Common Misconceptions With VSO

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Voice search is a new and innovative way of finding information on the internet. Whether it’s Alexa or Google Assistant, many of us have used voice search at one point in our lives, or even on a daily basis. There are voice search optimization agencies (VSO agencies) that are available to other companies that need assistance with utilizing the voice search industry. This new technology is a great one for businesses of all industries to embrace, as it’s gaining popularity with great momentum, and VSO agencies are there to help companies get started.

VSO provides us with digital assistants that have a wide range of information at their fingertips. You can ask your WiFi-connected voice search device where the nearest car wash is or to wake you up at 5 a.m. and you’ll receive a human-like response almost immediately.

Since voice search is a relatively new technology, there are still some common misconceptions that many companies have about voice search. What is written below will clear up some of these misconceptions.

Voice Search is Similar to Text Search

In a search engine, one may look for ‘tourist destinations in Utah.’ In a voice search, the query will be more conversational, such as ‘What are the best tourist destinations in Utah?’ As such, VSO agencies normally advise companies to create content which is natural and conversational in a manner to answer users’ questions.

Voice Search is Focused on Keywords

Voice search is less keyword-focused than traditional search engines. Voice search is semantic and content created by companies should be in a manner that answers the users’ query. Websites should be responsive, as voice search is often done on mobile phones. VSO agencies typically advise their clients to first ensure they’ve got a mobile-friendly website before integrating voice search.

Voice search is definitely here to stay. Including structured data markup in the backend of your company website is the best way to ensure you’re not left behind. Voice assistants have changed the way we use and interact with the internet and is continuing to evolve and improve. If you haven’t already, now’s the best time to jump on the bandwagon and enlist a VSO agency.

The Role of Hyperlinks in SEO

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When it comes to creating engaging, result driven content, SEO companies need to make sure that their writers are strategically incorporating hyperlinks into their writing. Link building is a crucial step in SEO marketing, and SEO companies need to understand how to use this method efficiently if they want to help their clients succeed.

So, what exactly is link building? The link building process is using hyperlinks to generate traffic to client’s websites, blogs, and ultimately resulting in more client/consumer interactions. If you want to bring more business to your company, you’re going to want to get in contact with SEO companies to see what services they can offer you. Here is the role that link building plays in SEO.

What is Hyperlinking?

Hyperlinking allows for the connection of two separate website, files or articles. The reason that hyperlinking is so important for SEO companies is because this is what helps bring traffic to their client’s websites and blogs. For example, if you’re writing a blog about what you should do if you’re involved in a car accident, you’ll want to hyperlink the lawyer’s website in the piece, as well as any relevant information you may have found on another blog found within that client’s site.

Link building is all about elaborating on specific points and topics and linking to convenient data. If you write a blog post without any keywords or hyperlinks, chances are that nothing will become of that piece, and you won’t see results for your clients, meaning that you aren’t doing your job as an SEO agency.

How to Hyperlink the Right Way

Of course, you can’t just start shoving hyperlinks all over your blogs, you’re going to have to be more strategic than that. SEO companies can’t afford to get blacklisted by search engines, so it’s important that they place these hyperlinks in a strategic way. For one, you have to make sure you aren’t linking to spammy or sketchy websites. Only use trusted sites and reliable sources of information.

Aside from making sure that your links are reliable and safe to visit, you have to make sure that they work. You aren’t going to reach your audience if they’re trying to click on a broken link. Also, make sure that your hyperlinks serve an actual purpose within your blog and that you’re placing them in over the appropriate keyword or key phrase. If you’re adding hyperlinks that don’t relate to your written piece at all or if you hyperlink something over a keyword that it doesn’t match, the hyperlink will be considered more spammy than efficient.

SEO companies have to take advantage of proper hyperlinking techniques because that is what’s going to help your clients stand out from the competition. If you’re struggling to bring in traffic to your site, and your business is suffering, contact us here at Fusion 360 Studios. We’re experts when it comes to SEO tactics, and we want to help your business get back on track.


