The Totally Precious Relationship Between Content and SEO

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Content is SEO. Wow, that was easier than we though it’d be. No, but seriously, that’s about it. If one were hoping to sound smart, one could say something along the lines of the following: “Content — be it of a written or digital medium — forms the very hooves which pull the figurative chariot of SEO off into the sunset of impressive marketing ROI.” While true, nobody likes to speak like those kinds of people.

Simply put, quality content helps build rapport with Google. As meaningful pieces — along with strategically embedded links and keywords — are uploaded to various publication sites and client blogs, Google — or any search engine, for that matter — recognizes the value of what’s being presented and gladly improves a brand’s page rank.

Through sound SEO and content marketing, advertising as a means of interruption ceases and both clients and customers are mutually benefitted. The result? “Mo money,” with fewer marketing headaches.

Fusion 360 - The Relationship Between SEO and Content (Fusion 360 SEO)

Bing: Google’s Ugly, Red-Headed Stepchild

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Sometimes mothers, especially the ones here in Utah, think that their kids won’t notice the difference between the real Lucky Charms cereal and the off-brand stuff that doesn’t even come with a colorful box. Just for future reference, there’s a difference and it’s huge: no “Made In China” toy [insert sad face emoticon].

In a similar fashion, Bing does its best to imitate Mother Google. Though her ad campaigns may try and trick random people in random shopping malls into favoring Bing over Google through random surveys and blind searches, Google’s majesty is unlikely to ever be overcome by Bing’s puppy-like SEO tenacity.

For starters, Google thrives off of producing relevant results in a matter of seconds. While Bing is able to generate pages of results in the same amount of time as Google, when more complex queries are fed into the system, Bing’s results struggle. It’s not that Bing can’t eventually find what Google quickly displays, but the result may take more time.

Furthermore, if Bing’s team of web services were to do battle with Google’s, the result would be enough to inspire yet another installment of “Silence of the Lambs.” Ya know, the kind of R-rated movie that’d keep concerned parents in Utah tossing and turning all night. Google Maps, Google Docs, Google News and Blogsearch simply can’t be beaten.

Sorry, Bing. In the minds of sane Americans and SEO experts, you’ll forever be little more than Google’s ugly, red-headed stepchild.

Two Skills Successful Wizards of Content Marketing Stole From Traditional Journalists

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Utah, it’s time to come to grips with reality: traditional journalism is a thing of the past. It’s kind of like scented markers or Sprite Remix. Remember that jazz? Whatever. With that in mind, there most definitely are certain skills that can be drawn from the dwindling pool of professional journalists and immediately thrust—not in the creepy sexual way—into the glory that is modern-day content marketing.

For starters, credibility is key to content marketing success and journalists—the kind successful enough to not have to eat Ramen Noodles and sleep in their parents’ basements—know a thing or two about producing content that gains credibility. While gaining rapport with Google is of the utmost important for well-seasoned content marketers, the very content which gets people clicking, “liking” and waisting countless hours at work, is strikingly similar to the stuff that real writers churn out.

Secondly, journalists know how to tell a story. Believe it or not, not every story needs to begin with the classic “once upon a time” line. From Utah to New York, brands differ from industry to industry and each one has its own unique story to tell. Furthermore, each individual audience has a specific set of needs and journalists, more than any other group of professionals, have a knack for developing content according to said needs.

Needless to say, if you and your team of content marketers are more “muggles” than wizards, consider harnessing the creative powers of the gargantuan amount of journalists who are currently looking for gainful employment. Also, read Harry Potter to better understand what’s being discussed here.

Celebrity Cameos Sure to Destroy Any of Your Brand’s Positivity In One Fell Swoop

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From Utah to New York, celebrity cameos during television commercials are usually a great thing for eager businesses looking to quickly grab the attention of the American public. Whether it’s Shaquille O’Neal dropping a few cheesy one-liners about the aches and pains of a life after retirement from The Association or George Foreman droning on and on about the thrill of consuming red meat without fat, video production specialists love shooting with star power. That being said, a few of Hollywood’s finest has-beens would cause nothing but societal chaos if called upon to endorse a brand’s product or service.

Vin Diesel, for example, is one of those people. Sure, his abdominal muscles are just about as potent as a bottle of antifreeze, but his limited acting ability makes him a bit of a liability for video production experts. For some odd reason “The Fast and the Furious,” “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” “Fast & Furious,” “Fast Five,” “Fast & Furious 6” and “Furious 7” haven’t allowed Diesel to blossom beyond terrible cliches, angry scowls and the objectification of flag girls in bikinis.

Paula Deen is yet another celebrity who’d be wise to stay stuck between the cushions of her living room sofa. Simply put, being a crazy old racist lady isn’t as trendy as it used to be. Actually, come to think of it, Land O’Lakes butter might benefit from her raw promotional skills. Other than that, feel free to advertise via the rich and famous in Utah and elsewhere. Oh, also steer clear of Paris Hilton. She’s slipped away into obscurity and isn’t to be bothered.

Basically, Drones Are the Dopest of Video Production Instruments

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When you hear the word “drone,” what do you initially think of? If you said “Star Wars,” you’d be wrong. Those were “droids.” Nice try. Anyway, the answer we were looking for was “video production.” Whether you’re shooting a full-blown Super Bowl commercial or an Internet video for your company’s latest promotional event, without a drone, those breathtaking aerial shots that bring people to tears and cause them to immediately open their wallets and purchase your brand’s products or services won’t happen.

Sure, you could employ the services of Manute Bol or use a complex arrangement of cables and scaffoldings, but the creativity of it all will always be hindered when a camera is limited by gravity. From Utah to New York, anyone worth their symbolic salt in the video production industry will have difficulty pitching a potential client when the best shots can’t be accomplished.

