The Different Types of Videos and What Equipment They Require

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Video production companies across the nation know that in order to create stellar content, you have to be able to switch it up. While it is important to establish your own style and find that video marketing niche, your team should aim to create something unique every time and there is no better way to do that than to use different video styles every now and then.

Considering different video styles tell different stories, some styles work for some but then other styles don’t work for other clients. So, what do you do when your go-to video template isn’t pulling in results across the board? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here at Fusion 360 Studios, we know what clients want, and we know what the people want!

Here are the most common video styles that video production companies should be familiar with and the equipment they require.

Motion Graphic Videos

Purpose – Motion graphics are almost like infographics — they’re meant to tell a story and provide the audience with information while adding some extra zest to the visual’s aspect. Video production companies should consider using motion graphic videos when there is a lot of data to be presented but don’t want to overwhelm the client’s audience with a hefty infographic.

What You’ll Need – In order to create these awesome motion graphics, video production companies should have access to a computer which is strong enough to run and handle software such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Though these are industry standards, you can also use other more advanced software such as Maxon Cinema 4D

Live Action News Style Videos

Purpose – Live action serves more of a personal purpose — it helps brands connect with potential as well as already existing consumer bases, which attracts customers. People want to feel like they’re more than just another number to your company, and live action videos create that sense of care between brand and consumer. Video production companies should talk with their clients about shooting things such as behind-the-scenes looks, one-on-one interviews with the CEO, testimonials and so on. Pretty much anything that shows real faces is a win.

What You’ll Need – Obviously, you’ll need more than just a computer for this type of video. Live action style videos are going to require video production companies to pull out the full arsenal. You’re going to need a camera to capture the visuals, a microphone(s) to get the audio, a tripod for balanced/still shots, lights to ensure your video lighting quality is top-notch and of course professional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro to craft the final project.

Typographic Videos

Purpose – These videos fall in the middle of infographics and motion graphics; they are more advanced slideshows that tell a story and provide the audience with information by using still pictures and text. Brands may often prefer these types of videos if they’re trying to get a good chunk of information but don’t want to distract away from the text by using fancy animations found in motion graphics. Instead, the images used in these videos are specifically tailored to support the text which is on the screen at the moment. Video production companies can often create these videos in a shorter period of time than the other two, but they can be just as effective and look just as clean.

What You’ll Need – You’ll need minimal equipment to achieve this type of video. Nothing more than a computer and a software program like Premiere is required, but if you plan on capturing your own images, you’ll need to bring along a camera, different kinds of lenses depending on the shot, and perhaps some lights.

Video production companies shouldn’t rely on just one video style to cover every single one of their clients; video styles play a huge role in the message you’re trying to convey, so it’s crucial to weigh your options and select carefully. If you’re looking to get video work done for your brand, contact us here at Fusion 360 Studios; our award-winning video production team is the most versatile on the market, and we’re prepared to take on any task.

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