What Are Hyperlinks and Why Are They Important for SEO

The Importance of Google Analytics

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SEO companies that hope to become successful know that they have to harness today’s most influential digital marketing tools to help in their quest to make sure that their clients succeed in their respective industries. One of these tools is the ever so useful Google analytics. This is a free tool that helps SEO companies track all data from channels that are directing traffic to a client’s website, so it’s clear to see why SEO companies should be taking advantage of this software.

So, if you’re looking for a tool to help you track all the necessary data you need to help your agency survive, consider using the tool that 50 million websites around the world use. Here is why Google Analytics is so important.

It Automatically Collects Data for You

Google analytics is set up in a way that helps reduce the stress of trying to manage all of your website data; all you have to do is set up your account and copy a simple line of code to get started. We know that SEO companies are busy creating engaging content for their clients, and Google analytics helps these agencies by removing the stress of having to manually collect their stats.

It Helps Repair Your Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are something that SEO companies need to be observant of, this is something that you want to reduce as much as possible. Bounce rates show how much time consumers are spending on your site, and if you have a high bounce rate, you’re doing something wrong with your website.

The best way to reduce your bounce rates is by making sure that your website is properly optimized and is easy for visitors to navigate. An attractive landing page and functioning tabs combined with valuable information is the best way to reduce your bounce rates.

Google analytics helps track your bounce rates so that you have an idea of how much you need to cut them by.

The Best Part is That Google Analytics is Free

When looking for digital marketing tools, SEO companies are oftentimes wary of the prices; these agency’s want to make sure that they’re investing in a profitable tool for their digital marketing needs. One of the best things about Google analytics, aside from its practicality and simplicity, is that it’s free. That’s right, you aren’t going to have to pay a penny for this useful tool, and it can only benefit you, so make sure that your agency isn’t sleeping on Google analytics.

Simplicity is Key

Google analytics is a beautiful tool in the sense that it is simple to use. Google analytics can be easily integrated with other tools and platforms, making it possible for you to put together your dream advertising arsenal.

Google analytics is a must in the world of digital advertising, and SEO companies should use this tool to their advantage, as well as to the advantage of their clients.


The Importance of Google Analytics

The Dangers of Black-Hat Strategies

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The most important thing for digital marketing companies to remember is that they should be coming up with effective strategies to help improve their SEO game. SEO is what makes your content usable, what generates results and ultimately what the main purpose of digital marketing companies is. However, coming up with a solid strategy isn’t always a walk in the park, and some digital marketing companies, therefore, end up relying on black-hat strategies.

If you don’t know what black-hat strategies are, they’re essentially SEO practices that increase a site ranking on search engines through methods that violate the search engines’ terms of service. The problem with this is that if search engines happen to pick up on digital marketing companies using these black-hat methods, they can blacklist the company, which can quickly lead to your agency’s demise.

Here are some of the most common black-hat strategies that digital marketing companies should aim to avoid.

Keyword Stuffing

This is one of the oldest black-hat SEO strategies to date, going back to the 90’s. SEO focused pieces should include keywords and phrases that draw traffic to a specific business. For example, if one of your clients is a law firm who uses the keyword “auto accident” in their pieces, you’re going to want to make sure that you limit the number of times you use it.

The magic number is anything under two percent; if you use the keyword any more than that, your company could be penalized by Google’s algorithms. Keyword stuffing is dangerous and unnecessary, so always make sure that you’re gaging your keyword usage.

Content Spamming

Backlinking is crucial in SEO. The more backlinks your site earns, the more your website ranks when it comes to search engines. But ultimately, more links does not equal more engagement. In fact, if you use too many links, Google will mark your agency as spam, which will cause your SEO value to plummet.

Recycling Content

This one may seem obvious, but digital marketing companies should avoid recycling their old content, even if you’re using different terminology and synonyms. If digital marketing companies fail to create new content and instead lean toward reusing their old blog posts or videos, they can find themselves being blacklisted on the main search engines.

You’re going to want to make sure that your agency is following a professional, efficient and ethical SEO strategy if you want your company to succeed. Always avoid black-hat SEO strategies, or else you can find yourself struggling to stay afloat in the world of digital advertising.


23 Harmful Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid

Example of Using Keywords for SEO Purposes

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Regular companies that are looking to increase their SEO results turn to SEO companies like us, Fusion 360, to increase the traffic to their digital homes. What is it that we do that assists non-SEO companies to gain a stronger presence online?

The answer is…the exact thing that we are doing right now. We are creating space online that focuses on keywords that are frequently used in searches by individuals who are looking for something related to my field of work.

To be a little too honest with you, the keyword for this blog is—SEO companies (or SEO company, the two are essentially synonymous in this regard). This means that we are going to focus the topic of the blog on something that can relate to SEO companies. Why? Because Fusion 360 is a company that assists others with SEO and if another business owner searches SEO companies online, this article, filled with the keyword SEO companies, is more likely to pop up on their search results.

Thanks to the implementation of a specific keyword, this blog is more likely to be seen by the people with interest in my company’s services.

So, enough with SEO company talk and our keywords, let’s turn this around for you.

Let’s say you have a simple business that sells electronics: speakers, TVs, headphones and etc. Depending on the research you perform, the keyword for this simple business could be something like—cheap headphones. The reason it would be cheap headphones is because it is ideally one of the most popular searches for your target audience. From here, SEO companies will come up with any kind of online content that focuses on using the keyword, cheap headphones—this could be videos, infographics, or blogs. You would then make a list of ideas for content that relates to cheap headphones, like: “Top-5 Most Reliable Headphones,” “The Difference in Sound Quality Between Different Headphone Brands,” “The Pros and Cons of Cheap Headphones,” and so forth. In each form of content you would slide, “cheap headphones,” in as casually as possible (unlike the demonstrative use of the word SEO companies above).

The concept is not difficult to understand, nor is the practice, but the ability to run your company and push out enough content each week, each month and each year is challenging—that is where SEO companies come in hand. Fusion 360 specializes in producing quality content for companies that do not have the time to do it themselves. We are able to analyze the related field for our clients and then target their audience with ample amounts of online content. This is how we use keywords, and this is what increases the digital presence of a company.

For business inquiries, email us at [email protected]

How to Create SEO Rich Content

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The internet has become a battleground for companies trying to take their success to the next level. Retailers, agencies, service companies and even lawyers are doing everything they can to snatch that number one spot on google, but how do you ensure that your company rises above all of the other competition?

Your best bet is to create material that is glistening with search engine optimization (SEO) content—SEO companies exist to do just this. We at Fusion 360, for example, work hard for our clients and ensure that they are ranking as high as possible when someone searches for services or products in their industry on Google.

But, before you start taking SEO matters in your own hands, it is wise for you to know just what this content consists of. So, kick back and get ready to take a crash course on SEO content.

What is SEO?

If you’ve never heard of SEO before—yikes! You’re going to want to change that if you want your company to compete in the internet-based, digital marketing war-zone. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing a website so that it comes up on search engines. Say you’re looking for an exterminator, so you google “local exterminators,” or “exterminators near me”. Chances are, the companies that come up are teaming up with local SEO companies to create content based around these keywords. This drives traffic to the company’s website.

To put it simply, SEO content is any type of content created with the intention of attracting search engine traffic. SEO companies have one main goal for their clients: get clients on the front page of Google.

There are TONS of Different Forms

When it comes to creating content, there are various forms you can use. One of the most common ways to boost SEO is through blog posts and product pages if you’re running something like an online store. When creating blogs, you want to make sure that you’re using high-ranking keywords. The keywords depend on the product you are looking to market and when used correctly, will make sure that your blog comes up in the search results on google.

Most SEO companies will often write both blogs and articles. Articles are mostly used on magazine-style websites, and they serve as feature pieces. If something in your industry happens that catches the eye of the media, you’ll want to act quick and write an article based on the event, while using the keywords. This will drive more traffic to your site, especially if you do it in a timely manner.

Media forms of SEO include infographics and videos—both of which are huge today. If the SEO companies you are considering working with do not use these modern types of media to boost your SEO results, you are probably looking at the wrong team.

How to Develop a Brilliant SEO Strategy

Of course, a strategy isn’t going to work unless it’s foolproof; Looking at the wrong SEO companies can end up doing more harm than good. Fusion 360 is your one-stop-shop for everything digital marketing. Our keyword research will ensure that your pieces aren’t filled with empty promises and non-ranking keywords. We practice proper keyword optimization in order to know what keywords work best for you.

If you’re all about content organization, promotion, and—above all—results, then contact us today. Companies today are all fighting for the number one spot and we know how to get you there.

Outdated SEO Tactics to Ditch

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The world of SEO is constantly changing. For marketing companies, in Utah and elsewhere, this means that they need to be on top of every update that Google makes. When a small tweak is made in the way Google prioritizes, marketing agencies need to make big changes in the way they help their clients. For those investing in the content marketing world and those interested in how it works, here are three things that marketers should stop doing for search engine optimization.

Reasons Why Social Media Is Important to SEO

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If your SEO strategy doesn’t involve social media, then please, fire your SEO team. Social media and SEO go together like cookies and milk. If you want your company’s reach to go beyond the borders of Utah, you’ll need to integrate an SEO strategy that involves social media.

Social Media Boosts Your Link Building Like Crazy

In its simplest definition, SEO is about building links to your website, and social media is about engaging with people and promoting the things you care about. Let’s say your company that’s based in Utah has 500 followers on Twitter. If you post a link to an article or a page from your website on Twitter, that post has a chance of being shared by at least a quarter of your followers. Every time that link is shared, it will go to a whole new audience outside of Utah that you couldn’t reach.

Twitter handles 19 billion search queries a month (that’s five times more than Bing), and if your tweet is shared enough, it could be prominently displayed as a search result on Twitter. If your tweet comes across the eyes of an influential site, they could feature it on their site, and that would boost your SEO on Google immensely. People from outside of Utah will take notice of your company.

Having an Active Social Media Presence Builds Traffic to Your Website

SEO will boost your website’s presence on search results, but that doesn’t mean you get a large returning audience. Social Media builds a real audience that brings real traffic to your website — but that’s only if you have an active social media presence. Interact with your followers and post links to your site, and you’ll see your web traffic go up.

Social Media Works as Quality Control for Your Site

Social media can be brutal sometimes. If your followers don’t like what you wrote, they’ll be sure to tell you. Or maybe you post a link to an article that gets no likes or shares. That probably means the post wasn’t interesting to your audience. Your audience knows what they want and don’t want, and if you respond to how they interact, you’ll be able to make more content that your followers want to see, which boosts your traffic and your presence online. This comes back to the idea of having quality over quantity. You need a lot of links to build up your SEO potential, but don’t let your quality slip in the process.

The Holy Trinity of SEO

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While most marketers and other internet-savvy people have a general knowledge of search engine optimization, as known as SEO, fewer people understand the key elements of SEO. SEO is used from the East Coast to Utah, by businesses both large and small — but how does it all fit together?

So what are the various processes that make SEO work? There are arguably three main aspects of SEO: on-site optimization, off-site optimization and analytics, or measuring those key SEO metrics to make sure your website is performing as well as it should. Take a closer look at the three main elements of SEO: the holy trinity.


Why you Should Hire an Actual Agency to do Your SEO

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If you have a small business in Utah you may feel that your SEO needs are covered easily by yourself or whoever runs your company website. If your business starts to grow, your SEO needs are going to change, and hiring an actual SEO agency is going to be your next step to stay ahead of the game.

The Touch of Professionalism

No matter how nice your website or blog may look, at one point you’re going to want a professional writer who understands how to boost your personal SEO to be part of your company. At Fusion 360 for example, every writer has either an English degree or a Communications degree. With those credentials you know you’re hiring people who know what they’re doing and will do their best to represent you.

Secrets of the Trade

As a Utah business owner, you probably have more to deal with than where your placement on Google is. While you make the perfect cupcakes, find the best wedding dress or serve the best burger in the state, let someone who has studied the interstices of SEO standings and are positioned to help drive traffic to your business. There’s plenty you don’t know about how SEO moves, and keeping up to date is just one more thing between you and your business goals. Why waste the time when you can hire someone else to do it?

Worth the Cost

You wouldn’t have become a successful business owner if you weren’t smart about money, so value vs. cost is always on your mind when hiring out. Think of this though: How much more could you be making if you were at the top of Google listing for your Utah business? When you have the crowds flocking to your business, the more you’ll have to do to get done, so free up some hands with an SEO agency.