How to Increase Engagement with Your Videos

Video content seems to have broken the internet for the past few years. If you are not creating and posting video content online for your brand, you have a smaller chance of getting noticed. Video production companies work to create entertaining and engaging videos for various brands to help them increase their awareness online. How do they do it exactly? Here are a few tips and tricks that video production companies use to increase engagement online with their videos.

Know Your Audience

This is probably the most important tip of them all. You have to know your brand’s audience so that you can create a video that is tailored to them and their interests. If you don’t produce a video that is interesting to them, they aren’t going to engage or even watch your video.

Video production companies do a lot of research to figure out who their audience is and what type of content they will be interested in seeing. When posting on social media platforms like Facebook, you can target your exact audience by using the “Preferred Audience” and “Restricted Audience” settings. These settings can sort your audience by interests and demographics.

Make Your Topic Engaging

Once you know your audience, you can come up with a video topic that is engaging and shareable. Your video should aim to entertain, inform or inspire your audience. Video production companies usually create a video around one key point or topic. Your video should be able to be summarized in one phrase. Narrowed down topics create great videos for social media because they are quick and to the point. When viewers understand the point of the video, they are more likely to engage with your content and share it with their friends.

Be Aware of Structure and Length

First impressions are important, so the first few seconds of your video need to “wow” your viewer in order to keep them watching. Make sure the first few frames of your video are bold and entertaining in order to grab people’s attention. In addition, make sure you optimize the thumbnail of your video to match the topic of your video. Having an engaging thumbnail will lead more people to click on your video. Think of your video thumbnail as “click bait.”

When editing your video, try to keep it as concise as possible so you don’t bore your audience or cause them to lose interest. Keep in mind that people have short attention spans. Considering that a lot of people will be watching your video without sound, it’s always a good idea to add captions or text overlay to videos you post on social media. Video production companies spend a lot of time editing their videos to make sure they are creating the best most engaging content possible.

Make Your Video Native

Videos are automatically going to get more engagement if they are posted natively. What this means is posting your content directly to multiple online platforms, rather than posting it in one spot and posting links to that content on the other platforms. This tip is especially important when posting to platforms like Facebook and Instagram because of the autoplay feature. In addition, by uploading your video natively, you can get stats on how many people watched and engaged with your video on each platform, which will be helpful in knowing how successful your video actually was.

Video content is powerful and can really transform your brand image. It has the ability to attract new customers and provide an increase in sales if done correctly. If your brand is needing help in creating video content, a video production company like Fusion 360 can help you create both brand and social videos. Fusion 360 has an award-winning video production team that can take on any task given to them. Contact Fusion 360 today to start working on some video content for your brand.

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