Get Started With Livestreaming Video

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Step aside Facebook photos and Instagram. Livestreaming video is the new frontier in social media. Statistically, people are way more likely to stop and watch a video in their newsfeed than anything else. Just ask any of the nation’s top marketing agencies.

Photos are great, but video is awesome. Maybe it’s because video makes us feel like we are really there experiencing something. With livestreaming video, we practically can be there experiencing something in real time.

Livestreaming video is a new tool. With all new tools comes a time of experimentation as the general population figures out what works and what doesn’t. As you enter the world of livestreaming video, here are a few tips to get you off on the right foot.


RFPs: They’re a Thing of the Past

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Businessmen shaking hands

If you’re a brand searching for the right marketing agency with an Request for Proposal (RFP), you’re out of touch and dragging dead weight.

Brands often spend months getting a traditional RFP put together, which no longer cuts the mustard in a world where the media landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Those wasted months creating an RFP could be critical to raising your brand’s awareness through constantly evolving, modern digital marketing techniques.

Not only do RFPs waste valuable time, they potentially increase employee stress levels and workloads as employees are asked to help organize an RFP on top of their regular duties, often resulting in low employee morale and work output.

Marketing Agencies Know What They’re Doing

RFPs can be aggravating to those who have already spent years working and studying in the digital content marketing arena. Many digital marketing companies view RFPs as naive and condescending when, through those proposals, a brand assumes that it knows exactly what marketing hurdles it faces and solicits a narrow, ready-made solution.

While it can be useful for a brand to use an RFP to ask advertising agencies for basic info like client lists, case histories and strategic approaches, brands should instead look at an advertising agency’s willingness to adapt to changes in the media landscape.

Brands looking to hire digital marketing firms should seek those that develop and utilize forward-thinking, dynamic and unique communication strategies — not just those good at responding to a complex RFP. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are also discouraged through the traditional RFP approach since they are so formal and rigid.

Perhaps RFPs would still make sense if people didn’t have the ability to communicate instantaneously via the internet. Brands can now search for content marketing companies online, check out their work and list of clients, then email or message ideal candidates and set up a quick meeting, eliminating the wait time and costs associated with an RFP.



MacBook Pro’s USB Port Adaptors: A Brave New Decision?

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals wait in anticipation for Apple to announce new products, updates to current products and to unveil the exciting and enticing plans that the company has for the future. This year though, Apple announced a replacement of the USB ports on the new MacBook Pro, thus requiring the use of a special adaptor to use a USB port. This change has everyone from school teachers to content marketing masters asking lots of questions.

As much of the world runs on Apple, it is important that everyone take the time to fully understand what this change means and what it does to audience building and communication in general. Whether at an advertising agency in Utah or a college in the Northeast, this change may effect you — and you need to know exactly how.

Newer, Better & Faster: Apple’s New USB-C

Apple has made the definitive decision to replace the USB port on the new MacBook pro with a different port called the USB-C. According to Apple, this port is newer, better and faster. Because the rest of the world still widely uses the USB port, however, you may need to order a special adaptor to use things like external hard drives or USB storage devices.

Yeah, But Why Should You Care?

Though many are up-in-arms about this change, the effects may be more minimal than they first appear. As an advertising agency or content marketing team, you may need to make an additional purchase in order to still use a USB port. A purchase undoubtedly deemed necessary, as USB compatible devices are currently still prevalent and popular. With a USB port adaptor, your company will still be able to build your brand using multiple computers, retaining the share-ability of your content.

Though at times it may be a hassle, the adaptor does have its perks — particularly because information from Mac to PC can still be shared on a portable drive when working on a project. Ultimately, when all is said and done, life still goes on — regardless of whether you decide to embrace Apple’s brave new decision. 

What Is SEO?

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The more effort put into optimizing a webpage for search engines, the more likely that webpage is to rank among the first page of search results for a particular set of search terms. For digital marketing companies, this is the end goal — a high-ranking, authoritative webpage that brings in traffic from all corners of the internet, whether consumers are searching from their homes in Utah or European coffee shops.

A Guide to Guest Blogging

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Although the term “guest blogging” might seem like an axiomatic statement, in reality, there’s quite a bit to it. Before you attempt to reach out to a blog with the hopes of guest blogging, it’s essential that you find out how guest blogging can benefit your content marketing campaign, whether you’re in Utah or the Midwest. Spend some time getting to know the blog and the blog’s content — this will give you the most accurate feel for audience and tone.

After you’ve successfully determined the tone of your target audience, you’re ready to craft a post. Here’s the rundown on everything you need to know about creating a stellar guest blog post.


A Glimpse into the History of Web Development and Design

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How many times a day do you pull out your phone, tablet or laptop and “Google” something? Not so long ago, those intricate website design techniques and search engine interfaces you see today were non-existent.

After the creation of HTML coding in 1990, the Internet would achieve several milestones over the next 25 years, becoming a global platform for content marketing in Utah and other states alike. The Web has come a long way since the 90’s.

If you’re curious how the Internet developed into a wildly successful tool used everyday by billions of people, check out the following timeline.

History of Web Development IG

8 New Rules for Successful Content Marketing

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Whether it be here in Utah or elsewhere, in recent years, content marketing has become the poster child for innovative product and service pushing. With a current digital focus, nearly all successful content marketers are set on providing engaging, meaningful information to consumers without bombarding them with cumbersome buzzwords, calls to action and—worst of all—clickbait.

