GEICO: the Most Extreme Commercial-Producing Brand … In Recent Memory

By March 23, 2015Video, video production

Dropping terms like “all-time” when speaking of an auto insurance provider just seems like such a waist, so for that very reason, we decided to stick with “in recent memory.” We’ve all seen GEICO’s various video production efforts and, admittedly, they’re pretty extreme.

Rarely does an institution see marketing success when pushing multiple branded characters to an American audience. Think about it: the Gecko, Caveman and Pig all make up GEICO’s cohort of advertorial awkwardness. The craziest thing? It works. Seriously, this sort of thing works in states both inside and outside of Utah.

As of 2010, GEICO uses six different running ad campaigns. Even more impressive, each one has it’s own unique style, tone and message. Says of the insurance company’s infotainment rule breaking, “Ask any brand-builder in the world, and they’ll tell you that using a seemingly disjointed and eclectic lineup of ads is the wrong way to create a cohesive, focused brand image.”

Ya see, the key to video production engagement is consistency. From Utah to New York, in order to build an image or shape an audience’s perception of a company, what’s being seen almost always needs to remain constant so that a metaphoric link between a professional entity and its target demographic sticks. Apparently, for some odd reason, this isn’t the case for animal lovers in need of car insurance.