How would you describe the importance of sending an email to another colleague or client? Could you get by without it? What about advertisements of all forms — billboards, social media posts, online and television commercials, magazine ads, etc. — how easy would it be to find products that are best for you needs? Both of these examples depict what different forms of communication contribute in our everyday lives, and when it comes to storyboarding at a video production company for a film or video, directors and video producers rely heavily on what the storyboard communicates.

Storyboarding is a Form of Communication

When it comes to films and video productions, people look at directors as geniuses that envision everything, but what people don’t realize is how much directors rely on their team. One of those teams within a video production company is the storyboarding team. While a director may be responsible to make a piece of work come alive, they work out their ideas onto paper with the storyboard teams in order to see if it will work. However, a lot of the ideas for a video or film may originate from the storyboard because the artists can sometimes develop and visualize a concept or idea better.

Similar to how directors feed off of the storyboarding, the writers of the production do as well. Video production companies understand that the storyboard artists are often the original source of an idea, and that is partially why their contributions are so important. When people draw out an idea or thought, a lot of the unknown pieces come together. Finding those unknown pieces help complete everything that is needing to be communicated in a video production. In a way, storyboard artists are simply great communicators.

Can Films and Videos Survive Without Storyboards?

When people think of storyboarding, they often think only of pictures, but it is much more than that. Storyboarding effectively sets the blueprints of a film or complex video.

The question you might have is, do you really need storyboards to make a video or film? To answer that though, it might be good to ask, can companies live without email? It might be a possibility, but the overall efficiently would drop significantly. So too with storyboarding. Proper video production companies storyboard their films and even some videos because it makes the overall production run smoother, clearer and provide much better results.

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