Where are our Eyeballs Heading?

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The dictionary defines attention as “notice taken of someone or something”. Today, our attention has been divided into multiple ‘somethings’. With the evolution of technology, consumers have an enormous number of places that their eyeballs can focus. In 2016, media consumption in the United States amounts to over 12 hours of our day. Digital media, television and radio still dominate our time, with digital platforms leading the way at nearly six hours of our day. Marketing firms debate every single day as to where they should be spending their advertising dollars and efforts to speak to their targeted demographics. As attention is becoming extremely segmented, where is the advertising dollar best spent?


Last year, Nicola Mendelsohn, the Vice President for Facebook in Europe stated that Facebook would be “all video” by 2021. Living in a world where everything is needed to be “Twitter length” or less (140 characters), consumers are demanding more video content to catch their attention. Consumers have become video centric and have found difficulty is consuming text content that is longer than a few sentences.

Non-traditional Television and Cutting the Cord

As cable peaked in the early 2000’s with over 68.5 million subscriptions, cord cutting has become an unavoidable trend for marketers to notice. While having 5,000 channels used to be the cool thing to have, now having access to commercial free and stream lined services such as Netflix and Hulu is the way to go. Twice.com reports that 25% of TV homes do not pay for traditional television. Millennials do not see the value in these services and simply cannot afford it with the rising costs of living and student debt being a large cost burden. Large advertisers, marketing agencies and digital marketing companies are taking full notice of this millennial spear-headed consumption trend and reprioritizing where they place their spending.


To add to the cord cutting, an estimated four in 10 Americans now get their news online. Whether it be through mobile or accessing a preferred news source website, Americans are ditching the traditional ways of sitting down for the evening news. As nearly 80% of Americans have a smartphone, phones have become the new television screen in 2017. Digital consumption trends show that these technologies are aging up into those that are in their 50s, 60s and 70s, driving forward the need for web development, video production and SEO perfection.






How to Make Your Video Ads More Successful

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If research and statistics are right, then you’re probably not going to read this entire article.

If people are looking for in-depth insight on any given subject, people now more than ever will turn to videos to get information. Marketing agencies that are worth their salt know that people turn more to videos for content than anywhere else. But how do you make your online video ads stand out in a crowded field of cat videos, how do you make your multimedia presence stand out?

Here are some of our personal tips:

Tip #1 Produce “How to” Videos

In 2015, “how to” video searches grew by 30 percent, which means that people are in a hurry to figure out stuff, and they need someone to walk them through how to do something step by step. “How to” videos are only increasing in popularity, and the more unique your “how to” topic is, the more views you’re likely to get.

So, for example, “How to change a flat tire” won’t get that many hits, being as there are literally thousands of those videos already. But a “how to fix a foosball table” video will get much more of an audience for you, even if that audience is smaller than the “fix a tire” group.

Tip #2 Make Testimonial Videos

In the age of Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes, people are more likely to look at reviews for your brand well before they even come close to buying your product. Marketing agencies have figured this out, so for their clients who sell products or services, they’ll make testimonial videos that prove to consumers that what they’re product or service is better than everyone else’s.

Tip #3 Find the “Sweet Spot” for Video Length

Marketing agencies that produce videos for their clients know that the best video ad length (according to Google) is no longer than three minutes. Within 45 seconds, people will know if they’re interested in the video they’re watching. There are some videos that can be longer than 3 minutes on Youtube that still deliver incredible results, but those exceptions are rare, and your video has to be incredibly engaging to pull something like that off.

SEO Horror Stories: What We Can Learn From Them

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SEO, as with anything else business related, can go bad quickly. When it does, the results can lead to a maelstrom of havoc the business then has to clean up. From Utah to the Big Apple, any business can learn from SEO horror stories.

Night of the Living Blog

Search engine optimization is still a new enough concept that not everybody who works in business understands how it works. Because of this, a well-meaning public relations person sent out a press release that was meant to be a one-time blog. The press release was reprinted on a massive amount of traffic driving spam blogs and websites, causing mass confusion to customers and management alike, as they tried to clean up the mess.

The lesson here is that if you are partnering with another part of the company to work on SEO strategy, make sure they understand everything you’re doing before they release something meant to be helpful as a plague to all mankind or your little Utah business will be just another victim of the internet.

