more that comes with an advertising campaign.


One of the areas that some ad junkies would agree Mad Men’s representation is accurate is the stress that comes with the job. Advertising agencies are definitely exciting places, but there is some serious pressure and high-stress that comes from trying to come up with a good idea that is supported with solid research.


Now, it may be a little unfair to be so critical of Mad Men — their authenticity of New York in the 1960s is quite amazing. The alcoholism, smoking, issues with gender and racism, and other reoccurring themes are definitely worth praising in this recreation, however, you just can’t capture everything that advertising is in a dramatic TV series. If you were to make it into a factual documentary, you’d be able to better see what an advertising agency looks like, but a TV series like this can only capture aspects. With that said, the depiction is pretty close, but it is like judging and understanding an individual’s entire life based on their Instagram alone.

Advertising has developed a lot since the 1960s, and we are in a world that is ran by digital media. If you want to learn more about what a modern advertising agency looks like, return to our homepage and take a look.

Which Social Platforms Should You Be Using?

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As a business, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to stay relevant in order to keep growing in your industry, and the best way to do this is by taking advantage of social media platforms. While you might be familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, do you know which ones are going to help your company? You probably know that you don’t necessarily have to have an account for all of them, but you do have to make sure that you choose wisely on what platforms you’re going to decide to use.

These platforms all have their benefits, but there are some specific ones that you’re going to want to focus on if you want to help your business thrive. Here are the social platforms that professional marketing companies suggest you try utilizing based on your needs.

Twitter: Twitter is going to benefit your company if you want to provide your consumers with breaking news, announcements and other important and time-sensitive information. Easy, digestible text thrives on twitter and marketing companies recommend this platform for businesses who are based around immediacy.

LinkedIn: B2B businesses should have a LinkedIn account because it will help with lead generation. This platform can help you establish your company as a trusted leader in your field by posting a lot of editorial content. Marketing companies have also pinned down that the demographic on LinkedIn ranges widely from the 30-49 age range.

Pinterest: If your brand uses lots of images within your content, Pinterest is going to be the number one platform that you should be using. Marketing companies have found that 90 percent of users plan purchases while on Pinterest, so this graphics-heavy site is good for driving sales.

Facebook: This is the largest platform to date. With over two-billion users, Facebook is another great platform for lead generation, and it can also be beneficial to your brand in terms of building relationships and showing consumers the human side of your business. It is worth noting, however, that since Facebook is the largest platform, there is also going to be a great deal of competition on this platform.

Instagram: Once again, Instagram is a photo-focused platform, and you’ll want to create an Instagram account for your brand if you’re planning on showcasing your work.

These different platforms are great for different reasons, but you should narrow down your options to avoid wasting any valuable time trying to create a presence where it isn’t needed. If you’re looking to get some help establishing an online presence, give us a call here at Fusion 360.

4 Reasons Your Marketing Department Still Needs an Agency

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As a marketing agency, we understand that a lot of companies have their own marketing department, but does that mean that they will never need the help of an agency like ours? Absolutely not. Here are four reasons your in-house marketing team will need the assistance of an outside marketing company.

During Turnover

The first and absolute, no arguments about it, time that an in-house marketing department will need to outsource some of their work is during turnover. No matter how successful or unsuccessful your business is, every company experiences times where they have parts of their staff leave. Once one or two individuals on your marketing team take their careers elsewhere, the workload does not wait for your team to rebuild. In these moments, a marketing team can temporarily turn to a marketing company to help fill in the gap.

During a Surge of Work

There are moments when your team might confront special projects, annual reporting, or a major rebranding phase. At these times, an internal team can find their hands full with additional research and work that adds on top of their daily 9-5 work. To help your team avoid late hours and high amounts of stress, outsourcing your work will ensure that all the routine work is finished in a timely manner and the special projects get the focus and work that they need. Instead of an entire team feeling overwhelmed, it’s much easier to simply rely on the help of a marketing company.

Additional Knowledge and Specialties

An in-house marketing team is likely to have the talent they need in order to run their social media platforms, create strategies to increase their list potential clients/consumers, and even continue to develop their website or app, but what about other marketing specialties? You can find an assortment of marketing companies that provide you with additional abilities that your team doesn’t have but needs. Specialties such as SEO work, radio advertisement, or video productions are just a few examples of additional marketing skills that an outside marketing company can give you. Like we said, you may have talented individuals that can create plans and strategies, but there are other areas that you will want to rely on the experience and knowledge of others.

