How Influencers Make Money

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Selling your products and services on social media has exploded in the recent years. These influencers make the big bucks with the help of website design, trends, social media websites and promoting products.

An advertising agency can help you to grow your target audience and the promotions your trying to sell. They know exactly what strategies to use when it comes to being effective and selling products. Social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat are the biggest and easiest to sites to use to influence the viewers. Every Social media site works differently and gain different viewers.

Do Snapchat Ads Work?

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Within the past couple years “Snapchat” has grown in popularity and continues to expand. While, Snap Inc. has been having troubles with revenue, it’s user base continues to soar. Most social media platforms, including Snapchat, and marketing agencies have noticed this hike and have started to advertise through these communities.

Information Available

Snapchat provides you with an abundance of information, such as: ad views; ad reach and audience data; the way the ad resonates; ad impact; and the number of times your ad was viewed. The company works with other projects as well, allowing you to have an incredibly fine-tuned match with the right audience.


Snapchat advertising has the rare ability to grab the attention of groups of people who would normally not see them or skip them. Snapchat’s primary users are millennials, a group that rarely watches TV anymore. As a matter of fact, Snapchat reaches 41 percent of millennials compared to TV’s reach of only 6 percent.


The biggest complication marketing agencies hate, is the ability users have to skip past the advertisement. To work around this, marketing agencies have made ads capable of getting their users to play and get involved with the ad; creating brand loyalty. Something as simple as a filter can enormously improve brand recognition.

Using Snapchat

Snapchat is used by 100 million people worldwide every day and has a five times engagement rate compared to other social media platforms. Companies saw a two times increase in sales when putting an ad on Snapchat, with 92 percent of ads bringing positive results.

A platform that has users playing with ads, instead of fleeing from them, is an impressive accomplishment. An advertising agency would be foolish to not utilize a platform that reaches so many people effectively. Snapchat may seem like it’s only about dog filters and fun photos, but looking under the cover, you’ll see it’s more than just a communication app.


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The Future of Digital Marketing

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As technology progresses faster and faster each year, we’re always looking toward the future. This includes looking into new technologies and understanding how they’re going to change the marketing game. Digital marketing companies are always looking for innovative ways to connect with consumers and Fusion 360 Agency is no different.

Now let’s take a look at some of the ways marketing agencies could be changing how they connect with you, the consumer.

Mobile Sources

Over the past couple years mobile sources have dominated the way people are consuming data. This is largely because mobile technology has become so powerful that for many it’s replacing their daily use of computers. The convenience factor is key; having a mini computer in your pocket at all times leaves no questions unanswered and arguments almost irrelevant. Mobile sources are here to stay; the real question is how are digital marketing companies going to utilize them in the future?

There’s a large potential for augmented reality. This is when your phone uses the camera to see what’s around you and then overlays images onto the real scenery around you. A great example of how powerful this technology can be, is the explosion of Pokémon Go. Whereas this game is almost unheard of now, the use of augmented reality was somewhat groundbreaking. This same technology could be used for all sorts of digital marketing. For example, you could be walking down the street looking for a restaurant and as you look through the camera view, different restaurants surrounding you could have displays that pop out and tell you about them.

Social media on mobile sources has exploded and there’s no showing that it will slow down in the coming years. The majority of millennials receive their news through social media now. The use of geotagging within this environment could be used to select real-time marketing depending on the location of the individual and their demographic.

The future of digital marketing is uncertain; however, the use of mobile devices is not. Look forward to some radical ways of companies reaching their audience.


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Personalizing Through Digital Marketing

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Technology is here to stay and as a result marketing companies are adapting their strategies in order to keep up in this fast-paced world in which we all live. Digital marketing has changed the way businesses and consumers are affected by ads and other marketing campaigns.

We live in the age of personalization and our online habits are used as the tool to do so. So whether or not you have noticed, most of the ads you see are meant to be seen personally by you and it’s not as scary or bad as you might think.


Personalization in marketing was not necessarily impossible for the previous marketing generation but it was definitely less exact and a lot harder to realize. Thinking about a time before Google and Facebook knew everything about our online habits may be difficult or mythical for most of us. This was a time when most ads were printed not online.

Shocking, right?

But because these ads were usually viewed in print and made it difficult for an advertising agency to know whether its desired audience was actually viewing their ads. Today, thankfully, that mystery is usually solved by digital marketing. Through algorithms and boring statistics stuff, agencies now know how to target their audiences.


Yes, the word “targeting” is kind of frightening and may make you feel like a hunted animal but it is actually beneficial to you as well. There are so many different ads out on the internet that if you were to get bombarded with every single one you would drown in shampoo advertisements alone.

Thanks to marketing agencies you only really see the ads that will probably benefit you. Personalization through digital marketing works to benefit the consumer as well and that is the main focus; reaching you, the consumer.


Why Do Some Ads Fail?

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With as much hatred advertisements get, commercials and television advertisements have roots embedded deep within our culture. Classic talk-shows like the “Johnny Carson Show” often took time out of their programming to mention their sponsors.
From there, a golden age of advertising was born. Pinup girls and macho men from all across Hollywood joined the process to market new inventions and luxuries to people all across the country. Marketing firms popped up all over the place in order to help drive these products to the masses.
What many people fail to consider is the formula that can cause an ad to become an icon. Great advertisements are born of creativity and written with humor. They have ways of sticking around long after airing.
Successful Ads
Take a look at Super Bowl commercials. Some might even say that they are as American as apple pie. TV specials dedicated to the celebration of Super Bowl commercials air year-round in order to remind us of the best advertisements of the year.
The reason advertisements fail is that marketing firms fail to capture an accurate representation of their market. Oftentimes advertisers will make a half-hearted effort at humor that will come off as either cliché or just stupid.
Geico commercials stand out because they are quick, witty and to the point which makes them excellent candidates for iconic parts of this generation. They often use clever puns in order to make the viewer give thought to some ridiculous idea.
What Works?
Advertising isn’t something you can just throw together. A good commercial is something that is planned out and developed over time. The only problem is keeping up with your target audience.
Marketing firms often do extremely extensive research to try and figure out what jokes will do well with the current generation. Using jokes and subtle humor to pique the interest of viewers is by far the best way to make an advertisement.


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