The Totally Precious Relationship Between Content and SEO

By March 31, 2015SEO

Content is SEO. Wow, that was easier than we though it’d be. No, but seriously, that’s about it. If one were hoping to sound smart, one could say something along the lines of the following: “Content — be it of a written or digital medium — forms the very hooves which pull the figurative chariot of SEO off into the sunset of impressive marketing ROI.” While true, nobody likes to speak like those kinds of people.

Simply put, quality content helps build rapport with Google. As meaningful pieces — along with strategically embedded links and keywords — are uploaded to various publication sites and client blogs, Google — or any search engine, for that matter — recognizes the value of what’s being presented and gladly improves a brand’s page rank.

Through sound SEO and content marketing, advertising as a means of interruption ceases and both clients and customers are mutually benefitted. The result? “Mo money,” with fewer marketing headaches.

Fusion 360 - The Relationship Between SEO and Content (Fusion 360 SEO)