Defending Utah and Her Alleged 2014 Googling of an Indecent Emma Watson

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Our SEO wizardry is based in Utah. Our employees live in Utah. Freaking heck, we love Utah. That being said, we recognize that if you took each and every American state and lined them up side by side on a playground and had Barack and Michelle start choosing sides for a figurative game of patriotic dodgeball, it’d be safe to assume that Utah—in our minds the greatest, most unique of territories in the Union—would probably be chosen last. Well, actually that’d probably be Mississippi. She’s way overweight and pretty dang illiterate. Whatever, you get the point.

It’s often said that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. With that in mind, you shouldn’t judge a state by it’s most Googled terms either; except in Maryland where the phrase “Pharrell Hat” won out. That’s just weird and that hat’s as ugly as sin.

With dirty minivans, families of 12+ people and those homely looking sister wives that sometimes stroll into Walmart on the weekends abounding within our home state’s borders, it’s no surprise that we’ve got a bit of SEO-driven explaining to do.

In fact, as of 2014, Utah’s top searched phrase was “Emma Watson nude.” As SEO specialists, we’re ashamed of what’s occurred, but feel that a reasonable explanation might be available.

Truthfully, the reasoning for what happened may very well be found in Massachusetts’ most searched item: “Emma Watson Speech.” Coincidence? Possibly, but on September 21 of 2014, the booming actress gave a moving speech to the UN on a fight for gender equality. In the aftermath of said speech, she became the victim of a hoax involving alleged nude photos.

Listen, we recognize that we’ve got some room for moralistic improvement, but all of us do. Next time, before you go stereotyping the SEO snot out of Utah, remember that she’s about as dope as they come.

Newsflash: Clients Don’t Appreciate Their Internet Ads Running Before ISIS Videos

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From Utah to the farthest reaches of America’s East Coast, if you’ve never taken a formal course in basic marketing, advertising, video production or public relations, the first day of class is usually dedicated to skimming the syllabus and talking about a conscious avoidance of linking a client to any one of the world’s leading militant Islamic groups. Ya know, the foundational stuff.

Apparently, there’s just something about global terrorism that most successful brands frown upon. For that very reason, it’s interesting to see that some of Mother Earth’s strongest advertising and video production firms have allowed for client advertisements to be played before ISIS videos on YouTube.

YouTube has since responded to the plethora of advertorial blunders in an effort to calm the thundering hearts of overly concerned mothers from Utah. Reports of the widespread series of embarrassments, “Since then, Google-owned YouTube has been busy removing the ads, and in many cases the videos themselves due to policy violations. Some of the ads were playing before the videos as late as Tuesday morning before the content was taken down.”

With over 300 hours of footage being uploaded to YouTube every minute of every stinking day of every freaking year, it’s no surprise that some weird, sadistic stuff slips through the cracks every now and again [see Friday – Rebecca Black].

In fact, YouTube—relying heavily upon its users to flag unsavory content—has even included a “promotes terrorism” option under every video to make sure that bloodthirsty terrorists don’t hinder our country’s right to unhindered capitalistic promotions. #Merica

Big-Time Companies That Content Market the Heck Out of Their Respective Audiences

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More often than not, mammoth trends don’t quite catch on until someone famous decides that something insignificant is totally worth their precious time and effort. Seriously though, remember when Miley Cyrus made typical lap dance maneuvers a household activity?

“Twerking” was born and impressionable 12-year-old girls were hooked, much to the dismay of concerned soccer moms from Utah. Well, believe it or not, content marketing has skyrocketed in a similar, less appalling fashion as a handful of big-time brands have implemented the groundbreaking tactic of digital brand building.

Colgate, for example, is one of those gargantuan companies. As far as exciting product pushing is concerned, toothpaste wouldn’t be considered tremendously desirable. That being said, Colgate has taken their advertising to a new level by way of content marketing.

