Peculiar Celebrity Endorsements for the Ages

By March 20, 2015advertising, marketing

It’s impossible to turn on the ‘ol television set and not see Shaq dropping really creepy one-liners while talking about the perks of having to use Gold Bond or Icy Hot on a daily basis. While at its core such an assertion couldn’t be farther from fact—rashes and muscle cramps are actually a great inconvenience and most unpleasant—marketing agencies have decades of data to uphold the assertion that nothing is better than the grill of a has-been celebrity on camera when making commercials. Here at Fusion 360, we’ve taken a few minutes to look back at the history of advertorial cameos in an effort to locate the strangest of commercial pairings. Take a look at what we found:

Fusion 360 - Peculiar Celebrity Endorsements for the Ages (Fusion 360 Agency)