Different Kinds of Video Your Company Needs

Video content is one of the best assets your company can have. Video helps your company to stand out and, when done right, can grab viewers’ attention and keep them engaged in your content. People have short attention spans, so if you can create an engaging and entertaining video for your audience, then you will be able to provide them with all the information they need about your company or product in a short amount of time.

Video production companies like us — Fusion 360 —know that different kinds of video serve different purposes, which is why we like to create an assortment of different videos for our clients. If you are thinking of creating video content for your brand, here are the different kinds of video that your company can utilize in order to stand out more.

Brand Film

A brand film is one of the most important video assets you can have. Brand films help tell the story of your company, as well as your personality and your goals. Brand films tell exactly who your brand is, diminishing others’ varied ideas about who you are.

Video production companies know the importance of a brand film, which is why they like to capture their audience’s attention within the first ten seconds. They will include interviews from company employees and client testimonials to keep it personal and connect with the audience.

A brand film should also portray your companies strengths. Figure out what makes your company unique and do your best to show that in your brand film. If you don’t know what to talk about in your brand film, video production companies can help you come up with some ideas and write a script to perfectly capture your brand image.


Promotional videos are a great way to introduce new products or services or even invite people to a conference or webinar. Think of a promotional video as an invitation. You are inviting your audience to take part in whatever you are promoting through a video.

Promotional videos typically have a call-to-action in them, which encourages your audience to buy your product or sign up for your service. In addition, promotional videos tell the audience what’s in it for them. Do your best to really build up whatever you are trying to sell or promote.


How-to videos are really popular, especially if your audience is excited and ready to learn about your product. The great thing about how-to videos is you can get creative with them. Rather than providing a set of instructions, you can show your audience exactly how to use your product. Video production companies recommend focusing on the essentials when creating how-to videos. Too much information or detail can result in a long, perhaps boring video.


If your company is on social media, which you should be, creating social videos are a must. Platforms like Facebook or Instagram have the auto-play feature, which allows videos to start playing automatically while scrolling through your feed. Because of this feature, videos immediately grab the viewers attention.

When creating social videos, the most important thing to keep in mind is to make them short. If people are scrolling through their social media feeds, they probably won’t have time to watch a longer video. If you do have a longer video, video production companies recommend posting a teaser on social media and then linking back to the longer content.

No matter what type of video content you decide to create for your brand, it will be powerful. Video content is one of the top marketing tools right now and has the ability to help your brand get a good amount of attention. If you are looking for a video production company to create some video content for your company, look no further than Fusion 360. Our award-winning video production team has the tools and skills to create an amazing video that will show off your brand. Give us a call to get started on your video content!

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