Where to Begin: Creating Your Website

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So you have decided to start your own website, but you maybe aren’t so sure where to even start. Are you capable of creating it on your own or have you spent hours googling “best advertising agencies near me” looking for help? This actually can be a very beneficial thing to do. However, we are going to talk about the three main tips to begin creating your website so if you choose to, you can do it on your own.

Get You Hands on a Domain Name

The first thing you will want to do when creating your website is to claim a domain name. Hopefully, your company name hasn’t been taken yet. However, if it has you can easily add a single word like “the” or “company” at the end of your name and it can still work as a domain. You’ll want to claim the domain name as soon as possible so that no one else can take it. Some of the best advertising agencies around are available to help you come up with a domain that is available and marketable. You want your domain to be one that is easy for people to remember and to use.

Outline Your Website

The next thing you will want to do when creating a website is to actually create the physical website. There are hundreds of different platforms you can create your website through. If you plan to create it all by yourself you will want to research and see which platform will be best for you and your company. If you want assistance in creating your website you can look up “best advertising agencies near me” and hire them to help you out with this. These advertising agencies are experts in this field. They can combine pleasing visual ideas along with convenient marketing tips.

Design Your Website

Next thing to do is to design your content. This can be an intimidating step, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with graphic design. The good thing about this is that there really are no limits when it comes to designing your content. You can decide what you want it to look like and what kind of content you want to include. Again, if you decide to search for the best advertising agencies and invest in their services they can help you. They can help you decide what themes you should use for your site and how to set up your site as a whole. Hiring people to help with this step can make it a lot less stressful and help you create the website you have dreamed of.

Overall, creating your own new website can be a super fun and maybe even intimidating experience. Hiring one of the best advertising agencies near you is a great way to help you not be so intimidated. They can help you come up with unique ideas to implement into your website that will help you stand out against other website and companies. Now that you know the basics of creating a website, the sky is the limit!



Where to Begin: Making a Video

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Creating a video can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you don’t know how to start. It can get overwhelming trying to find the perfect tutorials online, and soon, you may find yourself shutting down. However, while creating a spectacular video may seem impossible, those who work in the best advertising agencies have figured out a way to get through these mental roadblocks.

Here are some of the steps that the best advertising agencies in the nation follow to achieve excellence when it comes to their videos.

Get Your Script Written

The first thing that you should have ready before you even begin the filming process is your script. Without it, you’ll be completely lost when it comes to creating your project. When writing a script, make sure that you outline your main points and establish solid framework for your video. Your script should cover all of the information you need to be able to get your message across, and it should also start with a strong hook and end with a solid call to action.

The point of your video is to get the audience to act on what they saw, whether that is by them following your business or purchasing a service or product.

Determine the Location

After you’ve gotten your script written, you’re going to want to get a location for your video. The best advertising agencies always make sure that they choose a location in which they will be able to get the most out of their shots. The detail you put in your script will help determine where you’ll be shooting and what environment you should be looking out for.

Using the Right Equipment

Another important factor is to make sure you’re using the proper equipment for your video. This varies on the style of video you’re trying to achieve, for example if you’re going for a more professional feel, you’re going to want a high definition camera, a tripod, and some lighting equipment. High quality microphones are also recommended.

Capture Everything That You Need

You have to make sure you get all of the shots necessary to help your vision come to life. Following your script is the best way to ensure that you hit all of your main points and get all of the information that you need to your audience, but if you have to cut things out in the end, that is just fine—even Hollywood films have deleted scenes, right!?

Edit Your Video

After the actual shooting, you arrive at post-production, or editing. This portion helps clean everything up a bit; whether its splicing sound, cutting scenes a little shorter, adding in VFX or sound effects, post-production is part of the process for all of this. Even if it is a dinky Twitter video that is shot in one take, the best advertising agencies will still go in and edit things a bit to make sure it comes out right.

Finally, Upload Your Project

Once the project has been finished, it’s time to get it out to the public. When you feel confident that your video is ready to be viewed, you should push it out through all of your social media platforms.

If you’re looking to get the most engagement on your video, meeting with the best advertising agencies is your best bet. Contact us here at Fusion 360 if you need help pushing out your next video project.

Where to Begin: Writing a Script

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Every great video begins with a great script. Before you start filming or animating your video project, you need to get all the ideas and details down on paper. However, what is the best way to approach writing a script?

