Bing: Google’s Ugly, Red-Headed Stepchild

By March 28, 2015SEO

Sometimes mothers, especially the ones here in Utah, think that their kids won’t notice the difference between the real Lucky Charms cereal and the off-brand stuff that doesn’t even come with a colorful box. Just for future reference, there’s a difference and it’s huge: no “Made In China” toy [insert sad face emoticon].

In a similar fashion, Bing does its best to imitate Mother Google. Though her ad campaigns may try and trick random people in random shopping malls into favoring Bing over Google through random surveys and blind searches, Google’s majesty is unlikely to ever be overcome by Bing’s puppy-like SEO tenacity.

For starters, Google thrives off of producing relevant results in a matter of seconds. While Bing is able to generate pages of results in the same amount of time as Google, when more complex queries are fed into the system, Bing’s results struggle. It’s not that Bing can’t eventually find what Google quickly displays, but the result may take more time.

Furthermore, if Bing’s team of web services were to do battle with Google’s, the result would be enough to inspire yet another installment of “Silence of the Lambs.” Ya know, the kind of R-rated movie that’d keep concerned parents in Utah tossing and turning all night. Google Maps, Google Docs, Google News and Blogsearch simply can’t be beaten.

Sorry, Bing. In the minds of sane Americans and SEO experts, you’ll forever be little more than Google’s ugly, red-headed stepchild.