So, I Married an SEO Manager

Back in the early days of Google, and thus the early days of Search engine optimization, the penalties were harsh for anybody who broke one of Google’s strict rules. Before you could access the world from anywhere, fixing the problem usually meant being present in the office, even if you’re on your honeymoon.

One manager found this out right after getting married, when he realized while relaxing with his new wife that he made a mistake on a website. By the time he got back the company had been heavily penalized and traffic was at a trickle. It took him weeks to work out the problems. Moral of the story: Always have a team with you, so if someone needs to escape Utah for a romantic weekend with the missus, you’ll be covered.

Gender and Color

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Selecting the color of your logo, advertisements or even social media posts can be a big deal. The colors your advertising agency uses often determines part of the audience’s reaction and reception. Knowing which colors to use in order to get the desired result will take your advertising agency to the next level.

From Utah to the Southeast, colors hold different meanings for different groups of people, different locations in the world and different genders. Knowing what colors mean to your target audience, be they male or female, local or national, could be the difference between a wildly successful advertisement and a total flop.

What Social Media Site Is Best for Your Business?

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The most successful digital marketing agencies in the country know that no two clients are the same.

 That’s true when it comes to branding, voice, marketing, advertising and also choosing the appropriate social media channels for your client. Channels like Facebook and Twitter are pretty universal to have for all clients, but some companies might thrive greatly by posting videos on their YouTube account or by having boards on a company Pinterest.

 How you find out what social media site is best for you is pretty simple: Find out what your voice and demographic is, and see what site best facilitates your mission.

Most Important Facts About SEO

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From the social media savvy millennials to the grandma that’s buying a blanket for her grandson, SEO is here to stay, and that’s because it’s become a part of our everyday life.

Whenever we want to find out about what happened to that one actor from “Growing Pains” or when we’re looking to cram for our geography final, the majority of us will use search engine sites like Google or Bing to help us find the answer. Our reliance on search engines has led businesses of all sizes to push their advertising efforts towards building strong SEO potential. It’s a good business model, and companies who aren’t focusing on SEO are sorely missing out on large growth opportunities.

Here’s why:


The Best SEO Techniques From SEO Professionals

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The greats in any field — whether they’re Olympians or mathematicians — might be gifted with some talents that others might not have, but at their core, they’re people just like you and I who spend their days and nights practicing, theorizing and outworking their competition.

The same has to be done for those who want to succeed in the SEO industry. You have to outpace your competitors, and you have to always find innovative answers to the impossible question. As the #1 digital advertising agency in Utah, we know a thing or two about dominating the SEO field.

Never Stop Studying and Strategizing

SEO is constantly changing. It’s still a newborn in the advertising field, so those that hold the keys to all of SEO’s abilities, like Google, are still trying to figure out what’s the best way to utilize the tool for brands and companies in Utah and beyond. The best way to keep up to date with changing search engine trends is by following the blogs that are navigating where the industry is going. Blogs like Google Webmaster Central, Search Engine Land, Moz Blog and SEMrush Blog are all crucial to helping you how to approach your next SEO strategy.

Understand What Is and Isn’t Working in SEO

Quick rule of thumb about SEO: Never trust your feelings, only the numbers. As I mentioned before, search engine optimization is a new field, so it’s important to trust the numbers over your past experiences.

Visiting SEMrush’s winners and losers report will help you get a better understanding of how certain website are able to build a large audience just because of their search engine presence.

Talk Is Cheap. Work Is Priceless.

It’s crucial to implement a strategy on how you’ll approach your brand’s search engine potential, but you can’t spend countless days theorizing the best approach. Sometimes the best way to succeed in SEO is by strategizing, implementing, failing and repeating. After a strategy or two, you’ll start to see some sort of success, but if you don’t, it might be best to go back to the previous steps, and see where you might’ve gone wrong. Keep your SEO actions consistent by developing a plan and timeline that you commit to.

Don’t Settle in Your Success: Break The Glass Ceiling

This tip is vital. If you follow the previous steps, you’re on the right path to SEO success, but if you stay satisfied with that success, you’ll become stagnant. Success is fleeting, especially in the shifting landscape of marketing. Take your success and invest it in resources and strategies that will make you even more successful.