However, with content marketing constantly being thrust into the limelight of advertorial genius, the so-called “rules” of the practice have lost their formative roots amidst the clamor of wannabe advertisers hoping to solidify themselves as “industry experts.” Needless to say, we’re tired of it and are ready to set the record straight. Take a moment or two to look over the following infographic to know what really brings about successful content marketing:

Fusion 360 - 8 New Rules for Successful Content Marketing (Fusion 360 Content Marketing)

Timing is Everything: How to Optimize Social Media to Your Advantage

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Social media has quickly become the be-all and end-all of marketing outlets. Depending on the audience, other means of communication are still important. However, almost every audience is involved with social media. It’s therefore a sure fire way to spread the word.

The problem is figuring out how to post in a way that will grab attention among the millions of others out there seeking the same eyes. The trick is: timing. If something is posted at a time of day when your audience will not be online, then it goes unseen.

Not only are there certain times of the day when posts are more likely to be read, but there are also times of the day when posts are more likely to be shared. Figuring out what those times are can take companies from desperately posting to dominating feeds fast.

Below are timing strategies that will ensure marketing success for every main social media outlet.

The Social Media King: Facebook

The best times of the week to post marketing material on Facebook are Thursday and Friday. At the beginning of the week most people are motivated to get work done. By the time things wind down with the weekend pending, minds start to wander.

However, by the time the weekend actually hits, no one wants to sit at a computer any longer. 86 percent of Facebook posts happen during the work week. Although engagement rates are better on Thursday and Friday, and the average falls by 3.5 percent Monday through Wednesday, a work week post will still trump a weekend post. 

Not only are eyes important, but moods hold weight as well. Finding a time when your audience is happiest will make it more likely that they share your posts. The happiness scale goes up 10 percent on Friday.

Now what about time of day? The best time to post on Facebook is in the early afternoon. The most shares will occur at 1pm while the most clicks will happen at 3pm. Depending on the type of action companies want out of a post, they should choose one of these time slots.

Don’t forget, however, to always remember who your audience is. These suggestions apply to the general public, but it may vary depending on who you are trying to reach.

Real Time is Optimal Time: Twitter

Things are a bit different for Twitter posts. The best time to post marketing material on Twitter just so happens to be the weekend: Saturday and Sunday.

Again though, this depends on the audience at hand. When attempting to communicate with another business, weekdays are 14 percent more likely to have success than weekends. It’s the customer communication that should take place on the weekends.

Since Twitter is primarily sought after on handheld devices, it is easier to use while out and about. People are more likely to engage with companies on Twitter if they are relaxed and have time for fun.

As for the time of day to post, 5pm receives the most retweets while 12pm and 6pm have the highest click through rate. It is smart to factor in a commute as well. If your audience has a daily train ride with an hour of free time, remember that they are 181 percent more likely to be on Twitter during that time.

The Professional Network: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is primarily a business social network. It just makes sense that people are more likely to engage with companies on this outlet during business hours. Therefore, the best time to post on LinkedIn is Tuesday through Thursday during work hours.

When asking the question: which work hours are the best—simply think logically. Most people check their personal outlets when they first arrive at work and right before they leave. It is reasonable then that 7am-8am and 5pm-6pm are the absolute best times to post.

However, if clicks and shares are what you want, Tuesdays from 10am-11am prove best. While this type of audience may be less of a direct marketing campaign for companies, using LinkedIn is a great way to reach influencers. These contacts can be the ones to carry your marketing campaign for you.

For the Recreational Audience: Pinterest

Pinterest is perhaps the least  professional outlet of them all. However, it does serve its purpose and it serves it well. Using this outlet with an audience that consists of women who enjoy cooking, shopping or crafts is a smart move.

If shoppers are what companies want, then pin on Fridays at 3pm. That is when the fashion retail lovers are buzzing the most. However, in general, the best time to post on Pinterest is on Saturdays between 8pm-11pm and 2am-4am.

Pinterest is a late-night hobby that most people jump on at the end of a long day. Weekends prove to be the best for companies to post marketing material because no one has to get up early in the morning. Therefore, any late-night pins are also guilt-free. 

The Artsy Types: Instagram

Another outlet on the fluffier side of things is Instagram. This outlet is becoming more and more popular in today’s hipster-fashioned world, especially among teenagers. If the artsy types are the audience at hand then Instagram is the key.

Since Instagram consists of short posts with pictures as the main attraction, posting stays consistent pretty much all week. Slight spikes take place on Mondays and small dips occur Sundays.

For Instagram, work hours are not its friend. 22.5 people per 1,000 Instagram followers interacted with posts during work hours while 33.4 interacted with companies during off work hours. Instagram usually pops up when someone wants to share an experience. Let’s be honest, what crazy happenings go on in the workplace? Post marketing material on off hours to receive the most engagement.

Don’t Take Timing Lightly

Social media marketing may seem easy because it doesn’t require much effort. What it does require, however, is strategy. Timing should always be incorporated in that marketing strategy for companies to see success.

SEO Breakups

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With digital communication having become a mainstay of modern-day marketing, it’s no surprise that, in recent years, SEO has skyrocketed in popularity. Regardless of industry or corporate success, any and all brands stand to benefit from working with a team of experienced SEO professionals. However, in certain scenarios, for those who’ve already taken the proverbial SEO plunge and have had a negative experience, it might be time for a bit of a breakup. Here’s how to know: