Stages within Pre-Production

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When most people think of the stages of film, they often think of pre-production, production and post-production. Sound simple enough, right? Well, if you haven’t worked with film production companies or studied video production, you might think it ends there, but it doesn’t. Within these main stages are more stages, each just as important as the other.

Pre-production is more than just script writing, this is where your movie is made. Everything and anything you want to include in production has to be planned out in pre-production if you want to ensure a smooth filming process. Here are the stages within pre-production that film production companies go through to prepare for production.

Creating and Finalizing a Script

As mentioned before, there is more to pre-production than just script writing, but this is the first step. Before you start pre-production, you have to have direction and purpose to work off of. Even though writers can edit their script as they go, writers will want to have something ready for the director, cinematographer, camera crew, and cast to read. Without it, you can’t begin the other processes of pre-production.

Creating a Budget

Setting a budget for your production is the most important thing you’ll do in pre-production. Your budget will help you gauge how much you can spend on talent, equipment, crew, props and just about anything else you’ll use in your production. If you don’t set a budget, you can find yourself overspending on one department and not being able to afford another. You must take the steps to create a manageable budget for the film.

Finding the Right Crew

Another vital process in pre-production is finding the right crew for your project. A cast, camera crew, effects crew, editors, cinematographers and assistants are just some of the people you’ll want to seek out for your project. With a solid crew, you’ll find that your project will be that much easier to produce.

Storyboards and Shot Lists

The creative team and cast need more than just a written script; storyboards and shot lists help the team understand what each scene will look like. If you’re having trouble envisioning the shot, you may want to hire a storyboard artist onto your team to lend you a hand. Having a clear vision of what you want your production to look like is the best way to make sure you produce a project you can be proud of.


Film production companies don’t always make the best sets, especially if you need more room. Location scouting is another very important part of pre-production. Once you’ve gotten your script written and your storyboards drawn up, you have a clearer vision of where each scene needs to be shot. Go out and look for the perfect location for these shots and make sure you know whether or not you can access them.


After everything has been sorted and you’re ready to get into production mode, you’ll have to do one last thing in pre-production: rehearse! If your cast rehearses, it will make production so much easier. More importantly, if your cast rehearses, you should avoid any challenges or hiccups with making deadlines.

As you can see, there are several steps within pre-production that film production companies have to get through before moving on to the next major stage. If you need help planning out your next project, contact Fusion 360 Studios, we’ll help get you on the right track.

Inside an Ad Agency: Team Coordination

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Advertising agencies thrive off of creative individuals sharing their ideas with others and coming up with the best plans for their clients. Through teamwork, these advertising agencies create masterpieces that elevate their clients above the competition in their industry, but what exactly is a successful marketing team comprised of?

A successful advertising team is made up of individuals who are experts in various roles, as well as individuals who recognize that to thrive in the world of marketing, you have to be driven, hungry and motivated; there is no room for laziness in this fast-paced, evolving industry. Here is the importance of team coordination within advertising agencies that gets clients the results they want.

Strategy and Concept

Strong teams who have crafted even stronger bonds are able to strategize and conceptualize their visions and complete projects in an efficient time period.  Collaboration requires a high level of trust and can only be achieved through strong communication and experience working together. Advertising agencies should always make sure that they aren’t constantly switching out people on their team, as this hinders the trust building process. Successful teams are often those who have been working together for an extended period of time.

Production is Achieved Through Cooperation

The best projects are those which have been worked on by the entire team to make sure that everyone’s vision was included in a manner that makes sense. When an advertising team coordinates together to make a vision come to life, you get the most prestigious and masterful work possible, which makes clients happy, which keeps your agency running.

How the Different Teams Coordinate

It all starts in the brainstorming session with the writing team. This is where ideas are born for things like blogs, scripts and videos. Once the team has agreed upon the ideas discussed in the meeting, it’s up to copywriters to start drafting up versions of the needed content. After the content has been written, edited and approved, the graphic artists, designers and videographers turn scripts into visual works of art.