Sometimes, writers block can get in the way of even the most talented writers in the industry, and when that happens, it’s often hard to create anything. The best way to overcome writers block is to make sure you have an outline ready before you begin writing your script. Here are how professionals in the top advertising agencies start writing their scripts.

Outline Your Goals

Every project needs solid framework. Without that initial framework, you’re going to be writing with almost zero direction and that will lead to a less than subpar script. With an outline of your goals, you’ll also ensure that you hit all of the major points you’re trying to get across to your audience. When outlining your script, make sure you answer questions such as:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What informational value will this provide?
  • Why do I want to tell this story?
  • What should my audience take away from this?

Creating a Narrative Arc

Brand videos need compelling story telling. The only way that you’re going to achieve your brands goal is if you engage with your audience; without engagement, your videos won’t help you achieve your goals. A narrative arc is the best way to build interest within your script. Good narrative can keep the audience wondering what is going to be said or happen next.

The most important thing to focus on first is the hook in your script. You want to really get the audience’s attention from the very beginning. If you leave out important information or your video is poorly written, no one will take your video seriously. To be taken seriously, you have to put in the work and grab the attention of viewers early.

Nail the Call to Action

As important as the opening is, you also need a strong closing. Top advertising agencies know that you have to be able to wrap up all of the information that you just gave your audience, and a strong call to action is sometimes the best way to do this. Ask yourself what you want your audience to do after the video. Do you want them to: sign up for your services, share the video, or subscribe to your newsletter? Then target the video to that.

In summary, you need to build a strong narrative that builds toward a strong ending. Closing isn’t about flashing your logo, it’s about getting the audience to act on what they just saw. If you’re struggling with your scripts, don’t worry, some of the top advertising agencies around have gone through exactly the same thing. You just have to make sure you create a solid framework and follow it to the “T” to create a strong, entertaining and effective video.

Scripts are written by a variety of people but when it comes to short videos used to promote a product or create a commercial, some of the top advertising agencies are behind these works of genius. If you need help with your scripts, contact us here at Fusion 360 Agency. We’re here for all of your advertising needs.

The Difference Between VSO and SEO

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Technically VSO (voice-search optimization) is a branch of SEO (search-engine optimization) because voice searches use search engines, nevertheless, there are differences between VSO and SEO. As voice search technology improves in recognition accuracy, more and more searches are done without a screen. This means if businesses want to remain relevant, they must optimize for both typed searches and voice searches. Say hello to voice search optimization agencies!

Voice searches are phrases, complete sentences, and questions. This is probably the biggest factor that separates typed searches and voice searches.

Searches that are typed out are the most simple combinations of words like, “pretty flowers” and “cat videos.” Growing up with Google, most people understand that the way to find answers about a question is not by tapping out a complete sentence. No, getting answers from Google with a keyboard entails using KEYWORDS and ONLY keywords. Very few if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

The way to get answers from Alexa or Google—complete sentences. “Alexa, what are the names of some pretty flowers?” and “Alexa, I want to watch cat videos,” these questions are the stuff of voice searches. What does this mean for voice search optimization agencies? This means that companies should make their written content conversational. This means that companies should research into the most common phrases people use and employ those in their blogs.

Another difference between voice searches and search engine optimization that voice search optimization agencies pay attention to is local searches. 22% of voice searches are for local businesses, and most of the searches are performed through Google. Voice search optimization agencies help companies to keep their information current, and agencies make sure companies verify their business with Google. This way when a person searches for a company’s address, hours, or phone number using their voice, they get quick, accurate information.

One last difference between search engine optimization and voice search optimization is the type of information people are looking for. On search engines, articles packed with information (keywords) and links do well. With voice searches, people are looking for concise, simple answers to complex questions. For example, if a person types in to Google, “define voice search optimization agency,” then a list of prospective agencies will come up. If a person asks, “what is a voice search optimization agency?” then Google is specifically looking for something like, “A voice search optimization agency is a company that helps businesses shape content for potential customers that are searching for related information with their voices.”

The differences between search engine optimization and voice search optimization are subtle but important. Voice search optimization means including more key phrases than key words. It means updating local information and presenting services in short, simple sentences. Search engine optimization often means providing links to information and priming articles with a certain number of keywords.

Voice search optimization agencies like Fusion 360 are adapting their strategies and customizing sites so that whichever way a potential customer searches, that customer is directed to exactly the business they need.

