Reasons to Embrace Video Marketing

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You want the best for your business and you want to make the most out of the tools technology has given you to market with. So, you hire an advertising agency to help you come up with best content for you brand. One important thing that they will help your brand do is to come up with video content to drive sales. Video marketing is a vital part of your brand and will benefit your company in countless ways.

Customers Love Videos 

Try to think about how many videos you’ve watched today. From snapchat to Instagram alone, the number could be in the hundreds. With the technology available to everyone, posting and engaging in video content is simplistic in everyday life. Videos create engagement, which is why customers love them so much. They are a great tool of influence and content marketing companies know how to push them out for your brand.


Videos create a connection with your customers that other content does not quite match. Videos are a way in which you can connect to your customers without seeing them face to face. Customers are able to view your videos and see your products in a similar viewing to what they would see in person. The connection made with videos is has a big influence in customer decision making.

The Drive 

The ultimate goal of video content is to drive more traffic to your site. Those who work with SEO in Utah know that videos are a great way to optimize your reach online. When people visit your site, Google pays attention to how long they stay on the page. Having video content on your website will keep people engaged for a longer period and help your Google standing. This means that when sites are searched on google, yours has a better chance of being found.



Top 5 Brand Building Strategies

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Brand building is the process of generating awareness of your brand through marketing strategies and tactics, such as SEO. Despite what some people think, building a brand requires a lot more than communication and exposure. Brand building encompasses everything that consumers know, feel and experience with regard to your business.

Whether you have a marketing team or work with an advertising agency based in Utah, these five brand building strategies will help your brand grow.


The first thing you need to do, and the most critical step, is to define your brand. Create a checklist of your company’s greatest strengths. When writing or posting content, go through this checklist and make sure that your writing reflects your company’s strengths. By reflecting your company’s strengths in your writing, consumers will be able to clearly identify and define your brand.

Your brand values are also an important aspect in defining your brand. Show consumers that you care about the environment and society by supporting local and national organizations. Depending on the industry you’re in, you could even vow to use as much recycled material as possible or conserve energy and water.

Differentiate and Position

If you want your brand to stick out, you need to differentiate and position your brand. Why should consumers buy your product? How is your product better than competitors? Pinpoint the unique advantage that your product has and use that to position your brand in a way that helps customers see why your brand is better than the competitors’.

One of the main duties performed by marketing firms is helping brands differentiate and position their products. If you don’t show consumers how and why your product is unique, how can you expect them to buy it?


Building your brand takes time and consistency. Create a voice for your brand using blogs, forums and social media sites. By creating a voice for your brand and consistently posting content, you will help your brand grow because people will start to recognize your brand.

Another important aspect of brand building is developing a brand personality. Your brand personality affects how consumers think and what they say about your brand. This is what drives people to identify with your brand.


Give your brand an identity. Engage with consumers and let them see and experience your brand’s personality. Create a brand that consumers want to identify with and provide them with the opportunity to co-create the values of your brand. This will help consumers feel like a part of the brand and give them a reason to engage with your brand.


Marketing agencies constantly review their client’s brands and how well they’re doing. The fact is that brands have their ups and downs. Sometimes, brand strategies will work well and your company will benefit from it, and other times they fall short. Don’t become discouraged if your strategies don’t seem to be working; look for new opportunities and ways that you can improve.

Like any good advertising agency, consistently review your brand and find out what’s working. Make sure that you have clearly defined your brand, as well as differentiated and positioned it in comparison to others. Over time and through consistency, your company will grow and your identity will become clearer to consumers.


What You Need to Know About Advertising Today

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Over the recent years, advertising has seen a great deal of change due to the advancements made in technology. The world has been reduced into one small global village. With the internet alone taking over 50 percent of all advertisement platforms, marketing firms, digital companies and advertising agencies are on a frantic race to take advantage of these methods. This is to keep them relevant in their fields and also increase business.

We’re going to highlight some of the top methods of advertising and why marketing firms and advertising agencies should adapt them.

Online or Digital Advertising

This is currently the biggest way of advertisement on the planet. All companies that do advertising, i.e. marketing firms, digital companies and advertising agencies, strive to keep up with all the internet has to offer in regard to advertisement. The internet has the potential of reaching anyone anywhere seconds after an advertisement has been posted.

Mobile Advertising

Today, almost 80 percent of the world’s population owns a smartphone and advertising through these devices has increased due to the social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Print Advertising

This method has been integrated with modern day digital methods and it has worked wonders in improving sales. It includes printed brochures, leaflets and fliers, periodical advertising and direct mail advertising.

Broadcast Advertising

Although this is not exactly new, it has become more effective with modernization because unlike the olden days, today everyone has access to a TV or a radio. Advertisements come on designated times and occasions like sport or programs that have massive viewership.

Endorsements and Testimonials

This is the use of celebrities or known and trusted figures in the society to promote a brand and boost sales. This is mostly effective to reach the younger audiences.

Modern advertisement has made it easier, faster and way cheaper to advertise your products to a global audience unlike anything before. Growing technology and the internet are to be credited for these advancements in Advertising. The technology-based advertisement is still growing, and businesses need to shift to such platforms to remain relevant.

Diet Coke’s New Advertising Campaign

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Diet Coke rose to the top of charts in 1983, earning the No. 1 spot for diet soda just one year after its release. Another year later, Diet Coke displaced 7UP and became the No. 3 soft drink of any kind. To this day, Diet Coke is still popular, as shown by its 26.3 percent dollar market share of the diet soda category. Diet Pepsi only has a 13.4 percent dollar market in comparison.

When Diet Coke launched nearly 36 years ago, the brand was targeting female baby boomers which still remains a loyal target market today. However, many baby boomers are growing older and are drinking less soda. As a result, Diet Coke is suffering and is in need of finding a new market to target. To help fix the problem, the brand’s advertising agency has given the diet soda a complete makeover.

Sleek. Slim. Simple.

The new can is taller, slimmer and features what the company calls a “High Line.” This “High Line” is a vertical stripe on all of the Diet Coke cans which the company says represents motion. The new Diet Coke cans also have a very sleek and contemporary look, as shown by the simplicity of the design.

Marketing to Millennials

Since many baby boomers are getting older and are drinking less and less soda, Diet Coke had to find a new target market—millennials. The brand’s advertising agency hopes that the new makeover will attract millennials and help Diet Coke sales regain momentum. They didn’t just give Diet Coke a makeover though . . . they also came out with four new flavors!

Research suggests that younger consumers tend to like bold flavors. So, Diet Coke released four new flavors including “twisted mango,” “feisty cherry,” “zesty blood orange” and “ginger lime.” The company and its advertising agency hope that the new, bold flavors—taste tested by more than 10,000 people across the country—will attract millennials.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, even the most popular brands have to make some changes. Here at Fusion 360, we work to build your brand and increase brand awareness through our various services such as video production and web development. Whether you’re a local Utah company or a national brand, our award-winning team will help you grow.


How Influencers Make Money

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Selling your products and services on social media has exploded in the recent years. These influencers make the big bucks with the help of website design, trends, social media websites and promoting products.

An advertising agency can help you to grow your target audience and the promotions your trying to sell. They know exactly what strategies to use when it comes to being effective and selling products. Social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat are the biggest and easiest to sites to use to influence the viewers. Every Social media site works differently and gain different viewers.

Do Snapchat Ads Work?

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Within the past couple years “Snapchat” has grown in popularity and continues to expand. While, Snap Inc. has been having troubles with revenue, it’s user base continues to soar. Most social media platforms, including Snapchat, and marketing agencies have noticed this hike and have started to advertise through these communities.

Information Available

Snapchat provides you with an abundance of information, such as: ad views; ad reach and audience data; the way the ad resonates; ad impact; and the number of times your ad was viewed. The company works with other projects as well, allowing you to have an incredibly fine-tuned match with the right audience.


Snapchat advertising has the rare ability to grab the attention of groups of people who would normally not see them or skip them. Snapchat’s primary users are millennials, a group that rarely watches TV anymore. As a matter of fact, Snapchat reaches 41 percent of millennials compared to TV’s reach of only 6 percent.


The biggest complication marketing agencies hate, is the ability users have to skip past the advertisement. To work around this, marketing agencies have made ads capable of getting their users to play and get involved with the ad; creating brand loyalty. Something as simple as a filter can enormously improve brand recognition.

Using Snapchat

Snapchat is used by 100 million people worldwide every day and has a five times engagement rate compared to other social media platforms. Companies saw a two times increase in sales when putting an ad on Snapchat, with 92 percent of ads bringing positive results.

