Different Video Styles

By October 17, 2018Video, video production

There is no one way to create video, and when video production companies are tasked with creating a video for their clients, it’s important for them to sit down and see what style is best for the client as well as the video idea. From animations to news-style videos, there are various methods of shooting a clip that work depending on what the message for that specific video is.

All video production companies understand these differences, but you might not. This guide is made to help whomever understand what type of video is best for certain situations. Below are a few of the ideas.

Head-Shot Videos

Head-Shot videos refers to clips of a host who is seen only from head to shoulder. In these videos, the host is going to be talking directly to the camera in a standard shot. This type of video works best when you’re trying to shoot a personal or promotional video and goes great on a client’s homepage or even an informational blog post.

If you’re looking to make a professional video with raw ethos, this type of video might be the best decision; it’s a great way to introduce the face of your company to your potential consumer base.

Testimonial Videos

Video production companies may use testimonial videos if they are working for a client who is offering a service or product to their consumer base. These videos are helpful when it comes to trying to build up a strong reputation on a certain product or service. Testimonial videos can be shot like talking head videos, except instead of showing someone who works for the company, video production companies should use someone who has tried out the product or service and is willing to leave a positive review.

Animated Videos or Motion Graphics

Some video production companies offer animated video services. These videos are used for quick, visually appealing storytelling on certain subjects. Sometimes, animations reach an audience more than live video, and motion graphics allow the creator attract viewers with creative and aesthetically pleasing images that make it easy to send a message to the audience.

Text-Filled Videos

These types of videos are favored amongst video production companies because they’re amazing when it comes to establishing SEO. These videos use scripts that target specific keywords that lead back to the client’s site when searched on google. This will only work, however, if you have a solid script and reliable sources.

There are so many ways to get your client’s message across when it comes to video, so it’s important to determine what the goal of the video is in order to get an idea of what style you’re going to be using.

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