Keeping Your Company ‘Hip’ In Today’s Very Modern Day and Age Through Rebranding

By March 22, 2015advertising, marketing

Do you by chance remember that song “Fresh Azimiz” by Bow Wow? During the song’s chorus, and unbeknownst to Mr. Wow at the time, there’s a message which rings true for archaic businesses who find themselves struggling to remain “hip” in today’s society. Raps the prepubescent artist, “Ye ain’t ridin’, ye ain’t bumpin’ like I’m bumpin’, ye ain’t sayin’ nothing homie, ye ain’t fresh azimiz.”

Without a formal degree in marketing and a sound understanding of how one “bumps” or reaches “homie” status, it can be difficult to interpret Wow’s message. For the CEOs of painfully out of touch companies, pay attention: rebranding may be required to keep your brand as cool as Bow Wow was in 2005. What happened to Bow Wow after 2005, you ask? Well, he failed to rebrand himself beyond the deletion of “Lil’” from his stage name. Case in outdated hip-hop point.

In reality, most brands form their respective identities during their early years. As time goes on, however, most business owners recognize the need to employ the powers of any one of America’s many marketing companies. Without constant monitoring, perceived reputation no longer reflects actual company culture. With the addition of a new name, logo or web design, the sad fate of the artist formally known as Lil’ can be entirely avoided. Never. Stop. Bumping.