Bringing Your Big Bad Brand to Social Media

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You’ve done it — you’ve branded yourself as the coolest cat on the block. You’ve got a product that will fly off the shelves. You know your target. Now you’ve just got to do the easy stuff, and bring it all to social media.

Not so fast, cowboy. Transferring your brand to social media successfully isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. Something that used to be the job you’d pass off to the intern now has entire branches of content marketing companies devoted to it. Your social media not only needs to be engaging, but it has to encompass that brand in its entirety.

Find the Right Outlet

When starting social media you may be tempted to join every social media outlet. But before hopping on everything right down to the Tinder train, ask yourself, “Will I reach my target demographic in an effective way through these efforts?”

Facebook consistently has the best reach, though platforms like Instagram reach a younger demographic. Follow in the footsteps of the great content marketing companies and do your research before diving all in.

Provide Sharable Content

Social media is one of the few channels where you can have paid, earned, shared and owned media all in one place. Try saying that five times fast. To grow your brand, you need to extend your reach with genuinely interesting and engaging content. It’s imperative to make something your consumer will want to read and share your work — so they can come across as cool cats as well.

Tie It Together With “The Look”

The power of displaying your brand visually is unmatched, just ask employees of content marketing companies. Bring consistency to all your channels by using the same theme and images across all platforms. In doing so, your audience will begin to recognize you and identify with your content.

Make social media great again, be the brand you were born to be through all mediums.

How Fusion 360 Is Like Eleven on Stranger Things

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We all fell in love with the buzzed hair, pink dress wearing, Eggo waffle eating little girl that is our sweet Jane Ives, a.k.a. Eleven in “Stranger Things.” In a parallel universe we like to believe that we’d be the Eleven. Most of us can’t claim that we were born to a mother and tested for incredible psychic abilities. However, we are one of the few content marketing companies that can connect with El on a deeper level.

We’ve Got Great Taste in Music

As we flashed back in “Stranger Things” time to the spunky sounds of the 80s tickled our eardrums. We felt a deep connection with the vibes that little El was putting out. “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” more like the soundtrack to our SEO.

Sensory Deprivation? We Have the Next Best Thing

Eleven skillfully uses a sensory deprivation tank to observe people in other locations. While we praise the creativity behind turning a pool into a tank, as many content marketing companies claim, we have the skills to reach people far from us. Through our skilled analytic technology, we know the words to use and the websites that need help — blacked out goggles not necessary.

Like Eleven, We Love Eggos

What are content marketing companies without the kitchenette full of snacks? El took on grocery store employees to get her hands on a few boxes of frozen waffles. Just the other day we took on an entire Costco to fill our kitchen with brain food to feed our creative team.

We Take Down Monsters, Too

El took down the metaphorical monster that was Mike’s bully Troy. Following that action she took down the monster from the upside down with nothing more than her telekinesis. We are proud to say we can take down the metaphorical monster that is the workload we’re faced with each week.

As for our telekinetic superpowers, some things are better left off the internet.

Signs That You Work in Content Marketing

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Every job has its tell tale signs. Lawyers wear suits and carry brief cases, doctors dress in lab coats and have messy handwriting. Regardless of your profession, your family and friends make jokes about the stereotypical habits, dress and actions associated with your career. For those who work for content marketing companies though, the signs might not be as obvious to the untrained eye.

Content marketing companies employ the creative and out-of-the-box thinkers. While your family and friends may not recognize the signs, the critiques of other’s blog posts and the apt use of hashtags are dead giveaways for fellow content marketing moguls. So, as you walk into work tomorrow, embrace the Chucks on your feet and wear your cat cat pride — because you are part of a unique and powerful marketing force.



7 Content Marketing Trends You Should Know About

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At Fusion 360, we pride ourselves with being the leaders in content marketing. From our offices in Utah, we set precedent, make waves and basically make everybody wish that they were as cool as we are. Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret of how you can be: Set trends when you can and follow trends when someone else thought of an awesome idea first.

The year 2016 has set a lot of amazing trends in content marketing. Here are a few top trends that we think you should be aware of and use to produce the most effective content.



What Are the Different Types of Content?

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‘Content’ is one of those marketing buzzwords that gets passed around more frequently than your weekly office bulletin. And for good reason — after all, what would content marketing be without the content? But too many people working in businesses from Utah to New England don’t seem to have a good grasp on what content really is — and all the different forms it can take.

Written Content

Probably the first thing you think of when you think ‘content’ is written content. Written content can be a lot of things, from the most basic copy on your website to the most intricately detailed how-to guide.

The most common kinds of written content are:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Stories
  • Lists/listicles
  • How-to guides
  • EBooks

Blogs, when updated regularly, are great for building consistent readership, and provide a forum for addressing topics that may be relevant to the target audience. Articles and stories may cover current happenings in your industry, and lists (or listicles) are a format of written content that’s easily digested and shared — perfect for content marketing.

How-to guides and eBooks are a little more elaborate, but can act as powerful methods for sharing your expertise with your target audience. Work for an adventure sports company in Utah? A comprehensive guide to outdoor activities in Utah is sure to do wonders for your company’s authority within your field — and it provides value to your target audience.

Visual Content

Visual content consists of well, visuals. Visual content is usually created in the form of photos, graphics, infographics or even memes.

Infographics are the pinnacle of visual content in the world of marketing right now. Infographics are more likely to be viewed and shared, and some research even indicates visual information is significantly more likely to be remembered later on down the line.

