Different Video Styles

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There is no one way to create video, and when video production companies are tasked with creating a video for their clients, it’s important for them to sit down and see what style is best for the client as well as the video idea. From animations to news-style videos, there are various methods of shooting a clip that work depending on what the message for that specific video is.

All video production companies understand these differences, but you might not. This guide is made to help whomever understand what type of video is best for certain situations. Below are a few of the ideas.

Head-Shot Videos

Head-Shot videos refers to clips of a host who is seen only from head to shoulder. In these videos, the host is going to be talking directly to the camera in a standard shot. This type of video works best when you’re trying to shoot a personal or promotional video and goes great on a client’s homepage or even an informational blog post.

If you’re looking to make a professional video with raw ethos, this type of video might be the best decision; it’s a great way to introduce the face of your company to your potential consumer base.

Testimonial Videos

Video production companies may use testimonial videos if they are working for a client who is offering a service or product to their consumer base. These videos are helpful when it comes to trying to build up a strong reputation on a certain product or service. Testimonial videos can be shot like talking head videos, except instead of showing someone who works for the company, video production companies should use someone who has tried out the product or service and is willing to leave a positive review.

Animated Videos or Motion Graphics

Some video production companies offer animated video services. These videos are used for quick, visually appealing storytelling on certain subjects. Sometimes, animations reach an audience more than live video, and motion graphics allow the creator attract viewers with creative and aesthetically pleasing images that make it easy to send a message to the audience.

Text-Filled Videos

These types of videos are favored amongst video production companies because they’re amazing when it comes to establishing SEO. These videos use scripts that target specific keywords that lead back to the client’s site when searched on google. This will only work, however, if you have a solid script and reliable sources.

There are so many ways to get your client’s message across when it comes to video, so it’s important to determine what the goal of the video is in order to get an idea of what style you’re going to be using.

If you’re looking for the best video production companies to handle your video needs, look no further than Fusion 360.

Different Roles on a Production Team

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Video production can be quite the process. If things aren’t planned out and assigned in an efficient way, things won’t be completed in the best way possible. And as a result, your client isn’t going to get the end results they want. Luckily, there are video production teams. These teams are created and designed so that everyone on the team works together. They make production processes go a lot smoother and help get a result both the production team and the client want.

The Producer

The first role of a video production team is the producer. The producer coordinates and manages the process from beginning to end. They help come up with creative ideas, work with you on your budget, oversee writing the script, and a ton of other things. From pre-production to post production, the producer is there to help communicate with you and the team the whole way.

The Director and Assistants

The next role on a video production team is the director. The director is the person who you typically see the most, both on set and off set. Like the producer, they help with script writing, budget oversight, and a few other things. However, their main job is to direct the production. Telling people where to stand, what angle to have the camera, what lighting is needed, and so on.

In video production, there can be a lot of assistants too. This really does depend on your budget and the size of your production though. For example, if you are filming a really short clip, assistants may not be totally needed. On the contrary, if you have a production with lots of people and scenes, having multiple assistants can be super useful. Assistants help directors and producers do their tasks. They help with scheduling and making sure things are in the right place when it comes time to film.  

The Cinematographer and Camera Operators

The next position is the cinematographer and the camera operator. These are the people that work on the cameras. Their responsibilities include making sure to get good angles, lighting, and overall capturing what the director has in mind. Cinematographers are in charge of having the right equipment to get the best shots possible.

Video production teams are super important to guarantee the client gets the best results possible. When you have a production team with clear-cut roles and responsibilities, it helps to make sure everyone gets their specific jobs done. When there aren’t specific things assigned to people, multiple people may be working on the same thing while no one could be working on another thing. Production teams are the best way to stay organized on set and create an end result everyone can be proud of.  

3 Qualities of a Great Video Production Team

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Looking at a video production team is not as easy as it seems. Watching a video today with amateur knowledge of video making, you might only find quality in the visual quality rather than the actual quality of the video. Because people within video productions all have decent cameras, it is easy to be fooled. In order to find a legit team with high-quality content, there are at least three characteristics you should look for: Expertise, Creativity, and Timeliness.


No matter what the video production you are looking to make, the team you hire must show a certain level of expertise. For you to rely on a video production team to create the video you want, you need to feel confident in their overall experience and knowledge. Almost anyone can make a good video today—just look at the Instagram pages of teenagers and young adults—but not all have real-world experience with implementing props, scripts and a product. Quality video production teams have years of experience writing scripts, purchasing and placing props, and promoting clients products. These individuals have either been in the video production business for years and/or have a deep education in film. You should be able to feel comfortable with their expertise as you communicate with them about your vision and see their past work doing the same for your product.


