The Effectiveness of Snapchat Ads

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When it comes to advertisements most are pretty boring and we usually just ignore them. Marketing firms have tried for decades to figure out the perfect strategy to advertise to everyone and get them involved. It wasn’t until 2015 when that strategy became a little more clear.

On Halloween that year Snapchat Inc. released sponsored lenses for companies to buy. These lenses allow companies to create filters for users to put over their face or decorate their snaps. The genius behind it is the fact users have to interact with them in order to use them. They share these sponsored snaps to friends or even save them for fun, but the company is still there. This allows users to become familiar with the company and remember them when they are needed.

Start Marketing on Instagram Now

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Social media platform Instagram has 800 million followers and counting. Adding another 100 million from April–September, they are constantly making connections and gaining users. The seven-year-old app has made great strides as a social media platform and as a marketing platform, turning inexperienced young adults into photographers and food bloggers. While doubling as a free advertising agency, Instagram has helped start thousands of careers and grow thousands of industries.


An advertising agency, whether in Utah or any other state, can invite users into their workspace or company shop with the location feature. This humanizes the company and makes customers feel part of the brand. Additionally, a company like Disneyland, that highlights different things during the year, can heavily promote their location to show Disney fans how the decorated the park for the season.


Marketing firms can develop an entire advertising campaign around a hashtag. By simply posting the hashtag or asking your consumers to use it will bring a company’s profile a lot of traffic. A hashtag can be the voice that shares your company’s stance on a matter and lets customers interact with the brand.

Price Tag

Free. $0.00. Nothing. Nada. Instagram is free! Anyone can use Instagram as much as they want with zero cost to them. Of course, users can choose to sponsor a post, but it’s free to use otherwise. Nothing is better than free marketing.

Live Stream and Stories

The media has newer features called Instagram Live and Instagram Story. When a user “goes live,” followers get a notification and can watch them as they make the video. Many users use the live feature to interact with their followers. Followers can ask questions directly to the company that can be answered on the spot. Instagram stories are clips or images that are posted for 24 hours. This is a non-committal way to promote an event or share your travels. Agencies often do a countdown to a sale, store opening or countdown to an expansion announcement.


The Power of Social Media During Hurricane Season

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Hurricane Harvey hit on August 25th, 2017. Homes flooded and streets quickly turned into canals, which boats floated down to rescue people. The damage done to Texas is unspeakable, and was quickly followed by Hurricane Irma, which tore up Florida. In fact, Hurricane Maria is well on its way to cause similar damage. Social media has become a tool that saves lives in these situations.

Donate Now

Everyone that wants to help victims of these hurricanes but can’t physically get there to make things better now have the power at their fingertips. There are digital marketing companies, marketing firms, celebrities and social media influencers trying to raise money for hurricane relief to get families hit by devastation back on their feet. A simple text is all it takes to donate.

“Please Send Help”

Many victims turned towards Facebook and Twitter for help. As the water continued to rise, families searched for help on social media platforms. People that were stuck in their house and needed rescue got on social media platforms and used hashtags like #HelpHouston and #sosHarvey. People took their own personal boats to help rescue neighbors and strangers. Social media played a role in saving Texans lives.

Raising Funds

Here in Utah, there have been companies selling necklaces, shirts, and anything of the sort. All proceeds they make will be donated to the victims of these record breaking hurricanes. There are social media influencers gathering money and taking it to the damaged cities to be hand delivered to families who need it most. Celebrities have used social media to share how they have donated and encourage others to do the same.

As times get tough and hurricanes destroy the towns we love, the people of the United States of America continue to band together through any digital means to help. From website design to flying to Texas to volunteer, we show time and time again that money isn’t the only help we’re ready to provide.

What Can Snapchat’s Dancing Hot Dog Teach You About Augmented Reality?

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If you have been on the Internet at all recently then you have probably seen several memes involving Snapchat’s new dancing hot dog filter. From hot dog mirror selfies to dancing in compromising situations, the Snapchat hot dog filter has been there through it all.

At an advertising agency, it is essential to know everything that’s possible in the web development world as well as advertising as a whole — this includes augmented reality and dancing hot dogs.

The Future of AR

This hot dog is proving to be the future of augmented reality (AR), which is the integration of technology and digital information within the user’s environment by superimposition.

Though the dance moves this hot dog depicts aren’t much, they are ahead of their time. The hot dog is the first character that uses the company’s 3D “World Lens” technology. This allows the creature to act as a fully developed creature inside the Snapchat camera lens. It sits on items and surfaces in front of you while people walk around it and reach out to grab it as if it was actually there.

The Competition

Snapchat is continuing to push its AR capabilities forward, however Facebook, Apple and Google are also working at the speed of light to catch up with the dancing hot dog.

Facebook has begun refocusing its AR efforts to make up for lost ground in its battle with Snapchat. Facebook’s AR platform has also created high-powered graphics that can turn everyday objects into whimsical and unearthly experiences. Only early in its AR journey, Facebook is expecting to pull ahead of Snapchat as the leader in augmented reality.

With technology constantly booming and accelerating faster than a Ferrari, marketing agencies have to make sure to stay ahead of the game and be one step ahead of the technology so they don’t fall behind and get left in the dust of augmented reality.


Social Media Platforms and Their Audiences

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Social media has really exploded within the last few years. What began as one social media channel has burst into many channels with different levels of popularity. It is no longer a simple way to stay in contact with someone, but has transformed into a way to market your personal brand as well as your business’ brand.

When trying to market a brand, marketing agencies take note of what social channels work best for certain audiences. Audiences differ from platform to platform, so it is very important to truly understand who your audience is and what channel they are on.

How Will Neon Signs Make Your Business More Successful?

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When it comes to marketing strategies, there are endless ways for marketing agencies to be successful. Recently, some businesses have to turned to a bright and unique way of getting the attention they want.

Neon signs are the new billboards. These signs are often used to attract customers like a dragon is attracted to Jaime Lannister’s military (obscure “Game of Thrones” reference).

Neon Signage and Social Media

The neon signs used by businesses usually sport a quote or saying that relates to the company. However, because the signs aren’t directly affiliated with the actual name of the company, young adults are more likely to post with them or flash them across their social media.

After a while, these signs direct consumers to the company for the sole purpose of getting that “trendy” picture of the neon sign. In addition, social media is where people post trendy pictures and create their own personal brand and aesthetic.

Because these neon signs are vibrant, they create the perfect addition to any consumers’ social media platform. Essentially, thanks to these signs you could say (as the youth often do), “It’s lit.”

Unofficial Brand Ambassadors

These neon signs allow the business’s to turn their consumers into their own personal brand ambassadors without them even realizing it. It’s a perfect way to save money on marketing strategies while also getting the same amount of return and traffic to their business.

Moving Forward

Marketing agencies should always be on the look out for what the consumers are about. In order to be the most successful company, you must be able to basically read the consumer’s mind, which isn’t as hard as it once was thanks to the presence of social media and the invention of the neon signs.

In addition to knowing what the consumer wants, you have to know how they’ll react. If you, as an advertising agency, can manipulate your consumers to act exactly as you want them to, then you’ll be one step ahead of them and your competition.

Keep it lit, create the vibe and stay trendy, my friends.


Social Media in 2018

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Social media has skyrocketed in the last decade, quickly becoming one of the most useful tools for marketing agencies around the world. Ever wonder where it’s headed? Let some experts tell you what they think will happen to social media in 2018.