Visual pieces help clients interact with their audiences on social media and paint visuals of important information they want to get across to their consumers. Once the blogs, infographics, motion graphics and videos have been created, revised and approved by the client, it’s on the social team to post them to the client’s website and social platforms.

Advertising agencies are a lot like assembly lines: in order for campaigns or content to succeed, the different teams within the agency have to coordinate and communicate with each other to keep everything running smoothly.

Advertising agencies need to have confident and hardworking teams in place to create stellar content, and that’s something we here at Fusion 360 pride ourselves in. If you need help growing your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us today and see how we can help your business thrive.

Choosing the Resolution for Your Film

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As a video production company, we often come across the term, “camera resolution.” Whether you are taking pictures or filming a movie, video production companies must intentionally choose the right camera resolution.

In this digital age, more and more camera manufacturers are trying to find ways to increase image resolution on phones and cameras. Resolution is simply defined as the measure of how many pixels an image contains. An image is clearer and more defined if it has a high resolution.

Choosing the Resolution that Works Best for You and Your Budget

With updates on newer and better cameras in the market on a seemingly daily basis, it’s crucial to determine which lens works best for you in producing the clearest images and in highest resolution. Many video production companies want more resolution at a pocket-friendly price, and as such, camera production companies are working tirelessly to make a 4K, 5K, and even 6K camera. Obviously, these cameras come at a high price; you will need to compare the quality between different lenses while staying within your budget.

Choosing the Resolution Based on Your Project

It is good to go with what generally works best for you in all uses; however, different projects may require a different lens/resolution. Do you want to film an epic, larger-than-life film with dynamic movement? Are you making a heart-wrenching drama with more cinematic bokeh and tight shots? Or perhaps you are just shooting an event. All these help in determining the resolution you will use.

An epic film requires a full frame with wide-angle lenses that are of high quality, while a dramatic film may require an APS-C, or the standard cinema industry S35 sensor size camera or smaller may be best for general use. However, if you wish to shoot a film to be screened on TV in 4K, you must ensure that you are shooting in the Ultra HD 4K format. This ensures your image is clear and colorful for the entertainment of your audience.

Ensure the Storage Capacity is Adequate

Video production companies must ensure they have a high capacity and fast memory card as well as a drive to store your footage. Similarly, having a good resolution monitor to view your footage on is advisable. For example, if you are shooting a 4K video, you will need a 4K monitor to effectively review your footage. A qualified and experienced video production company will be able to give you valuable advice on the most appropriate monitor to use in your video shooting.

Choosing the right camera resolution is very important in the delivery of the story you want to tell. As a filmmaker, it’s essential to first determine the story you want to tell then choose the lens you need to deliver it. The gear is your storytelling toolkit and as such, you need to choose the tools which fit the need for the job. Pick a video production company with an excellent history of quality productions because they are experienced enough to choose resolutions that bring out the best in a film.

5 Tips When Casting Talent

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Casting talent for your project is one of the most important steps in the video production process.  An actor’s performance can make or break a film. When you’re put to the task of casting talent for a video production, there are many things you should take into consideration.  We’ve gathered a list of the five most important details you should know next time you cast talent for a video.

