Choosing the Resolution for Your Film

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As a video production company, we often come across the term, “camera resolution.” Whether you are taking pictures or filming a movie, video production companies must intentionally choose the right camera resolution.

In this digital age, more and more camera manufacturers are trying to find ways to increase image resolution on phones and cameras. Resolution is simply defined as the measure of how many pixels an image contains. An image is clearer and more defined if it has a high resolution.

Choosing the Resolution that Works Best for You and Your Budget

With updates on newer and better cameras in the market on a seemingly daily basis, it’s crucial to determine which lens works best for you in producing the clearest images and in highest resolution. Many video production companies want more resolution at a pocket-friendly price, and as such, camera production companies are working tirelessly to make a 4K, 5K, and even 6K camera. Obviously, these cameras come at a high price; you will need to compare the quality between different lenses while staying within your budget.

Choosing the Resolution Based on Your Project

It is good to go with what generally works best for you in all uses; however, different projects may require a different lens/resolution. Do you want to film an epic, larger-than-life film with dynamic movement? Are you making a heart-wrenching drama with more cinematic bokeh and tight shots? Or perhaps you are just shooting an event. All these help in determining the resolution you will use.

An epic film requires a full frame with wide-angle lenses that are of high quality, while a dramatic film may require an APS-C, or the standard cinema industry S35 sensor size camera or smaller may be best for general use. However, if you wish to shoot a film to be screened on TV in 4K, you must ensure that you are shooting in the Ultra HD 4K format. This ensures your image is clear and colorful for the entertainment of your audience.

Ensure the Storage Capacity is Adequate

Video production companies must ensure they have a high capacity and fast memory card as well as a drive to store your footage. Similarly, having a good resolution monitor to view your footage on is advisable. For example, if you are shooting a 4K video, you will need a 4K monitor to effectively review your footage. A qualified and experienced video production company will be able to give you valuable advice on the most appropriate monitor to use in your video shooting.

Choosing the right camera resolution is very important in the delivery of the story you want to tell. As a filmmaker, it’s essential to first determine the story you want to tell then choose the lens you need to deliver it. The gear is your storytelling toolkit and as such, you need to choose the tools which fit the need for the job. Pick a video production company with an excellent history of quality productions because they are experienced enough to choose resolutions that bring out the best in a film.

Selecting a Soundtrack for Your Film

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Phenomenal action scenes, remarkable cinematography, and precise dialogue deserve a spectacular soundtrack. However, it can be quite challenging for a film production team to find the perfect soundtrack for their work of art. Regardless of whether it is a personal project or a client’s project, choosing a great audio track can cause numerous sleepless nights.

Film production companies are well aware of the implications of a sensational soundtrack; it’s what transforms your numerous scenes into a wonderful and relatable story. Music has a lot of emotions and soul woven through their waves and that is exactly what the film industry relays on to execute a perfect scene. If you can remember your favorite movie or commercial, it’s likely that you will remember the background music and if not, you might go back and find a song that carries emotion of your favorite moment.

So how do film and video production companies find the right track for their projects?

Choose the Soundtrack that Communicates the Message

The use of a music track in your film or video helps communicate the message to the mind and heart of the viewer. Whether you want to educate or entertain your audience, the type of background music you use will help convey the message to your audience. For example, for an educational video, it is advisable to use a calm and quiet song which will not divert the attention of your audience.

Set the Mood and Emotions

By choosing the right music track for your film, you set the mood for your film. As mentioned before, music brings in a lot of emotions no matter how big or small the project is. The most qualified and experienced film production companies always concentrate on how they want to make the audience feel; focus on the feelings you want to evoke and then choose the music track that best conveys those emotions.

Comply with Copyright Laws

You will have to either choose free music or purchase music that fits to your video, however, you must be sure that you legally acquire and use the music. There are numerous copyright laws that all film production companies must observe when it comes to using someone else’s music; every video or film you see on TV or in the theaters have went through the right venues in order for them to be played, and if they hadn’t then they would be in a heap of trouble.

Whether it is instrumentals or vocals, be certain that the audio track you use sets the tone you want in your video project. If you are unsure, it helps if you listen to a few songs and create a playlist where you can overlay the options before picking the right one. A quality soundtrack that is properly and carefully selected will always make your film more attractive and entertaining.

Choosing an experienced and qualified film production company will give you an edge when you are creating a video project. Film production companies like Big Door will assist you with anything from selecting the best location to finding the right song.