Basically, Drones Are the Dopest of Video Production Instruments

By March 24, 2015Video, video production

When you hear the word “drone,” what do you initially think of? If you said “Star Wars,” you’d be wrong. Those were “droids.” Nice try. Anyway, the answer we were looking for was “video production.” Whether you’re shooting a full-blown Super Bowl commercial or an Internet video for your company’s latest promotional event, without a drone, those breathtaking aerial shots that bring people to tears and cause them to immediately open their wallets and purchase your brand’s products or services won’t happen.

Sure, you could employ the services of Manute Bol or use a complex arrangement of cables and scaffoldings, but the creativity of it all will always be hindered when a camera is limited by gravity. From Utah to New York, anyone worth their symbolic salt in the video production industry will have difficulty pitching a potential client when the best shots can’t be accomplished.

When asked about the reasoning behind his purchase of an extremely expensive drone, Mitch Nielsen—Junior Multimedia Designer here at Fusion 360—said, “I wanted cool diverse shots that would stand out. Mine goes within like a mile of my controller. I can get like a mile high, if I want.”

Though he might speak like a bit of a simpleton, both he and his drone produced jaw-dropping videos like this. Simply put, to go big, you gotta go drone. Okay, that sucked, but you get the point. We’re from Utah. Cut us some slack.