The Different Types of Marketing Companies

marketing companies

When you think of an advertising agency today, you might think of tech-savvy millennials, macs and modern steezy office spaces. While this is becoming the new norm in the world of advertising, there are still various different types of marketing companies around, each specializing in different marketing aspects. Each one of these companies are also taking different approaches to the way they help their clients thrive in their respective industries.

Your company should always put marketing on the top of your priorities list if you want to see your business succeed, but you should also be informed of the different types of marketing that exist so that you know what is going to help your company grow. Marketing companies come in different styles, and here are some of the most common one’s today.

Digital Marketing

We’re leaders in the digital marketing world, but we’re not here to brag, we’re here to help you decide on a style. Digital marketing companies utilize the internet and social media to create efficient marketing programs that will help get your name out on search engines and social media platforms. These marketing companies can also help you develop or improve a current website, launch an e-commerce service and help mentor you on the ways of social media communication with your customers and potential clients.

Direct Marketing

Direct mail campaigns are still a thing, and direct marketing companies can help you plan and manage direct mail campaigns. They provide you with mailing lists based on your target audience, design and write mail letters and so on. Direct marketing companies also mail the items on your behalf and measure campaign success.

Marketing Communication Consultancies 

These marketing companies plan and develop communications materials like brochures, newsletters, magazines and product guides. Marketing communication consultancies also provide writing, design and production services, as well as advise you on the types of communication materials you’ll need if you’re looking to do something like a product launch.

Telemarketing Companies

These marketing companies take the old-fashioned phone approach to marketing and act as a call center for your business. They call and receive calls from both current and potential customers to spread the word about your service or product.

These are the main types of marketing companies that you’ll still see today, and you should look into each of them to determine which one is best for you. But, if you decide to go the digital marketing route, do yourself a favor and give us a call here at Fusion 360 Agency. You won’t regret it.