3 Qualities of a Great Video Production Team

By October 14, 2018Video, video production

Looking at a video production team is not as easy as it seems. Watching a video today with amateur knowledge of video making, you might only find quality in the visual quality rather than the actual quality of the video. Because people within video productions all have decent cameras, it is easy to be fooled. In order to find a legit team with high-quality content, there are at least three characteristics you should look for: Expertise, Creativity, and Timeliness.


No matter what the video production you are looking to make, the team you hire must show a certain level of expertise. For you to rely on a video production team to create the video you want, you need to feel confident in their overall experience and knowledge. Almost anyone can make a good video today—just look at the Instagram pages of teenagers and young adults—but not all have real-world experience with implementing props, scripts and a product. Quality video production teams have years of experience writing scripts, purchasing and placing props, and promoting clients products. These individuals have either been in the video production business for years and/or have a deep education in film. You should be able to feel comfortable with their expertise as you communicate with them about your vision and see their past work doing the same for your product.


A lot of times, the word “creative” is thrown around like everyone has it. Now, it would be a discredit to others to say that they lack in creativity—that may not necessarily be the case. However, even if someone or a group of individuals are full of creativity, they might not be able to exhibit that creativity correctly through their video productions. Avoid cheesy or cliche scripts, scenes and overall body of work and seek out true genius. Creativity should not be seen only in one image or idea, but throughout every aspect; real creativity is weaved in all areas to make a complete video. Look for this as you analyze video production teams’ work; see if the dialog, backdrops, props, and message sync together to make a video that is full of creativity.


The last aspect that you will want to find in a video production team is their timeliness. Are they hitting your expectations? Not only in knowledge and creativity but also timeliness? It is crucial for video production teams to make their deadlines. This seems obvious, but all aspects of production (pre, actual and post-production) take A LOT of time and if they are unable to get the work done in the expected amount of time, then you might have found a video production team that falls short of being great. If possible, contact past clients they have worked with to find out how their experience was.

There are a variety of qualities that make up a great video production team but the combination of these three should ensure you with a reliable team that qualifies to work with you. For a team that can do this for you, consider hiring Fusion 360. We are confident that we have a group of talented individuals that will do exactly what you need for your company or product.