What is Voice Search Optimization

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When you Google something, Google’s algorithms examine all the sites on the internet and bring up results that pertain to what you search. The result that shows up at the top is determined by a series of factors. These factors include key words, links, titles, etc. For example, if you input a specific key word, then a website that pushes out a lot of content and uses that same specific key word will likely be presented higher on the search result than other sites with different variations of keywords. It’s much more complicated than that, but that’s the gist. When companies tailor their content to attain a higher spot on a search, that is called search-engine optimization (SEO). For years, companies have focused on SEO to further their business, but the way people search for information is changing.

That’s right.  Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and other automated assistants offer the opportunity to search with just your voice. This has given rise to an entirely new form of SEO: voice search optimization. Gartner has estimated that 30% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen. Now there are voice search optimization companies which focus on specifically crafting content to show up in a voice-search.

What’s so different about voice-searches? For one thing, they usually report only the top result. If I type into Google, “define optimization,” the first result will be Google’s definition, but I will also be able to scroll through other definitions, like Mirriam-Webster’s. If I just ask Siri, it will probably read me only Google’s definition.

Voice searches are done with conversational language and include far more question words. Instead of typing in “best voice search optimization companies,” I’ll probably say, “Alexa, what are the best companies to do voice search optimization?” Additionally, most voice searches are long-tail (long and specific)—people will search “hardwood love seat” instead of “couch” and include conversational words.

Voice search optimization is constructing content so that a voice-search will find it. One of the biggest ways to do this is to update your company’s info (address, phone number, hours of operation, etc.) on Google and keep it current. Voice search optimization companies also recommend that you get a healthy number of positive customer reviews and pay attention to meta-data (detail about what information is on your site—it’s written directly into the source code). Another technique voice search optimization companies use is to offer succinct answers to conversational questions. So, if a person asked, “How long does it take to eat a sucker by licking it?” an optimized result would be, “It takes anywhere from 3-6 hours to eat a sucker with only licks, depending on the time between licks.”

Voice search optimization is the SEO of the future. Fusion 360 is one of many voice search optimization companies that helps clients optimize sites. This way customers find excellent goods and services from all the best sites, and employers get loyal customers from all over the internet.

How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

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Voice search technology is quickly becoming a popular way of searching for things. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are all examples of voice search softwares. With the uprising popularity of voice search, voice search optimization companies are an up and coming business. These companies can address the commonly asked question of “how can I optimize my own content to benefit from voice search?” Here are three steps you can take to help optimize your content for voice search.

Use Natural Speech

When you are creating your content, choose keywords or phrases that are natural for people to use. Words and phrases that you use in normal conversation like things you would ask your friends are the types of things people are going to ask voice search. Avoid using the choppy sounding keywords that used to get the job done. These choppy phrases aren’t how people actually talk, and as a result, they aren’t going to speak this way into their voice search. By having your keywords be casual conversational ones, it will increase the amount of traffic you will get to your website. Voice search optimization companies are newer companies created to help you optimize your content specifically for voice search.  

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are super useful for smaller companies. These are phrases that are a little bit more specific but are still using casual speech. For example, a small shop that sells local used vintage books probably won’t pop up if someone simply searches “bookstores.” However, if someone is to search “local vintage used bookstore,” this company is likely to be one of the firsts to pop up. Again, voice search optimization companies are a great way to figure out the best keywords for your company. These long-tail keywords are useful for all companies, but if you are an up and coming company, this is one of the most beneficial things you could do for yourself.

Using “Near Me”

Since 2016, voice search has seen a 200% increase in the use of “near me” searches. It is so easy for people to search “restaurants near me” or “where can I buy vacuums near me.” This is especially easy lately because other parts of our smartphones are linked into our location so we don’t need to say our town or city. Voice search optimization companies will almost always encourage you to include these “near me” keywords into your content. This is one of the easiest ways to optimize your content.

Optimizing your content for voice search is becoming more important for your company as voice search is growing in popularity. Voice search optimization companies are a great option to learn specific ways to increase your own content’s traffic using voice search.  Using super casual tones when writing content and keywords, using long-tail keywords, and taking advantage of  “near me” popularity are all great ways to help optimize your content.

5 Ways to Make Your Content More Interesting

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Content marketing agencies are agencies that create branded content for specific companies. No matter what kind of company you work for or own, it is possible to make your content more interesting. How can you possibly make a boring topic interesting? Well, we’re glad you asked. Here are five ways to make your content more interesting.