Recently, Colgate created an online Oral and Dental Health Resourse center which provides visitors with videos, interactive guides and—currently—upwards of 400 articles. Well, played teeth people. Just so you know, we’re still not flossing, so don’t ask.

Ironically enough, the very product that destroys teeth has piggybacked Colgate’s new marketing platform in an effort to keep up: Coke. Check this out: said Coke in its official Content 2020 advertising strategy, “All advertisers need a lot more content so that they can keep the engagement with consumers fresh and relevant, because of the 24/7 connectivity.”

Apart from Utah, when Miley twerks, you twerk. When Colgate and Coke content market, you content market. End of story.

Just Say No: Drugs, Alcohol and Guest Blogging Inquiries

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Ya know that friend that keeps nagging you about writing a guest post for your booming blog because all he or she really wants is a hefty amount of links directing your precious audience back to his or her website?

We’ve all got that friend, and if you don’t have that friend, you might want to consider stepping out of your comfort zone at parties more often, especially in awkward states like Utah. Anyway, guest blogging is so dead. Regardless of what you’ve heard some “friend of a friend” SEO expert say, guest blogging is gonzo and should be dealt with accordingly.

With raw, unadulterated content marketing leading the way for digital advertising trends, quick fixes—requiring little to no effort and zero efficacy with respect to sound SEO strategy—abound on the World Wide Web.

If you’re earnestly working to grow your company’s blog or website and somebody creepy approaches you through email asking for a guest post opportunity or help with locating a lost puppy, delete the email and continue producing real content to engage your target community.

Fortunately, Google’s algorithm is now spam sensitive in an effort to protect the purity of sound SEO efforts. Mommy bloggers from Utah can now breathe a sigh of relief. Sincerely, without the hassle of dealing with guest post inquiries, all is well in Zion.

Tips for Melting Faces With Content Marketing Dexterity

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From Utah all the way to places that aren’t Utah, content marketing isn’t about “trolling” the web (always wanted to used that word) for cheap opportunities to dump a few links here and there. Truthfully, it’s much more than that. If you or someone you love has been harmed by ill-advised content marketing practices, we’re here to help.

Seriously though, we kind of view ourselves as a type of “Content Marketing Task Force,” or something like that. For that very reason, we’ve compiled a couple of tips for up-and-coming content marketers. Follow them and see your clients’ faces melt out of admiration for your mastery of the digital realm; ignore them and you’ll probably lose all of your closest friends.

For starters, remember that content marketing is all about producing something of value. Though most content marketers have never worked as professional journalists, they understand that reading complete and total junk on the Internet is about as much fun as consuming cat dander. Instead of bemoaning the fact that content marketing means loads of writing, seize the opportunity to develop your brand’s voice. Consumers will appreciate your tone, voice and point of view.

Next, with your custom-made content, answer the questions that your customers are always asking. People tend to turn to Google when they’re in need of an answer. What will they find? Hopefully, the resolution that you’ve both produced and published. With these pillars of content marketing in place, success is eminent. You’re welcome. No need to thank us now, but just for the record, we love receiving compliments.

The Biggest Trials That Modern-Day Content Marketers Face When Creating Material

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Sometimes people really think that they know their shiz about shiz, especially when marketing is being discussed. Truthfully, it seems like everybody and their dog has something to say about advertising, social media or any other related field.

Been on LinkedIn in a while? Honestly, from where we’re standing here at Fusion 360 Studios in Utah, we think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have “marketing,” “social media,” “public relations” or “blogging” pegged as one of their top skills.

On the flip side of things, for those of us who actually engage in meaningful digital marketing strategy, we know that there’s more to the industry than meets the eye. In fact, as far as content marketing is concerned, there are a handful of challenges that every seasoned professional encounters on a daily basis.


If You’re Not Blogging, You’re Successfully Doing Your Brand ZERO Favors

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Any one of America’s many marketing agencies will be more than willing to talk your ear off about the importance of blogging in today’s digital world of communication. Unbeknownst to hermits, the socially inept and those creepy adults who continue to live with the confines of their parents respective basements, blogging isn’t only for soccer moms with too much time on their hands; it’s for everyone, especially up-and-coming businesses.

