Different Accessories Needed on Set

To create the best outcome possible in your video production, there are a few tools or accessories that will make the process easier. Some of these accessories can also help increase the quality of your results. There are so many different kinds that you can find and use to create successful videos, but we are just going to touch on a few notable different accessories that may be needed on a video production set.


You already have your camera to film on, so what else are you going to need to create an awesome video? If you are shooting inside, a lighting kit is super useful. Typically a three point kit will create the lighting you need within the studio. These lights will help the quality of your video significantly increase. The best part of the lighting? It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get these types of lights for pretty cheap.


On a video production set, microphones are a necessity. It is one of the easiest ways to separate the experienced from the ammeters. Microphones help to produce a super clear sound. If you happen to be filming a group or a crowd, have a mic boom is super useful. It will allow you to pick up the specific voices and noises you want from the crowd.

Camera Lenses

Did you know there are hundreds of different kinds of lenses you can use on your camera? There are different lenses you should use in different situations to get the best result. For example, you can use a wide angle lens if you have a lot of things to fit in. Or you can use a macro lens if you need a close up shot. There are even specific lenses you can use for different lighting.

Green Screens

Green-screens can be important on your video production set if you need to digitally add a background. Like the lights, green-screens aren’t too expensive. They can transport your set to literally anywhere in the world.

Fun Stuff

If you are looking to splurge a little bit on a fun accessory for your video production set, things like drones or go pro types of cameras can create great content. These tools are not needed on set by any means, but they can be really fun if you are looking to step up your video production.

Accessories on video production sets aren’t always necessary. They do however help to create even better videos and can make the filming process easier on you. They can help to add to your video and make you stand out as a videographer. There are endless numbers of different kinds of film accessories and they are constantly coming out with new ones. Try out a few new accessories today to see if you can see a difference in your videos.