Focus on Practical Topics

The first tip we have is to focus on practical topics. Writing and posting about things most people find interesting is one of the best things you can do. Things like how-to’s, tutorials, and other informational posts tend to reel in the readers. This is because people want to read things that they can take and then use in their real lives. Content marketing agencies can oftentimes transform a boring topic into practical one, and all of a sudden, readers are learning about your topics while being intrigued by practical things they can use in their lives.

Include Pictures and Videos

This step is super important to create more interesting content. Media of any sort can spice up writing of all different types, no matter how boring you may think it is. Being that vision is one of the strongest human senses, seeing something cool when you first open an article or blog will naturally make you want to keep reading.

Include Humor and a Casual Tone

One thing content marketing agencies really encourage is using casual tone in your content. This makes the readers feel like they are listening to a person talk, not some corporate stickler. Keeping it casual will make anyone reading feel more comfortable and willing to reach out to your company. Another way to keep it super casual is to include your sense of humor in your writing. Again, this will not only make it a lighter reading and a more enjoyable experience for the reader, but it will also make them feel more inclined to reach out and talk with your company, which is what you are wanting to get out of content.

Tell Stories

Again, content marketing agencies often times include stories in their content. This is one of the easiest ways to intrigue your readers into your article. If you are writing something boring, but have a super exciting story in your writing, readers may not even notice they are reading and learning about your topic.

Use Figurative Language

Lastly, content marketing agencies use this technique to give a casual vibe and to build rapport with their readers. This is also a great way to turn a rather boring topic into something pretty exciting. Figurative language like similes or metaphors can also help readers understand things better if your topic may be a little hard for some people to understand.

Trying out any of these suggestions are great ways to spice up your content. When your content becomes more interesting, you are more likely to get more traffic to your site and as a result get more customers or clients.



How Digital Marketing Became the New “Traditional Marketing”

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Today, nearly every household across the nation has access to some sort of digital media. whether that’s through a smartphone, computer or tablet, less people are taking to newspapers and tv for their news and product needs. The way that marketing reaches an audience is changing, and digital marketing companies are adapting to those changes. When it comes to reaching consumers, digital marketing companies now have to start creating content that can be used online; though traditional marketing may put images of tv and newspaper ads into your head, digital marketing has become the new “traditional” form of advertising.


Technology Has Impacted Marketing

 Marketing is a tool designed to amass attention for certain products or services, and in order to get that attention, digital marketing companies have to be prominent in the right places. As technology advances, people tend to dedicate more of their time to these new forms of technology; whether it’s a new phone model or a new tablet, technology has become a huge part of our modern world. This leaves advertising agencies with one choice: connect with that digital audience to produce more results.

People aren’t going out of their way to read the paper anymore, and not everyone has the time to sit and watch tv, so how exactly do people stay in touch with news and media? How do people shop for new products when they’re in a rush and can’t make it to the store? The internet.

There isn’t anything you can’t do on the internet, in fact, you can even do groceries online now thanks to things Walmart curbside pickup and Amazon Pantry. The way people consume media, purchase products and interact with the world has become more digital than ever before, and technological advancements in the near future can make this even more possible.


Job Titles are Transforming

Digital marketing companies today are also changing the way consumers view their employees. It’s rare you’ll find a marketing company with someone with a job title such as “printing manager,” even if that’s what their job consists of. Companies want to appeal to this new wave of consumers, so you’ll often find that traditional titles have been changed to things such as “content strategist”, “social media manager,” or even “community manager.”

People want to know that their advertising needs are in the hands of media geniuses and these new steezy titles help digital marketing companies lure in potential employees and clients.


Traditional Teaching Methods are Being Phased Out

 When It comes to preparing the next generation of marketing specialists, schools and universities around the nation are adapting to the new “traditional” marketing. Many schools offer certificates and degrees in digital advertising programs to meet the rising demand of jobs in the digital advertising field.

Traditional marketing today means something completely different than it might have meant a few decades ago. Digital marketing companies today have become the new form of traditional marketing, changing the way consumers interact with the world.



The Importance of Video in Digital Marketing

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The Importance of Video in Digital Marketing

Many people know that video has a positive effect on their digital marketing efforts, but don’t realize how necessary video is to survive and thrive in this digital age. The draw of a video compared to a photo, or any other type of ad for that matter, is mind-blowing, and we now have even more research to prove that people prefer video. Video not only helps marketing companies to stay on trend, it helps companies to be more creative, innovative, relatable, and edgier. Here are five reasons why video is the way to go.