A lot of times, the word “creative” is thrown around like everyone has it. Now, it would be a discredit to others to say that they lack in creativity—that may not necessarily be the case. However, even if someone or a group of individuals are full of creativity, they might not be able to exhibit that creativity correctly through their video productions. Avoid cheesy or cliche scripts, scenes and overall body of work and seek out true genius. Creativity should not be seen only in one image or idea, but throughout every aspect; real creativity is weaved in all areas to make a complete video. Look for this as you analyze video production teams’ work; see if the dialog, backdrops, props, and message sync together to make a video that is full of creativity.


The last aspect that you will want to find in a video production team is their timeliness. Are they hitting your expectations? Not only in knowledge and creativity but also timeliness? It is crucial for video production teams to make their deadlines. This seems obvious, but all aspects of production (pre, actual and post-production) take A LOT of time and if they are unable to get the work done in the expected amount of time, then you might have found a video production team that falls short of being great. If possible, contact past clients they have worked with to find out how their experience was.

There are a variety of qualities that make up a great video production team but the combination of these three should ensure you with a reliable team that qualifies to work with you. For a team that can do this for you, consider hiring Fusion 360. We are confident that we have a group of talented individuals that will do exactly what you need for your company or product.

Different Accessories Needed on Set

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To create the best outcome possible in your video production, there are a few tools or accessories that will make the process easier. Some of these accessories can also help increase the quality of your results. There are so many different kinds that you can find and use to create successful videos, but we are just going to touch on a few notable different accessories that may be needed on a video production set.


You already have your camera to film on, so what else are you going to need to create an awesome video? If you are shooting inside, a lighting kit is super useful. Typically a three point kit will create the lighting you need within the studio. These lights will help the quality of your video significantly increase. The best part of the lighting? It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get these types of lights for pretty cheap.


On a video production set, microphones are a necessity. It is one of the easiest ways to separate the experienced from the ammeters. Microphones help to produce a super clear sound. If you happen to be filming a group or a crowd, have a mic boom is super useful. It will allow you to pick up the specific voices and noises you want from the crowd.

Camera Lenses

Did you know there are hundreds of different kinds of lenses you can use on your camera? There are different lenses you should use in different situations to get the best result. For example, you can use a wide angle lens if you have a lot of things to fit in. Or you can use a macro lens if you need a close up shot. There are even specific lenses you can use for different lighting.

Green Screens

Green-screens can be important on your video production set if you need to digitally add a background. Like the lights, green-screens aren’t too expensive. They can transport your set to literally anywhere in the world.

Fun Stuff

If you are looking to splurge a little bit on a fun accessory for your video production set, things like drones or go pro types of cameras can create great content. These tools are not needed on set by any means, but they can be really fun if you are looking to step up your video production.

Accessories on video production sets aren’t always necessary. They do however help to create even better videos and can make the filming process easier on you. They can help to add to your video and make you stand out as a videographer. There are endless numbers of different kinds of film accessories and they are constantly coming out with new ones. Try out a few new accessories today to see if you can see a difference in your videos.

5 Video Production Tips for Beginners

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If you are starting your video production journey, there are probably some things you don’t know or just aren’t quite sure of. There are a lot of things to learn and remember when making a video, so looking at production companies can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are our top five production tips for beginners to make it a little bit easier for you.

Plan, Plan, Plan

One of the biggest tips we can give for beginners is making sure to take the time to plan out before filming. A few of the things you are going to want to plan out are your goals, what audiences are you are targeting, what specific things you want to be included, who you want in it and more. There are really no limits on how much you can plan, and the more you plan, the more likely your film will turn out the way you want it to. Production companies are always emphasizing the importance of planning, with good reason.

Backgrounds are Important

A lot of beginners don’t really put much thought into the backgrounds they are using for their videos. There are actually two different kinds of backgrounds used in film production. You can use real backgrounds like living rooms and parks or fake backgrounds like green screens and curtains. If you are using real backgrounds, it is important to make sure only the things you want to be shown are in the background. If you want to use a green screen but don’t have one, production companies are often willing to rent them out to you.  

Don’t Use a Camera Mic

This tip may seem like an unnecessary one to beginners, however, it is actually a pretty big deal. Using a real external microphone will make the sound you produce a thousand times clearer and overall better than using the simple microphone that comes with your camera. Again, if you don’t have an external microphone, production companies can be a good resource to look to for rentals.  

Lighting is Everything

This tip is no joke- lighting can make or break your film. If you are filming outside, filming on overcast days, an hour after sunrise, or an hour before sunset are some of the best times to do so. If you plan on filming inside, choosing a room that has good natural lighting is a great option. If natural light isn’t available for you, using film lights like those at production companies is the best way to achieve the same look.

