5 Traits of a Successful Video Production Team

When it comes to hiring a successful video production team, it can be tough. There are so many different teams to choose from! What makes a good and what makes a bad production team? Here are the five traits of a successful video production team you might want to look for before deciding on your production team.


The first trait you will want to have in your video production team is reliability. You don’t want a team that is going to bail last minute, start late, and maybe even not finish the project by your deadline. You want a team that you can trust 100 percent. All of your time and work you have put into your project should be rewarded with a team that is going to put their all into it and makes you a priority.

Full of Ideas

Coming into a production set with your own ideas is great, in fact, it is preferred. However, If you have a video production team that offers no input at all you should have a few red flags go off. Production teams are experts when it comes to making videos. So having a team that offers no new ideas or alternatives shows that they either aren’t qualified or aren’t fully interested in your project- both negative things. You want a team that is going to use your ideas, but if they see a better or easier alternative they are going to speak up and share their expertise with you.


When hiring a video production team, passion should definitely be something you keep an eye out for. Hiring a team that is passionate about not only film but about your project specifically will help to create a great end product you will be proud of. Passionate teams will be will to work late or take the time to re-shoot certain scenes if needed. They are willing to put the work in to get the result you deserve.

Team Players

Teamwork is beneficial in every single aspect of life. This is no different when it comes to video production. Though some filmmakers can create amazing products by themselves, when they work as a team with other people it offers a different pool of ideas, skills, and results. It can also help the filmmaker be less stressed and able to create higher quality content in a short amount of time.


One of the last important traits to look for in a video production team is creativity. Again, you can come in with all the ideas in the world, and they can be really good ideas! However, having a pool of other peoples perspective and creative ideas can come together to create a result you could have never imagined! When it comes to video production, the more creativity, the better.




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