Your average photo or graphic can be used to liven up your blog posts or company webpages, but they can also boost engagement on social media. As any content marketing expert knows, a Facebook post or Tweet with an image attached gets significantly more engagement than a text-only post.

Finally, memes, a relatively recent phenomenon on the internet, can be used for humorous purposes — and that’s pretty much it. Don’t overuse these (or try to use them when you don’t really understand them) or they may end up devaluing your brand.

Other Media ­– Video, Podcasts, Interviews

Besides text and visuals, other media formats such as videos, podcasts and interviews can be great ways to liven up your content marketing. Consumer engagement with video has grown tremendously in the past few years, and experts don’t expect its progression to slow anytime soon.

While video is great for the audio-visual audience, podcasts are best for the audiophiles. Invite an expert or panel to join you for an interview on a particular topic, update your podcast regularly and make sure you’re getting the word out. Your audience’s morning commute from Farmington, Utah will never be the same.

Optimize Your Content for Different Platforms 

As you can see, there are many different kinds of content, and we’ve only just scratched the surface. Whether you’re a content marketing analyst for a startup in Utah or a marketing director in the Big Apple, transforming your content for all different kinds of mediums is truly powerful.

Looking for an example? Just look at this infographic and video we’ve got to go along with this post.


Inspiring Content Writers

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Content marketing is a vital part of any successful business plan, and it would not be possible without a good content writing team. Your content writers are master wordsmiths, but even they need a little inspiration from time to time.

By giving your content writers a creative friendly environment, you ensure the happiness of your staff and the quality of the products. From Utah to Europe, inspiration can be found in numerous ways, one only needs to look. Allow your creative team to explore and innovate in a way that sparks creativity, your content marketing quality depends on it.


How Snapchat Memories Will Change Content Marketing

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Snapchat is one of the most popular social media channels today, especially among younger markets. Some content marketing agencies in Utah think it may even overthrow Facebook’s long-held supremacy on the social world.

Well, this news may add support to those opinions: Snapchat just announced changes that will allow content marketers to use the social media platform in new and, frankly, kind of awesome ways.

Snapchat Memories

Snapchat Memories is the newest feature on a social media site known for the fact that it is always evolving. Snapchat is still discovering its identity in the social world. Memories is an evolution that seems small but could drastically change content marketing.

The Snapchat blog explained Memories as a way “to create new Stories from Snaps you’ve taken, or even combine different Stories into a longer narrative.” Why is it such a big deal? Snapchat’s notoriety came from being a service that operated in real-time. Users have to post content as it happens, with no way to create content and post it after the fact. Memories changes everything.

What Content Marketers Can Do

With Memories, a content marketing company in Utah could create pictures and other content and then publish that content at a later date. Without the pressure of real-time publication, the quality of produced content will most likely grow. Content can be created and edited outside of Snapchat and then uploaded. This same Utah agency could even stitch together Snapchat Stories made of content that was originally published on other platforms.

Essentially, Memories allows for greater content sharing between Snapchat and other platforms. The possibilities for marketers to use Snapchat more extensively and efficiently are endless, but every new movement has its challenges (like Taylor Swift’s transition to pop music…haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate…)

If marketers start publishing tons of high quality content while the average Snapchat user is publishing in real time, snaps could lose the feeling of authentic interaction that makes them an effective way to reach audiences in the first place. In the end, will Memories move content marketing for better or worse? Time, and snaps, will tell.

Three Ways to Combat Writer’s Block

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Writer’s block doesn’t always mean that you have to stare at a wall for hours until an idea hits you; on the contrary, you should view writer’s block as a way to formulate new, fresh ideas. Content marketing doesn’t have to be tough — especially if you’re producing a high volume of content for clients all over Utah and beyond. But with a few simple tips, you can get out of that rut that you’ve been in for the past few hours. Here are three pointers to help you break out of your writer’s block — without throwing anything at your kitchen walls.


The Gaga Principle: Making Your Content Stand Out

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In the past few years, content marketing has exploded from a relatively new concept to the industry standard. Everyone from marketers in Utah to entrepreneurs on the East Coast creates content, which means it’s becoming ever more difficult to be relevant. With so much content available, how can you make your content stand out?

Take a minute and think about Lady Gaga. That’s right, Gaga. You’re thinking, “What in the world does Lady Gaga have to do with content marketing in Utah?” Well, wherever she goes, the woman stands out. Her popularity soared because she was able to find a niche audience and give them what they wanted.

Being relevant in content marketing follows this same principle — the Gaga principle, if you will. The Gaga principle states that to be relevant your content must be unique, be directed to a specific audience and be valuable to that audience.

When we say that your content should be unique, you say, “duh.” However, creating unique content is easier said than done. Writers tend to glean inspiration from others, but if you search “content marketing in Utah” and then write an article about the exact same topic as the top article on the web, you’re just saying something somebody else has said in a different way. Search the web for ideas, but instead of looking at what is out there, ask yourself, “What isn’t in these search results? What is missing?” That’s what you should write about.

The more specific your audience, the better. The most common problem when creating content is trying to appeal to multiple audiences at once. Pick one, and the more niche the audience the better. Don’t just write for adults ages 18–30. Write for adults ages 18–30 in Utah who own dogs. When this demographic searches, your content will appear instead of being lost in a sea of hundreds of pieces.

After you select a niche audience, write content that is valuable to them. The best content gives people useful information. A good rule of thumb is that the more in-depth your content is, the more valuable your content will be.

You can make your content relevant. You really can. It takes time, research and planning, but it’s worth it. By working to give a specific audience unique and valuable content, your popularity will grow. As Lady Gaga would say, you’re on the edge of glory.