Film in Small Segments

Filming in shorter clips is great for multiple reasons. It is a lot easier to remember enough stuff for a short clip rather than for a huge one. By filming short clips you can also make it easier on yourself or whoever is going to edit your film. This makes it a lot easier for editors to make smoother less choppy cuts and therefore creating a better overall end result.



5 Traits of a Successful Video Production Team

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When it comes to hiring a successful video production team, it can be tough. There are so many different teams to choose from! What makes a good and what makes a bad production team? Here are the five traits of a successful video production team you might want to look for before deciding on your production team.


The first trait you will want to have in your video production team is reliability. You don’t want a team that is going to bail last minute, start late, and maybe even not finish the project by your deadline. You want a team that you can trust 100 percent. All of your time and work you have put into your project should be rewarded with a team that is going to put their all into it and makes you a priority.

Full of Ideas

Coming into a production set with your own ideas is great, in fact, it is preferred. However, If you have a video production team that offers no input at all you should have a few red flags go off. Production teams are experts when it comes to making videos. So having a team that offers no new ideas or alternatives shows that they either aren’t qualified or aren’t fully interested in your project- both negative things. You want a team that is going to use your ideas, but if they see a better or easier alternative they are going to speak up and share their expertise with you.


When hiring a video production team, passion should definitely be something you keep an eye out for. Hiring a team that is passionate about not only film but about your project specifically will help to create a great end product you will be proud of. Passionate teams will be will to work late or take the time to re-shoot certain scenes if needed. They are willing to put the work in to get the result you deserve.

Team Players

Teamwork is beneficial in every single aspect of life. This is no different when it comes to video production. Though some filmmakers can create amazing products by themselves, when they work as a team with other people it offers a different pool of ideas, skills, and results. It can also help the filmmaker be less stressed and able to create higher quality content in a short amount of time.


One of the last important traits to look for in a video production team is creativity. Again, you can come in with all the ideas in the world, and they can be really good ideas! However, having a pool of other peoples perspective and creative ideas can come together to create a result you could have never imagined! When it comes to video production, the more creativity, the better.




The 5 Pre-Production Stages

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Pre-production; sounds like a pretty broad step in the whole video production process, right? The word itself tells you that it is what happens before you actually start production and filming. But what exactly do you need to do before filming that is so important it requires this whole step? Here are the five stages of pre-production that need to be completed before filming.

The Script

This step may seem obvious. You can’t really film if you don’t have a script and a plan of what you are going to say and do. Creating a script can be a pretty long process, especially if you are including all of the drafts and re-writes you are going to do. Video production teams are there to help you write the script too. It is important to solidify and perfect your script before you move into the production phase as it will save you time and money to do so.

The Crew

Choosing your crew is a big part of pre-production too. You’ll have to make sure you choose a video-production team that have desirable traits, reviews, and that you are comfortable around. Choosing your cast is important as well. You want to select people that represent your brand and products the right way. You will also want a cast that you get along with to make the production phase a lot smoother for all of you.

The Location

Where you decide to shoot your film is a huge decision. Inside or outside? Studio or house? Morning or evening? There are endless options of where and when to film, which can be overwhelming. Your video production team should be willing to help you make the right decision. Once you decide where you want to film, you will have to figure out what kind of equipment you will need in that specific place. For example, if you are shooting inside you may need lights, and if you are shooting outside you may need camera covers to in case the weather changes.


Though this may be one of the least exciting steps of video production, it is easily one of the most important. Budgeting sets the tone for both the production and post-production stages of filming. Doing so ahead of time will make sure you don’t accidentally spend more than you have, which is very easy when it comes to film production.


The last stage is video production is rehearsing. This step also can take a long time, it depends on the length of your video. Scheduled rehearsals along with individual ones are some of the best ways for everyone on the team to learn their lines. Having everyone be confident and prepared when it comes to the production phase makes it a lot easier for everyone.



Different Stages of Your Video Production

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You are ready to create the film you have been envisioning for months. The only problem you face is how you can even start this process. What do you do to start filming a video? Film production is more of a process than some might think. Though there are a ton of small steps taken to create the end result, we can normally group all of these into three main steps- pre-Production, production, and post-production.


Pre-production is everything you do before you actually start filming. In this stage, some of the things you do are first meeting with producers and production teams, researching, writing your script, casting, re-writing your script, hiring all the crews you need, and so much more. For film productions, pre-production is a super vital step to the success of your film. If you don’t have a successful or at least useful pre-production time, it is likely that your film won’t end up the way you want it to. Putting in the time here is how you get the good results at the end. This stage can vary in length big time. Some big factors of how long pre-production will take is how long of a film you are trying to produce and if you are trying to incorporate a lot of effects.