  1. First and most importantly, it is essential that you reserve a private room for auditions.  You want the actors to feel comfortable and secure so that they will give their best performance. Additionally, you’ll want to have a waiting area prepared for actors as they arrive.  Organizing the flow of the audition before the actors arrive will save you a lot of stress in the long run. 
  1. Be sure to advertise your auditions and provide solid information.  Send out the information about the audition any way you feel works best for your project. Probably the most professional and reliable ways to find the best talent is by contacting talent agencies and have them inform some of their clients.  Stay organized by arranging a meeting time with the actors before the audition.  Be sure to inform the actors of what they’ll need to bring or wear to the audition.  Inform actors if they will need to perform a monologue or if a script will be given to them. If applicable, provide short character bios so that the actor better knows what you are looking for in the audition.
  1. It may be useful to have an assistant with you to film the auditions.  As you begin to make your final decisions, you’ll want to look back and review the auditions! Be sure that the actors state their name and agency on tape before the audition begins. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to direct the actor during their audition.  Let them do multiple takes, and ask them to perform the scene in a variety of ways.  This will give you a better idea of how it is to work with that actor and it will provide you with a variety of character interpretations.  If a scene requires two characters, consider pairing actors together.  This allows you to see the chemistry between the actors.  Consider how the actor performs on their own and how they perform with others.
  1. Finally, remember that callbacks are key. Callbacks give you a second chance to get to know the actor.  You can try putting them in different scenes with different actors to see how they perform and get along.  Callbacks will help ensure that you make the right decision.  They will give you the confidence you need to proceed forward with your video production.

Casting talent is no easy task but as previously stated, it is one of the most important steps in video production.  If you can afford to do so, you may want to consider hiring a casting director to do the work for you.  It can ease your stress and save you a lot of time and energy.  If you decide to continue forward and cast your video production yourself, be sure to keep these steps in mind.

While the task may be daunting, following these key steps will make the process significantly easier.  For help casting talent or creating a video, be sure to contact the video experts at Fusion 360 Studios.

Inside an Ad Agency: Time and Project Management

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You’ve often heard the phrase “time is money,” and that pretty much sums up what it’s like for advertising agencies. Time is something that you can’t get back and something that should be valued maybe than money, but what happens when you find that your time isn’t being spent as wisely as it could be?

Time management goes hand in hand with project management, and at advertising agencies, there is usually an efficient project management strategy in place. When companies hand their work over to the hands of a competent ad agency, they will find that they have more time to complete other important tasks and stay caught up with their workload, but that is all thanks to a system they have set in place.

Here’s how companies can mimic advertising agencies and set up effective time and project management strategies to help their productivity.

Track Your Time

It’s important to know how long a project takes. Knowing how long a project takes will helps you measure how many tasks, you’ll be able to get to in a day. Time tracking apps and widgets are essential in successful advertising agencies because they help both the employees and employers gauge how much an individual can take on daily. This also helps divide the workload between their employees and ensure that each employee is taking on what they can handle.

Determine What your Most Important Tasks Are

You should always focus on priority tasks. If you see that something is overdue or is going to be asked for soon, you should definitely make that your priority. Go through your task list and see what you can put off for later and replace those tasks with things that are needed ASAP. Advertising agencies who fail to organize their workload find themselves in deep trouble when their clients are asking why a specific project hasn’t been completed.

Remember That You Don’t Get Paid for Checking Emails

Emails are an important form of communication, but they are not priority tasks. While emailing is used to talk about a task with clients and coworkers, you have to make sure not to get distracted by menial tasks when you check your emails. The best thing to do to save time and increase production is to check, respond and organize your emails first thing in the morning and then focus on important tasks for the rest of the day.

With the time you’ll gain by following these guidelines, you can get ahead of your work, breathe easy and even bring on new clients and increase that revenue stream. By solidifying your project management strategy and properly managing your time, your agency is sure to flourish in this competitive industry.

The Pioneering of VSO

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Voice search optimization is at the forefront of modern technology and will soon be the go-to for businesses, homes, and services. Voice search optimization companies are now harnessing the potential of Fusion 360, implementing our services into their marketing strategies, business planning, and other essential functions that no online business can afford to miss out on.

What is VSO?

Voice search optimization is a cool technology that allows you to access all of your internet search results using nothing more than a smart device and your own voice! Studies have shown that people using VSO are constantly making purchases, and cover various demographics. So the time for voice search optimization companies to harness the potential is now greater than ever.

Moving with the tides isn’t about doing what you want but about doing what is best for your business. If these two things don’t correlate with you, then you may find yourself being left behind in the online business world.