Simply put, if you’re looking to increase your market reach and attractivity with the United States’ most powerful entity — The Google Machine — blogging is a must. Though the practice requires a great deal of upkeep, your guaranteed increase in productivity, revenue and digital recognition will be well worth the time and effort.


A Snapshot of Video Production’s Viral Impact On Digital Consumers

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Digital consumers are about as hip as they come, even here in Utah. Whether it be scouring the Internet for the most ill of homemade cat videos or trolling about on the World Wide Web for up-and-coming Vine compilations, the verdict is in: video production is here to stay.

Truthfully, Millennials have matured in a time of marketing chaos. Billboard advertisements and the Yellow Pages have been replaced by the quicker, more tangible means of social media and search engine optimization. Desire for information consumption is as high as it’s ever been and video production is the answer America’s young punks have been looking for. Take a gander at the following infographic to see what we’re talking about.

Fusion 360 - Snapshot of Video Production (Fusion 360 Video Production)

Link Dumping Is Disgusting

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In life, disgusting things happen: root canals, messy diapers, tax season, untimely flatulence while at a cousin’s baptismal service in Utah, etc. With gruesome experiences a guarantee for all of us homosapiens, there’s no reason to intentionally add fuel to the fire of vomit-inducing occurrences by way of link dumping.

What’s link dumping, you ask? Well, as defined by, the typical “link dump” refers to “a collection of relevant links” which “usually connects to news articles or images.” While not an issue when taken at face value, the smelliest of link dumpers tend to implement a handful of idiotic strategies in an effort to mask their dark art.

For starters, many so called “SEO experts” will use a tactic known as “cloaking.” Cloaking, having little to do with Harry Potter, calls for a team of dimwitted SEO imposters to show different content to search engines compared to what users actually see. Even hidden text and links make their respective ways onto websites once security flaws have been identified and exploited.

No need to worry, dear friend. Here at Fusion 360, we believe in playing the SEO game the correct way. After all, we do live in Utah. Quality content, engaged digital communities and interruption-free website promotion help our clients build rapport with Google. The result? A series of impressive, lemony-fresh results which, in the end, produce more of the green stuff: cold hard cash.

Out Like a Bad Fad In the Night, Google+ Is Now a Thing of the Past

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Thanks to the supreme product-pushing efforts of many of America’s brightest marketing agencies, our society has had the displeasure of passing through a wide variety of dumb fads: AOL Instant Messenger, Heelys, frosted tips, the Atkins Diet and Sisqó’s “The Thong Song”—still working on that one, admittedly.

Though we’d like to think that we’ve learned a thing or two from our apparent lack of foresight, we always seem to fall back into the pit of being “totally uncool.” Google+ is evidence of such a cyclical occurrence. She’s dead. She’s gone. Mercy, she’s both dead and gone.

Currently, for many users and marketing agencies, the social network is little more than a less-popular Facebook imitation, like something you’d download at a cheap hotel in Thailand. In fact, recently, Chris Messina—a designer who spent three years helping develop Google+ and is often credited with having invented the hashtag—said the following in a blog post through Medium: “Lately, I just feel like Google+ is confused and adrift at sea. It’s so far behind, how can it possibly catch up.”

Simply put, Messina saw the proverbial writing on the wall. Within three months of his initial harsh comments, Google announced that mandatory Google+ registration and Google Authorship were to become nothing more than a distant memory.

Furthermore, as if the damning happenings weren’t enough to put a slug in the figurative cranium of the Google+ thoroughbred, Google’s now put its Streams and Photos into standalone products for the handful of users who still employ them.

Truthfully, if even Google is unable to uproot Facebook as the world’s most beloved time-waster and social platform for marketing agencies, no entity short of Al Gore and his team—he did invent the Internet, after all—likely will.