When asked about the reasoning behind his purchase of an extremely expensive drone, Mitch Nielsen—Junior Multimedia Designer here at Fusion 360—said, “I wanted cool diverse shots that would stand out. Mine goes within like a mile of my controller. I can get like a mile high, if I want.”

Though he might speak like a bit of a simpleton, both he and his drone produced jaw-dropping videos like this. Simply put, to go big, you gotta go drone. Okay, that sucked, but you get the point. We’re from Utah. Cut us some slack.

GEICO: the Most Extreme Commercial-Producing Brand … In Recent Memory

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Dropping terms like “all-time” when speaking of an auto insurance provider just seems like such a waist, so for that very reason, we decided to stick with “in recent memory.” We’ve all seen GEICO’s various video production efforts and, admittedly, they’re pretty extreme.

Rarely does an institution see marketing success when pushing multiple branded characters to an American audience. Think about it: the Gecko, Caveman and Pig all make up GEICO’s cohort of advertorial awkwardness. The craziest thing? It works. Seriously, this sort of thing works in states both inside and outside of Utah.

As of 2010, GEICO uses six different running ad campaigns. Even more impressive, each one has it’s own unique style, tone and message. Says of the insurance company’s infotainment rule breaking, “Ask any brand-builder in the world, and they’ll tell you that using a seemingly disjointed and eclectic lineup of ads is the wrong way to create a cohesive, focused brand image.”

Ya see, the key to video production engagement is consistency. From Utah to New York, in order to build an image or shape an audience’s perception of a company, what’s being seen almost always needs to remain constant so that a metaphoric link between a professional entity and its target demographic sticks. Apparently, for some odd reason, this isn’t the case for animal lovers in need of car insurance.

Keeping Your Company ‘Hip’ In Today’s Very Modern Day and Age Through Rebranding

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Do you by chance remember that song “Fresh Azimiz” by Bow Wow? During the song’s chorus, and unbeknownst to Mr. Wow at the time, there’s a message which rings true for archaic businesses who find themselves struggling to remain “hip” in today’s society. Raps the prepubescent artist, “Ye ain’t ridin’, ye ain’t bumpin’ like I’m bumpin’, ye ain’t sayin’ nothing homie, ye ain’t fresh azimiz.”

Without a formal degree in marketing and a sound understanding of how one “bumps” or reaches “homie” status, it can be difficult to interpret Wow’s message. For the CEOs of painfully out of touch companies, pay attention: rebranding may be required to keep your brand as cool as Bow Wow was in 2005. What happened to Bow Wow after 2005, you ask? Well, he failed to rebrand himself beyond the deletion of “Lil’” from his stage name. Case in outdated hip-hop point.

In reality, most brands form their respective identities during their early years. As time goes on, however, most business owners recognize the need to employ the powers of any one of America’s many marketing companies. Without constant monitoring, perceived reputation no longer reflects actual company culture. With the addition of a new name, logo or web design, the sad fate of the artist formally known as Lil’ can be entirely avoided. Never. Stop. Bumping.

‘Mommy Blogger’ Expertise and Marketing Through Pinterest

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Let’s face it: women love Pinterest. Whether she’s a 12-year-old, boy band-loving drama queen or one of the nation’s largest, most reputable mommy bloggers, if you’ve got two X chromosomes, then you’ve not only got a Pinterest account, you’re flooding that shiz with enough pins to open an acupuncture facility.

Though for the longest time women successfully claimed Pinterest as their own private little nook of the World Wide Web, marketing companies have since taken notice and now see the advertorial power of the awesome platform. Amongst all the engagement rings, flower arrangements, beach pictures and fattening chocolate cake recipes, lies awesome marketing potential.

Fusion 360 - Mommy Blogger Expertise and Marketing Through Pinterest (Fusion 360 Agency)

Peculiar Celebrity Endorsements for the Ages

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It’s impossible to turn on the ‘ol television set and not see Shaq dropping really creepy one-liners while talking about the perks of having to use Gold Bond or Icy Hot on a daily basis. While at its core such an assertion couldn’t be farther from fact—rashes and muscle cramps are actually a great inconvenience and most unpleasant—marketing agencies have decades of data to uphold the assertion that nothing is better than the grill of a has-been celebrity on camera when making commercials. Here at Fusion 360, we’ve taken a few minutes to look back at the history of advertorial cameos in an effort to locate the strangest of commercial pairings. Take a look at what we found:

Fusion 360 - Peculiar Celebrity Endorsements for the Ages (Fusion 360 Agency)

Shocking: Google Gets Even More Innovative By Ranking Mobile Optimization

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Google’s innovation puts Stephen Hawking to shame—and he’s in a wheel chair, for Pete’s sake! Poor Pete. Seriously though, when it’s not busy building the only search engine worth anybody’s time, it’s out buying successful tech companies and sexy smartphone apps en route to global supremacy.

Well, it appears that the whole mobile phone thing stuck. Recently, SEO experts from Beaver, Utah to Macon, Georgia were stoked out of their eyeballs to learn that Google has made the unthinkable totally thinkable: ranked mobile optimization.

Sure, the word “optimization” is fun to say and makes a person sound like they know what they’re talking about, but Google’s most recent development is of massive importance for any and all brands who hope to make a splash in the digital realm. In 2014, 22.9 percent of all adult media time in the United States was spent on a mobile device, so yeah, you could say that mobile connectivity is important for getting the word out. Observe:

Fusion 360 - Google Gets Even More Innovative By Ranking Mobile Optimization (Fusion 360 SEO)