10 Mind-Blowing YouTube Statistics

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Social media marketing companies are performing crazy amounts of research in order to better utilize the different online platforms. In the past research we have conducted, we have found ridiculous statistics! In fact, some of the information we recently looked up about YouTube is fascinating. So much so that we thought it’d be fun to show everyone some of the numbers we came across that will blow you away! Take. A. Look.

social media marketing companiesFive Stats on YouTube’s Popularity

The first stats we will share only emphasize how ridiculously popular YouTube is.

1.9 billion people — The number of individuals on YouTube each month.

3.25 billion hours — The number of hours watched each month.

#2 — YouTube is the second most visited website in the world.

300 hours per minute — The total number of hours uploaded to YouTube each minute.

5 billion views — The number of videos watched every day (Another source, Internet Live Stats’ reports that 79,331 videos are watched every second).

There are social media marketing companies that focus on all sorts of platforms, but with these kinds of numbers, it would not be a stretch for marketing companies to focus solely on YouTube. Interestingly, a side-note statistic (that we aren’t counting on this list), of those 1.9 billion individuals, over 80 percent of the viewers come from outside of the United States of America.

Three Financial Figures

As our social media marketing company rolls out a couple of the dollar figures, just keep in mind that the first video ever uploaded to YouTube was on April 23, 2005. You will then see how quick YouTube was recognized as a perennial online website and how much it has blown up since — it’s WILD.

$1.6 billion — The amount Google paid to buy YouTube a little over a year after its inception.

$160 billion — Morgan Stanley’s estimated net value of YouTube by 2019.

From these numbers, we see that Goole recognized that YouTube was already a billion-dollar company and has made it one of the world’s most profitable companies. YouTube has increased its value on average by about $10 billion each year since 2005. Just to put this into perspective, today, YouTube is worth about the same as Disney.

Within YouTube’s empire, individuals also have the ability to make big money. Here’s our last financial stat:

$20-50 million — The estimated net worth of one YouTuber, PewDiePie.

It may not seem like much compared to the figures in the billions, but remember that this is just one guy in his twenties making videos.

Two Stats: Most Subscribers and Most Views

PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg (Swedish), fluctuates between having the most subscribers or somewhere close to it. Right now, he does not have the most subscribers on YouTube. While he may not be #1 currently, his main competitor is a huge corporation, not just some guy.

103 million — The number of subscribers T-Series has, the highest of any YouTube channel.

The most popular channel on YouTube right now is the Indian Music Label & Move Studio, T-Series. While they currently have the most subscribers on YouTube, they still do not come close to having the most views for one video.

6.2 billion — The number of times Luis Fonsi’s Despacito Ft. Daddy Yankee has been viewed.

Despacito’s next closest competitor isn’t even close (Ed Sharon’s Shape of You has 4.2 billion), but of the top-10 most viewed videos, all surpass at least 2.5 billion view counts and 9 of them are music videos (the only none music video is a random Russian-animated video, maybe for kids?).


As the stats cross between dollar amounts, time markers, ridiculous numbers in the billions, and some of the highest rankings, YouTube provides some of the most compelling stats. Social media marketing companies continue to help everyday companies with their deep knowledge and marketing abilities. If you need help with making a YouTube video for your company, contact us, Fusion 360, a video production and social media marketing company with the skills you need.