Production is when all the pre-production work and planning starts to come to life. This is when the director finally shouts “action” and you get to film. Camera crews, casts, lighting crews, directors, and producers all have to work together in this stage. If they aren’t communicating or working together, the film probably won’t turn out well. The film production stage can take anywhere from a day to a few months to complete, depending on what type of video you are filming. Though it seems like the biggest stage of video producing, it is typically one of the quickest.


Post-production includes everything you do after filming is over. One of the biggest steps in this stage is the editing of your film. Depending on what type of video you just made the editing process can take different amounts of time. Music, visual effects, sound effects and other graphics being added are just a few of the things editors will do. Post-production will also include clean up of the set which can be quite the task depending on your set size. Post-film production can be a longer stage, but it is also one of the most exciting stages because your film is almost done.

Film production stages and steps can vary based on different set teams and films. These three stages, pre-production, production, and post-production are the three umbrella stages though. It is the most effective way to get your film scheduled, planned, filmed, and edited. Now that you know the steps to create a successful film production set, you can get started on creating your dream film.  

Hiring a Film Production Team

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You may think that saving money on your next production by doing it yourself is a great idea, but sacrificing quality isn’t always worth it. Film production companies are full of experienced video marketing professionals and choosing to “hire” your friends over people who do video for a living is like trying to eat a steak with a spoon: it just won’t cut it. If you really want to create the highest quality video available, you should look into film production companies. They will help bring your vision to life, without sacrificing quality.

Here are some of the reasons you should look into hiring a film production crew as opposed to trying to create something professional on your own.

You’ll Be Working with Professionals in Each Role

By hiring a production crew, you’re going to find that you won’t be stressing about having to do everything on your own. Film production companies have crews that consist of multiple professional individuals who cover everything from directing to styling. Rather than trying to juggle operating the camera, microphones, set up lighting, and still getting in front of the camera, you’ll have a professional for each role.

You’ll immediately notice the difference in energy if you choose to hire a film production crew; you won’t feel as stressed about multitasking, and you won’t be as worried about your video quality being poor.

Professional Equipment

Along with working with a professional crew, film production companies also offer professional equipment. It’s important to film with equipment that can create the highest quality of content that will look great plastered all over the internet. If you’re wanting to cut on the cost of hiring a crew, talk to the company and see what you really need in terms of equipment. This can vary depending on what type of project you’re trying to shoot, and sometimes you may end up needing less than expected. Talking with the production company and trying to figure out what will work is better than not using them at all.

A Film Production Crew is Dependable

Sometimes, friends flake, and it sucks. While your buddy may text you last minute to tell you that he won’t be able to make it to the shoot, you won’t have to worry about that with film production companies. These professionals value your time and hard work, so they will be there when you need them.

Hiring a film production crew is the best way to ensure a high-quality video. Don’t hesitate to do your research on film production companies if you need help shooting your next projectyou won’t regret it.

Targeting Your Audience Using Video

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When it comes to marketing, you have to have a specific audience in mind for your content to be effective. You can’t just go out and shoot a video without knowing who you’re shooting it for, otherwise you won’t see any results; you will have wasted your time, energy, and resources creating something that won’t even be watched. Film production companies know this, of course, which is why they always have a plan before they begin producing their next video project.

Whether you’re trying to promote a service, product, or you just want to get your companies name out there, you have to know who you want to target to avoid a video marketing disaster. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to establishing a target audience.

Who is This Service or Product For?

If you’re trying to promote a service or product, you have to be able to identify who will be using it the most. Film production companies aren’t strangers to creating commercials, and these commercials have to appeal to the specific group you’re trying to target. One great way to uncover your audience is by running surveys or focus groups. Through these practices, you’ll be able to look at results from groups of people who took the time to review your product to see what age group is most interested in it.

Speak Your Audiences Language

Once you’ve figured out who your main audience is, you will want to implement their lingo into the scripts you write in order for them to better relate to your message. If your are targeting the millennial generation, for example, you will likely use modern idioms and pop-culture references that are commonly used today. However, if you’re targeting a more mature audience, you may want to stick to a more professional tone.

The way your dialogue is written plays a huge role in how your audience will react to your video. Film production companies are great when it comes to writing in different voices.

Shoot Videos That Will Entertain Your Audience

Another major factor when it comes to targeting your audience is shooting something that they won’t get bored of watching. If you want to truly engage your audience, you’re going to have to keep them interested in your video long enough for them to soak up all of the information that you’ve put in your project. Using different camera angles, incorporating music, and including things like motion graphics and infographic text are great ways to make your video dynamic and engaging. Film production companies know that if they don’t put the necessary effort into their projects, they won’t reach their audience as well as they need to.

Targeting your audience is all about making sure that they feel a connection to your content. If you’re in need of a professional advertising agency to help you with your video production needs, look no further than us here at Fusion 360 Studios. We have a a staff that understands both young and old consumers and what content will work best for your audience.