  1. People Prefer Video

People would rather watch a 10-second video than read an article for five minutes. It’s not that they’re lazy, but that they value their time. According to a study, when faced with the option to choose between watching a video and reading text on a page, 72 percent of people would choose to watch the video instead of reading the text.

  1. Videos are More Affordable to Make Now

Today, videos are becoming more common because they are easier to make due to new technologies available to the masses. Marketing companies can now afford DSLR cameras because they are cheaper than they used to be. Even if a company doesn’t want to invest in a DSLR camera, most phone cameras have advanced camera capabilities. Many phones even have cutting-edge filming and editing technology, and some have the option to download free video editing apps.

  1. Video Content is the Most Engaging and Simple

There’s a reason YouTube became a hit, and it’s because people love to watch video. Not only is video the most engaging, but it also provides an easier way to gain an understanding of a product or company. As stated on Hubspot, 97 percent of marketing companies claim that videos help customers understand products better. Simple graphics or text on a video can provide explanations to customers queries, often better than a FAQ page.

  1. Videos Boost SEO

When you use video, you have an opportunity to boost your SEO if you do it in the right way. Using keywords, a meta description, and a compelling title with your video will benefit your SEO. When you apply these factors to a video on your website can boost your SEO, since videos are seen as quality content by search engines.

  1. Everybody Else is Doing It

Why should you use video? Because everybody else is doing it. Literally, that’s why if you don’t jump on the bandwagon, pretty soon you’ll be the only one left without video, showing consumers that you’re outdated. According to Cisco, 80 percent of all traffic will consist of video by 2021.

Video in the Future

Marketing companies today need to incorporate video into their marketing strategy in order to survive; otherwise, they become antiquated. Hubspot reported that 85 percent of people say they’d like to see more video from brands this year, so let’s make it happen!





How Videos Elevate Your Advertising Game

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With traditional advertising not being as effective as it once was, advertising agencies have to adapt to the changing methods when it comes to marketing. People just don’t read the paper anymore and, now that streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix have become such a success amongst the youth, television advertising isn’t as effective when it comes to reaching different demographics. However, this doesn’t mean that video advertising isn’t a good method to use.

The cost of advertising ver the last 25 years, particularly the cost of commanding consumer attention, has seen a tremendous increase since 1990; more and more advertising agencies are taking video advertising to the next level. From short, BuzzFeed style videos to Instagram stories, here is how videos can help elevate your advertising game.

People Today Buy More Based on Where It’s Advertised

As sad as it is to us, people don’t engage as well with blogs anymore as well as they do with videos. On average, four-billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Over the years, the video sharing platform has become one of the most visited sites on the internet and has created some of the most successful social media starts today. YouTubers have tremendous pull when it comes to their audiences (subscribers), which makes YouTube videos the perfect place to advertise.

Take for example Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known as PewDiePie. Having amassed an audience group of over 66 million people, He is currently the most subscribed individual on YouTube. As almost one-third of shoppers will purchase a product after viewing a video ad, this is good for brands who are looking for a sponsorship. For example, earlier this month Kjellberg was sponsored by a drone company who were looking to get the word out about their glow in the dark drone. Someone with this much pull on YouTube can definitely convince a few hundred thousand of his viewers to purchase this product.

YouTube ads are just one way of advertising, but advertising agencies should convince their clients to invest in influencers and endorsers in order to push products and services to the online audience.

Search Engines Love Video

While brands can benefit from sponsorships and YouTube ads, advertising agencies are happy to see that search engines absolutely love video ads. The largest search engine companies make videos their priority and take them into account when creating and updating algorithms. The best way to take advantage of this is to distribute your videos throughout social media and embedding them onto your site with. This will make it more likely for your target audience to find your brand or agency when searching for relevant information.

Video Ads are a Win on Mobile

About 88 percent of short videos 30-seconds or less are viewed on mobile devices. Whether this is on streaming platforms or mobile games, these ads are more likely to reach the consumer than if they were on their computer or television. Since people most people spend a large amount of their time on their phones, mobile ads lead to more business.

As algorithms constantly change online, video ads stand the test of time—you just have to know how to make them and where to place them. Advertising agencies like Fusion 360 have video ads on lock. If you’re struggling to see results, let us help you.