The Effectiveness of Snapchat Ads

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When it comes to advertisements most are pretty boring and we usually just ignore them. Marketing firms have tried for decades to figure out the perfect strategy to advertise to everyone and get them involved. It wasn’t until 2015 when that strategy became a little more clear.

On Halloween that year Snapchat Inc. released sponsored lenses for companies to buy. These lenses allow companies to create filters for users to put over their face or decorate their snaps. The genius behind it is the fact users have to interact with them in order to use them. They share these sponsored snaps to friends or even save them for fun, but the company is still there. This allows users to become familiar with the company and remember them when they are needed.

Picking the Color for Your Logo

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Whether you live in quaint Utah or the Big Apple, your company logo represents your brand and its image. The simple sight of your logo can cause brand identification, relation and consumer interaction. Selecting the colors for this image is a job for your company and your advertising agency.

With the help of your advertising agency, you can select colors that appeal to your target demographic and send the messages that you want to send to your target audience. Select your colors carefully and design your logo with care. This symbol will come to stand for your company, and it will ultimately represent all that you stand for.

Start Marketing on Instagram Now

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Social media platform Instagram has 800 million followers and counting. Adding another 100 million from April–September, they are constantly making connections and gaining users. The seven-year-old app has made great strides as a social media platform and as a marketing platform, turning inexperienced young adults into photographers and food bloggers. While doubling as a free advertising agency, Instagram has helped start thousands of careers and grow thousands of industries.


An advertising agency, whether in Utah or any other state, can invite users into their workspace or company shop with the location feature. This humanizes the company and makes customers feel part of the brand. Additionally, a company like Disneyland, that highlights different things during the year, can heavily promote their location to show Disney fans how the decorated the park for the season.


Marketing firms can develop an entire advertising campaign around a hashtag. By simply posting the hashtag or asking your consumers to use it will bring a company’s profile a lot of traffic. A hashtag can be the voice that shares your company’s stance on a matter and lets customers interact with the brand.

Price Tag

Free. $0.00. Nothing. Nada. Instagram is free! Anyone can use Instagram as much as they want with zero cost to them. Of course, users can choose to sponsor a post, but it’s free to use otherwise. Nothing is better than free marketing.

Live Stream and Stories

The media has newer features called Instagram Live and Instagram Story. When a user “goes live,” followers get a notification and can watch them as they make the video. Many users use the live feature to interact with their followers. Followers can ask questions directly to the company that can be answered on the spot. Instagram stories are clips or images that are posted for 24 hours. This is a non-committal way to promote an event or share your travels. Agencies often do a countdown to a sale, store opening or countdown to an expansion announcement.


Will AI Take Over the Marketing Field?

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Imagine a world where unnecessary work is controlled by algorithms. Businesses will save money from the lack of human work being done and harness the work that is completed. Artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly working its way into every field of work and eliminating work that is unnecessary and too extreme for humans. AI has even started to enter marketing firms.

The Rise of Digital Marketing

Here at Fusion 360, we understand the importance of digital marketing companies staying ahead of the competition. That’s why we see the value in AI. One of the tasks it can accomplish is the analytical part of marketing. Establishing people’s interests and what they’re consuming has never been easier. A simple algorithm runs through all the raw data that’s available and organizes it into an understandable language within hours.

If a human were to do this it would years of work to get it accomplished. The amount of raw data that would have to be characterized is easily chartered for you by an algorithm. Advertising salespeople, market research analysts and computer support specialists all have a high likelihood of AI making them obsolete. These are all vital careers for marketing firms as they dictate what ads should be created.

However, AI isn’t going to stop with only analytical careers. Writers are on the list of AI destruction. The Associated Press (AP) releases an estimated 3,000 AI written articles every quarter. Granted, AP only has the AI writing analytical stories, like sports games and stock updates, but the fact it can even write articles should worry writers everywhere.

What’s Next?

Marketing agencies have to understand that this shift is coming and need to take steps to work around it. But, until that time comes marketing agencies are here to stay. The transition might not even happen within the next two decades, but the change is coming nonetheless and we all need to be prepared.