All go with voice search SEO

Voice Search optimization companies began making waves just a couple of years ago when Google acknowledged it as a pioneer in the ways in which technology was moving. Content is always key to online success, so optimizing voice searches needs to reflect this.

When people are conversing, they don’t condense information as much and it comes out in a less serious format than when somebody is typing to search. This is where long chain, tailored keywords come into the playing field.

Thanks to RankBrain, Google is becoming more accurate at understanding us and delivering results based on our queries, Siri was first released in 2011 and it has come on a long way since then.

RankBrain is designed to deliver results based on the end user making the search and so will try and create customer profiles and match search results to their specific wants and needs.

The Pioneering of SEO means voice search optimization companies such as Fusion 360 Agency are doing everything to deliver the best possible services. It’s time to roll with the tides and become part of the 21st century!

Common Misconceptions With VSO

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Voice search is a new and innovative way of finding information on the internet. Whether it’s Alexa or Google Assistant, many of us have used voice search at one point in our lives, or even on a daily basis. There are voice search optimization agencies (VSO agencies) that are available to other companies that need assistance with utilizing the voice search industry. This new technology is a great one for businesses of all industries to embrace, as it’s gaining popularity with great momentum, and VSO agencies are there to help companies get started.

VSO provides us with digital assistants that have a wide range of information at their fingertips. You can ask your WiFi-connected voice search device where the nearest car wash is or to wake you up at 5 a.m. and you’ll receive a human-like response almost immediately.

Since voice search is a relatively new technology, there are still some common misconceptions that many companies have about voice search. What is written below will clear up some of these misconceptions.

Voice Search is Similar to Text Search

In a search engine, one may look for ‘tourist destinations in Utah.’ In a voice search, the query will be more conversational, such as ‘What are the best tourist destinations in Utah?’ As such, VSO agencies normally advise companies to create content which is natural and conversational in a manner to answer users’ questions.

Voice Search is Focused on Keywords

Voice search is less keyword-focused than traditional search engines. Voice search is semantic and content created by companies should be in a manner that answers the users’ query. Websites should be responsive, as voice search is often done on mobile phones. VSO agencies typically advise their clients to first ensure they’ve got a mobile-friendly website before integrating voice search.

Voice search is definitely here to stay. Including structured data markup in the backend of your company website is the best way to ensure you’re not left behind. Voice assistants have changed the way we use and interact with the internet and is continuing to evolve and improve. If you haven’t already, now’s the best time to jump on the bandwagon and enlist a VSO agency.

The Role of Foley Sound Effects

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Film production requires continued innovation and advancement to meet the daily expectations of the audience. It needs artists and filmmakers to tap into their imaginative minds and produce content that the audience appreciates. Foley sound effects are one of these creations that named after Jack Foley, the artist who first started the practice of recording certain sounds that appear in a video or film away from the actual set.

Foley artists generate a lot of the sound you hear daily in movies, TV shows, and commercials. What is interesting about the sound that these artists create is that they are produced from a combination of objects you would not expect. What they do is play a specific clip on a projected monitor and reproduce unique sounds any way possible. Now, film production companies may not have Foley artists on hand but they do understand the significance of their contributions.

A film that lacks quality sound really makes the entire viewing experience entirely different; the proper sound is needed, especially in bigger film productions. Compared to prerecorded sound effects on a computer, Foley sound effects create more authenticity, variety and enhance the overall production. Enhancing the sounds in a movie improves the realism of the movie, which in turn draws the audience in.

Some commonly used Foley effects that you might hear in any given film production include wood cracking in a fire, the wind blowing through sails, body hits (breaking bones, etc.), and horses trotting. These effects are achieved using creative prop ideas like plungers, wallets, duct tape, bags of baking soda, sand, springs, and much, much more.

