Production Companies vs. In-House Video Teams

Video content continues to dominate social media pages and the digital world. More and more companies are putting stock into video productions by building out teams that can create content that shows off their product and brand. At the same time, there are more video production companies than ever before.

In-house production teams and video production companies are both going to create solid video content for the miscellaneous video platforms, however, is one better than the other? While there may be factors that can be argued one way or the other, everything comes down to how much money the entity that is looking to create video content has. After that, you can find positives and negatives for both sides.

Let’s dive in and simply explore the possibilities that each side provides, starting with in-house teams.

In-House Benefits and Shortcomings

If a company builds an in-house video production team, they should have the confidence to execute everything they want when they want. An in-house team should know their company’s brand inside and out, further, they should know what the vision and expectations are. This knowledge should help them make a video that displays their company’s brand, product or message exactly how they want it.

While it is nice to have a team within the company working on the various video projects that the company needs, they can have some shortcomings. As mentioned before, the company’s budget will dictate what kind of personnel they will be able to hire, the quality of equipment they will have access to, and ultimately how much they can spend on their projects. That limitation can restrict what types of videos the team can create and how well the videos will be made.

As a result, a company that builds a production team should be sure they have the budget to house the individuals that will be able to create the type of videos they need. If they look to do something more, they might start hitting a ceiling with their own abilities and will need to turn to a video production company.

Video Production Companies

When a company relies on a production company to help them create video content for them, they should be able to find a production team that is right for them. What we mean by this is, there is a variety of video production companies and each one will vary in quality and experience; it’s the same as before, the larger the budget, the higher the quality. However, in comparison to an in-house team, a production company will likely have more experience, equipment and resources.

Considering a video production company’s niche is video, they are going to be able to create a wider variety of videos and have access to more equipment. In addition, they are going to know talent agencies, filming locations, certain individuals that specialize in a specific aspect of video, and other unique resources. Instead of focusing on one product or company, these video production companies are creating video content for multiple entities that need a higher level of quality in their production, or for smaller businesses that can’t hire out their own team. Even though these companies may not work full-time on just one product or service, they still can execute everything their client needs.

Deciding which of the two types of video production groups are better really comes down to the needs of the company. As a video production company ourselves, we may be a little bias (we are the better option, of course), but if you have any other video questions, read more from our blog or contact us today.