2D vs. 3D Graphics: Which is More Effective?

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Animation has taken the world by storm, and no matter what form of media you prefer (whether it’s movies, video games or YouTube videos), all industries utilize animation to tap into unique target markets that will help businesses succeed. So, while animation is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of video production, which style of animation do video production companies prefer, 2D or 3D? And more importantly, which style do audiences prefer?

You might already have a preference as to which you consider more effective when it comes to capturing your audience’s attention, but here at Fusion 360 Studios, we wrote this blog to compare the two styles and how they perform online.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Two Styles

3D animation gives a production a sense of realism that 2D animation doesn’t. It also has a superior ability to portray movement. 2D animations are great because they cost less than a 3D production. 2D additionally offers quick save times, making them easier to produce due. While 3D animations are great visually, they can be limited to what your computer can do. Not to mention, they take more time, effort, recourses and money.

The Effectiveness of Graphics

Video production companies know that graphics help people learn and remember information more effectively than written text. In fact, here are the statistics that show how much more people are inclined to consume motion graphics and animated videos than blogs and articles.

  • 72 percent of people would prefer watching a video rather than reading text.
  • Animations and graphics are remembered 21 days longer than static images and texts.
  • 85 percent of people want companies to create videos rather than other types of content.

According to research, 3D experiences make people feel a deeper emotional connection to the video production than they do with 2D animation. It seems that 3D animations are more popular amongst the general public due to its more lifelike nature, so video production companies tend to stick to these types of videos to captivate their audiences.

If you’re looking to hire a video production company to help you create some high-quality animations for your next project, contact us here at Fusion 360 Studios. Our award-winning video team will help you create a digital masterpiece. For more on what we do, check out our website today!