When these sounds are used in the background of a scene, they simulate real noise in such a way that viewers can connect on an emotional level. Compared to current films, old historical movies appear and feel lifeless because they were screened without sound or poor sound quality. In today’s world, the work of Foley artists is critical as they are used in just about any scene; whether it be dramatic, comedic or action-packed, sound effects created by Foley artists are used in just about any video scenario.

Sound effects are essential for production companies because they empower artists to record unique and realistic sounds for films. Although the typical viewer may not understand the significance of a Foley artist’s role, they notice and appreciate the indefinable realism and professionalism in the film which sets it apart from others.

Whether you want a professional Foley artist or not, our production company can create just about any video you need for your business. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Optimizing for Mobile Markets

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We all know that the mobile market is growing more quickly with each day. In fact, 95% of Americans own a cell phone of some sort. With such a huge margin of our society owning mobile devices, it seems like everyone is in a rush to optimize for mobile markets. The only question is how exactly is that done?

In 2015 Google put out an update that made their search engine more mobile friendly. This allowed the top search results to be websites that are properly formatted for smartphones. With this being said, one of the easiest ways to optimize your company is to make sure your website has mobile-friendly formatting.

You need to make sure your photos and videos are available for online services. Sometimes you’ll need to adjust certain things to make sure your videos can be played on smartphones and your pictures can show up clearly. Hiring a digital marketing agency for this kind of thing can take a lot of unnecessary stress off of you.

You will also want to make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices. For example, on a desktop website, you can get away with using small buttons because the cursor is small and specific. However, on a mobile device, your finger is your cursor. In this case, small buttons may not work as well when larger fingers are trying to click them. Keeping things like this in mind can be kind of tricky, and any digital marketing agency will be willing to help you out.

Formatting is a huge thing when switching from desktop to mobile markets. You need to make sure your text is still visible for people to read on mobile devices just as much as it for them to read on desktops.

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to optimize for the mobile market is that larger purchases are usually made on desktops. For example, computers or plane tickets. However, on mobile devices, people typically search for small purchases or cheaper services. With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can optimize both your desktop and mobile websites to promote what is being searched for the most. Ultimately this will optimize your company as a whole.

Overall, optimizing for the mobile market can be kind of tricky. There is a lot to think about, and these tips are just a few of many. If you are ready to work on optimizing your company or website on the mobile market, consider contacting a digital marketing agency today as they are experts in this field.

Marketing Campaigns 101

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Marketing campaigns aim at promoting products through various platforms. Advertising companies use online platforms and print ads in addition to radio and television spots as their primary tools for product promotion. Consistent advertising is a good way for you to reach your customers and to create a lasting impression in their minds.

A coordinated approach for marketing companies has several advantages.

Meetings with customers and prospects

After beginning your campaign, you gain the opportunity for a meeting with customers and clients. Customers can see what you’re offering by examining the features and qualities of your products. Then, they develop an interest in your products from an informed viewpoint and are more likely to make an appointment to discuss how your company can help theirs.

Brand development

With multiple promotional ads, you stand to gain a customer’s attention more than if you used a single form of advertising. This lets you stand out from the crowd of your competitors. Displaying your brand across the various media platforms results in its promotion and development.

Customer follow-up

Whether you’re dealing with established customers or searching for new ones, a solid, diverse marketing plan helps you to follow up with them. Once you have gained their attention, you’ll have the opportunity to explain your products or services in greater detail. Marketing campaigns reinforce your brand, communicate your message and create a knowledge base for new or established customers.

Increased sales

Marketing campaigns remind your previous customers that your products and services are still on the market. They also catch the attention of curious customers. This results in new and repeat sales and increases your clients’ brand loyalty.

New business opportunities

These widespread campaigns can create new business opportunities for marketing companies. They increase exposure within the industry and attract new partners, which leads to expansion of your business by creating new opportunities.

Marketing campaigns drive your business forward. Through proper alignment of your marketing campaign goals, you stand a better chance of achieving success in your business.