An Outsider’s Vision

Along with the additional knowledge and specialties that an outside agency might give you, they can also give you a new perspective. While your company and its employees may know their own selling point, content and functions unlike anyone else, this can sometimes blind you. After years and years of coming up with new ideas for the same product, the results might become redundant and need a fresh look. An outside marketing company could give you a new idea that your company really needs, but without taking the chance to outsource your work, you will miss out on the opportunity.

Whether you have a large marketing team or not, you can always find a need for a marketing agency. If you need any additional knowledge, specialty or perspective, don’t hesitate to contact us, Fusion 360.

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Marketing Agency

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Working with any other company can be a little scary, however, going through a few simple questions can give you loads of relief. In this case, we assume that you are looking to work with a marketing company, but where do you start?

Below is a short list of questions that you need to ask yourself as you go about trying to find the right company for you.

QUESTION #1 — What Needs Do You Have?

If you are looking to hiring a marketing company to help bring more attention to your company or product, you probably have a variety of needs, but what are they? Are you looking to promote a specific product or service? Are you trying to establish your brand among potential clients/customers? Are you wanting to gain an online advantage over competitors? Or are you in need of professional help with video producing and social media? Marketing companies usually have a particular niche with something like video production, digital content, social media or product expertise. Whatever your needs are, you want to match that need with a fitting agency. Educate yourself on what capabilities these agencies have and how they might be a benefit to you.

QUESTION #2 — Who will Manage Your Account?

When you start allowing others to take on a role of representing your company name and product, it can take a minute to feel comfortable with it, after all, your product is your baby in a way. You wouldn’t let just anyone babysit your child — you need to find individuals that you trust. Whether it’s a babysitter or a marketing company, you will have a lot more confidence leaving your prized-possession in the hands of someone experienced and responsible. Try to find reviews or any other indicator that measures the quality of work of the agencies you are looking at.

QUESTION #3— Do They Communicate and Deliver on Their Services?

When you choose to outsource your marketing, the price you pay better be worth it. What services do they offer and are they able to back it up? A good indicator of this is how well they communicate with you. If they are responsive and punctual in initial meetings and communications, then they will likely stick to that consistency. If there are any foreboding signs, you may be wise to follow them.

QUESTION #4 — What will the Contract Consist Of?

Going right along with being confident in their services, be sure that the contract gives you everything you want. This includes things such as performance indicators, no hidden fees, and secret cancellation processes. You will be bound by a contract and, to avoid any future disaster, give yourself the surety that you are not getting involved in anything you don’t want to be.

Like we said before, hiring a marketing company can be a little daunting at first, but asking yourself a few of these questions will go a long way. When you are able to answer these questions with confidence, you won’t have any trouble. If you are looking for the right marketing company for you, contact us, Fusion 360.

Utilizing Memes to Increase Engagement

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The new word, “Meme,” is one that you’re going to hear more and more in this day and age, and whether you know about them or not, they engage their viewers. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are littered with memes; you probably scroll past hundreds of them every day. While they might just seem like silly pictures with clever captions, did you know that marketing companies use them to create a better connection between their clients and consumers?

Since memes are so popular today, marketing companies have figured out that they can utilize them to their advantage. If people are going out of their way to look at memes, and if they’re so prominent on social media platforms, why not take those memes and fit them to your brand? Here are some ways you can utilize memes to increase your engagement.

They Act as a Mild Form of Advertising

Advertising isn’t always received in a positive manner, and this generation is finding new ways to block and ignore online ads. However, memes are tailor-made for social media content. This makes your post — or “ad” — feel genuine and therefore easier to engage with, share, and attract more attention with very little effort. This is where companies can capitalize on creativity, or else, they can find themselves suffering in terms of engagement. Marketing companies, for example, take advantage of their appeal — humor and entertainment — and use it as a method of grabbing and retaining the consumers’ attention.

Memes Can Make “Boring” Subjects Entertaining

If you’re looking to connect with a younger audience, memes are going to be your best friend. However, there is one thing that you need to remember before you start creating memes — they HAVE TO be funny. Memes rely heavily on humor, and if you don’t have that in the mix, you’re going to see very little engagement; always aim for the quick laugh.

Something to Look Out For

When you create a meme in the hopes of producing a reaction, they need to be current/relevant to what’s trending, sharable, easy to digest, simple to read, and straight to the point. We can’t emphasize enough that memes have a very short lifespan. They usually come in waves, and you cannot show up late to the party.

Memes are great because they provide a comical value to your brand, which appeals to a large audience. If you’re wanting to add that extra oomph to your social media game, make sure to check out some memes that you could potentially use — just make sure you’re keeping up with what’s in and what’s not.