You Need More Than Good Content For SEO

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If you go your entire life not seeing “Field of Dreams” then you’ve wasted your life.

Harsh, but accurate.

“Field of Dreams” was a pop culture phenomenon that still holds some resonance today thanks to its meme-tastic quote: “If you build it, they will come.” That quote is a good streamlined metaphor for how some SEO agencies treat their online presence. If you build good content, then people will come to your website.

That’s unfortunately become an oversimplification of what’s needed to help build your SEO potential, especially if you’re looking for your brand to reach beyond the nearest borders in your surrounding Utah neighborhood. Good content is vital, but so are a few other factors.

First, Let’s Define, “Good”

We can get all philosophical and existential on you, but we’ll keep to the basics of “good” content. It needs to be unique, useful, entertaining, and relevant. That’s just the bare bones of what good content is, and you need a lot more than just those factors in order to make any dent in a search engine’s rankings. But before we jump into the more technical stuff, it is important to emphasize that good content is essential to SEO potential, it’s just not the only factor.

Getting Your Content Shared

In a perfect world, only the best content online would get shared, and you’d be known as the SEO Guru because your content is just so good that people are dying to share your next inspired thought. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world. We live in the world of Buzzfeed lists and Grumpy Cat movies, and it’s hard to get any other kind of content shared.

It’s hard, but it’s crucial. If Google’s algorithm sees your content is being shared, then it will place you higher in a search engine’s rankings. There’s a lot of different strategies on how to get your content shared on social media and on other sites, and it’s a good idea to see which one best suits your brand. A relatively common strategy though is to simply ask people to share your content. That strategy can work, but it’s important that your shares and links are always organic.

The Tech Behind Content

Template sites like WordPress give you a good foundation for spreading your content, but you need to make sure that your site has an extensive and updated sitemap, created metadata and title tags, intricate site security and exceptional site speed. Google and other search engines take these factors into consideration when they figure out where your content should rank. Your good content won’t do anything for your SEO potential if your website is riddled with toxic links, slow load times and convoluted site navigation.

Look Out Into The Future

It’s going to take you a while to become a notable presence on SEO. While you’re waiting for that to happen though, you need to ask yourself important questions about your content. You need to figure out who your audience is, what keywords you want to rank in, and how your content can be integrated in other parts of your brand’s campaign.

Think of good content as dirt. Dirt’s essential. Kevin Costner needed dirt to build his baseball field in “Field of Dreams.” He needed the proper tools though to turn that dirt into something more than just dirt. That’s what your content needs also: tools to turn it into something more.

Outdated SEO Tactics to Ditch

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The world of SEO is constantly changing. For marketing companies, in Utah and elsewhere, this means that they need to be on top of every update that Google makes. When a small tweak is made in the way Google prioritizes, marketing agencies need to make big changes in the way they help their clients. For those investing in the content marketing world and those interested in how it works, here are three things that marketers should stop doing for search engine optimization.

How to SEO From Home

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SEO seems like a massive undertaking, since Google has piles of rules that seem to be another language to someone without a Masters in computer programming. But with a few tips you may be able to optimize your blog or website from your kitchen in your underwear while on vacation in Southern Utah or on the East Coast.


With every article you write you want to use a series of words, or keywords, in every site in order to make sure that people searching for what you’re writing about can find you. Use words that best encapsulate your blog or website’s topic or theme. You only need two or three words at most for your topics. If you do cover more than one topic, have one or two keywords per topic. Make sure to stay consistent with every article, or your keywords will be just more words in your article and doesn’t help your SEO.


If you want to keep your Utah website on top of the Google search engines, make sure you post to your site on a regular basis. A slow site will not get the optimization it needs to stay ahead of the game. Even a quick update on your blog or website can help your SEO, so keep up on that writing. Find a time when you can write and keep a list of stories you come up throughout the week. This way you’re never completely out of ideas when it’s time to buckle down and start typing.


One thing Google’s algorithms look for are links to other sites. Whether those links are to sites away from your projects or to stuff you’ve already written about, links are important to having your writing recognized on the web. Make sure that the links are relevant to your article. Nothing is more annoying than trying to read about how to keep a kitten from a Utah animal shelter healthy and ending up linking to great places to buy cheese in the area.