A platform that has users playing with ads, instead of fleeing from them, is an impressive accomplishment. An advertising agency would be foolish to not utilize a platform that reaches so many people effectively. Snapchat may seem like it’s only about dog filters and fun photos, but looking under the cover, you’ll see it’s more than just a communication app.


Why Advertising on Snapchat is Better Than Advertising on TV, And Why You Need It Now

Why Do Some Ads Fail?

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With as much hatred advertisements get, commercials and television advertisements have roots embedded deep within our culture. Classic talk-shows like the “Johnny Carson Show” often took time out of their programming to mention their sponsors.
From there, a golden age of advertising was born. Pinup girls and macho men from all across Hollywood joined the process to market new inventions and luxuries to people all across the country. Marketing firms popped up all over the place in order to help drive these products to the masses.
What many people fail to consider is the formula that can cause an ad to become an icon. Great advertisements are born of creativity and written with humor. They have ways of sticking around long after airing.
Successful Ads
Take a look at Super Bowl commercials. Some might even say that they are as American as apple pie. TV specials dedicated to the celebration of Super Bowl commercials air year-round in order to remind us of the best advertisements of the year.
The reason advertisements fail is that marketing firms fail to capture an accurate representation of their market. Oftentimes advertisers will make a half-hearted effort at humor that will come off as either cliché or just stupid.
Geico commercials stand out because they are quick, witty and to the point which makes them excellent candidates for iconic parts of this generation. They often use clever puns in order to make the viewer give thought to some ridiculous idea.
What Works?
Advertising isn’t something you can just throw together. A good commercial is something that is planned out and developed over time. The only problem is keeping up with your target audience.
Marketing firms often do extremely extensive research to try and figure out what jokes will do well with the current generation. Using jokes and subtle humor to pique the interest of viewers is by far the best way to make an advertisement.


12 Causes of Advertising Failure

Picking the Color for Your Logo

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Whether you live in quaint Utah or the Big Apple, your company logo represents your brand and its image. The simple sight of your logo can cause brand identification, relation and consumer interaction. Selecting the colors for this image is a job for your company and your advertising agency.

With the help of your advertising agency, you can select colors that appeal to your target demographic and send the messages that you want to send to your target audience. Select your colors carefully and design your logo with care. This symbol will come to stand for your company, and it will ultimately represent all that you stand for.

Elements for the Best Ad

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Advertisements were created to promote a product, service or event to the public in an engaging, exciting and interesting way. Ads are composed of a headline, a graphic or two and a message. An advertisement can be used on multiple mediums from newspapers to online popups.

If you are interested in designing an ad for your company, you can either design it yourself or hire an advertising agency to design it. Either way, if you want the best advertisement, it’s important to have the five key elements. The creation of the perfect ad may be difficult, but with the help of experts, it can be done.

Evolution of Advertising

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Even though advertising agencies have been around since 1864, advertising itself has been around much longer. Advertising can date back to the Egyptians carving public notices on steel in 2000 B.C. Since then, it has progressed to the age of the internet and digital marketing agencies.


The age before the internet is what we would call traditional advertising. This was when advertisements were on the radio, between TV shows, and on billboards lining the highways.

Whether it was cigarettes, body soap, or an alcoholic beverage, characters were built around brands. The idea was consumer connection. The consumer could connect the character to whatever brand or product they were trying to sell. An example of this is Tony the Tiger on Frosted Flakes. Even today, Tony the Tiger is still on every cover of Frosted Flakes cereal.


Now, advertising has changed entirely. The motives of advertisements have completely changed. Instead of selling a product, advertisements now provide the solution to whatever the consumer’s problem may be.

There are still traditional advertisements on TV, but we live in an age of internet and ad blocking. Audiences are choosing to not watch commercials. Anyone who gets on the internet is bombarded by advertisements. On platforms such as Hulu, consumers can pay to not have to sit through ads. So how are digital marketing agencies supposed to reach consumers?

Now, consumers don’t trust advertisements as much. The best way to reach a consumer is to build trust with them. Consumers have become a part of advertising and not just an onlooker.

A good example of this is GoPro. GoPro releases videos of user-created content. They release a few ads saying, “buy our product”, but the rest of the content is created by the consumer. The biggest change from traditional advertising to now is that people trust people, not brands.