Roles Within a Video Production Company

The size and positions with a video production company can vary significantly. Depending on the industry and size of the company, you might see as many as 15 different occupational positions or as little as 5 positions. The purpose and budget of the client’s video are going to ultimately dictate what kind of video production company they go with. Here is a look at what a big and small production company looks like.

Full Production Companies

Before we lay out all the different roles, it is also worth noting that not all of the positions are filled by just one individual either, several roles may require a number of individuals performing the same work. In addition, a video production company of this size aren’t going to be creating dinky commercials for local channels, but something as big as a nation-wide movie production. Without further ado, here is our list of all the different roles within a big-time production company.

Producer – The individuals that communicates with the client and arranges the production.
Director – The individual that envision the production and makes it come to life.
Screenwriter – The individuals that write the copy and lines for the entire production.
Production Designer – The individuals that translate the vision and copy into a storyboard.
Art Director – The individual that is responsible for the design of each scene’s setting.
Director of Photography – The individual that oversees the visual outcome of every shot.
Camera Operator – The individuals that are in control of the camera.
Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) – The individual that ensures the camera’s color is correct.
Lighting Director – The individual that makes sure that the lighting looks right in each shot.
Boom Operator – The individual that is in charge of the microphones used on set.
Gaffer – The individual that executes every electrical-related factor in a production.
Audio Technician – The individual that oversees everything related to sound.
Lead Editor – The individual that compiles the shots and edits them so they run smoothly.
Production Assistant – The special individual that runs errands for everyone on set.

While this seems like an exhaustive list, this doesn’t cover every position out there; we haven’t mentioned all the positions related to the Talent, Foley Artists, Animators, Key Grip Specialist, etc. — now you know why credits are so long! Obviously, with a video production company that fills all 15 of these different roles, you are dealing with a media company equivalent to the ones found in Hollywood. If you’ve found one that is not quite Hollywood-level but close, you can expect the video to still be grand, more technical and cost a lot!

Smaller Production Companies

While the spread is quite large between a full production company and a local one, you can still receive great quality work from smaller production companies. Typically, individuals that work at a smaller video production company will wear multiple hats. For example, you might see one person act as the producer, director, screenwriter and production designer, and another that operates all the cameras, set up the light and microphones, and make sure everything is working electrically. However, you can see their sample work and find that they are still able to produce what companies need.

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