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5 Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Video Production Company

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Every company needs to create videos in order to successfully market their brand, but not every company has a video production team and THAT’S OKAY. There are video production companies capable to help any kind of company make the video they need. When these companies choose a fully functioning video production company, they benefit in multiple ways.

Here are five benefits of working with a video production company that combine to create a much higher-quality video overall.


When you start working with a fully-serviced production company, you may or may not recognize how there is almost no end to possibilities.  Whether its finding locations or recruiting talent, competent video production companies have connections to everything needed within the industry.


Compared to a newer video production company or freelancer, you will notice just how knowledgeable legitimate production teams are. With a company that is fully stocked (or fully serviced), you receive a team with decades or even hundreds of years of experience through all the individuals involved. What this gives you is reliable workers who know what to do and will continue to find ways to function even better.

On-Screen Supplements

Full-service video production companies are not only resourceful and knowledgeable but also give you on-screen support with high qualities props or special effects. As needed, video production companies with full services should also provide you with on-screen options for things such as makeup, green screens, background props and more.

Top-Quality Visual Capabilities

You can expect that a full-service video company will give you the best lighting accompanied with the best cameras. If the company pulls out all the stops and employs full teams of writers, editors, gaffers, etc., then you can also bet that they will use the best lighting and camera equipment, giving the video the best possible visual capabilities.

Audio and Editing

With every aspect of the video production being top-notch to this point, it’d be out of place if the post-production portion was not, but that’s why you also benefit from a fully focused team that specializes in audio and editing work. Just like with the cameras, lighting, props and more, fully serviced video production companies will also have top-quality mics and editing gear. Once all the video and sound is captured, the audio and editing teams will make sure everything fits together as it should. Trust us, while the client’s pressure is enough to push everyone to do their best job, EVERYONE apart of the production relies on the editing team’s final touches. Therefore, you are going to get high-quality editing as well.

No matter the industry, companies that are fully stocked in all departments usually have little tolerance with incompetency, that’s why you can rely on a full-service video production company to produce the best possible video. To summarize, these video production companies can give brands all the connections they needed, innovative thoughts, direction and experience, any additional on-screen assistance, and the highest quality visuals and audio needed.

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2D vs. 3D Graphics: Which is More Effective?

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Animation has taken the world by storm, and no matter what form of media you prefer (whether it’s movies, video games or YouTube videos), all industries utilize animation to tap into unique target markets that will help businesses succeed. So, while animation is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of video production, which style of animation do video production companies prefer, 2D or 3D? And more importantly, which style do audiences prefer?

You might already have a preference as to which you consider more effective when it comes to capturing your audience’s attention, but here at Fusion 360 Studios, we wrote this blog to compare the two styles and how they perform online.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Two Styles

3D animation gives a production a sense of realism that 2D animation doesn’t. It also has a superior ability to portray movement. 2D animations are great because they cost less than a 3D production. 2D additionally offers quick save times, making them easier to produce due. While 3D animations are great visually, they can be limited to what your computer can do. Not to mention, they take more time, effort, recourses and money.

The Effectiveness of Graphics

Video production companies know that graphics help people learn and remember information more effectively than written text. In fact, here are the statistics that show how much more people are inclined to consume motion graphics and animated videos than blogs and articles.

  • 72 percent of people would prefer watching a video rather than reading text.
  • Animations and graphics are remembered 21 days longer than static images and texts.
  • 85 percent of people want companies to create videos rather than other types of content.

According to research, 3D experiences make people feel a deeper emotional connection to the video production than they do with 2D animation. It seems that 3D animations are more popular amongst the general public due to its more lifelike nature, so video production companies tend to stick to these types of videos to captivate their audiences.

If you’re looking to hire a video production company to help you create some high-quality animations for your next project, contact us here at Fusion 360 Studios. Our award-winning video team will help you create a digital masterpiece. For more on what we do, check out our website today!

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Should Personal Data be Used in Marketing?

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The question often comes up of whether personal customer data should be used by marketing companies when it comes to conducting research for advertising campaigns. Some might argue that privacy is important and that marketing companies should refrain from asking for too much personal data from their potential and current consumers, but it’s important to keep in mind that without data, brands are going to be marketing blindly, resulting in poor engagement and unsuccessful campaigns.

Personal data is important to the success of marketing campaigns, and there are several reasons to support this claim. Here is why personal data should be used in marketing.

More Personal Campaigns

Privacy today is a major issue, and people want to feel safe on the internet. With that said, you’d think they wouldn’t want their personal data collected, right? Well, as it turns out, consumers crave personalization in their ads. The magazine company, D!gitalist, found that 65 percent of customers were happy to share their personal data with marketing companies. The reason behind this finding is because individuals enjoy receiving targeted ads more suited to their interests. Out of those people, 67 percent were willing to share their data if they received a benefit such as a discount or a coupon. Again, customers want personalization, and collecting data is essential in giving them what they want.

Personal Data Helps You Improve Your Tactics

Collecting personal data from different social media channels will help you determine which platforms are responding to your ads and how you can improve them on platforms that aren’t responding as well as others. Through this information, marketing companies can also build surveys to send out to their consumers to ask them how they think the company could improve.

Customers are Always Changing

Individuals’ taste in certain products change all the time, and if you don’t constantly collect new data from your consumers, you’re going to be using outdated information. You can’t expect to use 10-year-old information on the current generation, you need to stay up to date in order to attract new consumers. Failure to do so will result in missing out on finding a larger consumer base. Personal data collection helps you market to each individual group successfully even amongst ongoing changes in trends and interests.

If You Don’t Someone Else Will

Similar to staying up to date with data in order to attract new consumers, if you don’t, you will see your current customers change their loyalty. When you stand idly by, you will fall behind other companies all over the world as they continue collecting personal data and steal from your consumer base through their improved marketing techniques.

As you can see, collecting data is a must, and marketing companies should be using this tactic if they want to thrive in their respective industry. If you need help setting up a marketing campaign, give us a call here at Fusion 360 Agency.

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10 Mind-Blowing YouTube Statistics

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Social media marketing companies are performing crazy amounts of research in order to better utilize the different online platforms. In the past research we have conducted, we have found ridiculous statistics! In fact, some of the information we recently looked up about YouTube is fascinating. So much so that we thought it’d be fun to show everyone some of the numbers we came across that will blow you away! Take. A. Look.

social media marketing companiesFive Stats on YouTube’s Popularity

The first stats we will share only emphasize how ridiculously popular YouTube is.

1.9 billion people — The number of individuals on YouTube each month.

3.25 billion hours — The number of hours watched each month.

#2 — YouTube is the second most visited website in the world.

300 hours per minute — The total number of hours uploaded to YouTube each minute.

5 billion views — The number of videos watched every day (Another source, Internet Live Stats’ reports that 79,331 videos are watched every second).

There are social media marketing companies that focus on all sorts of platforms, but with these kinds of numbers, it would not be a stretch for marketing companies to focus solely on YouTube. Interestingly, a side-note statistic (that we aren’t counting on this list), of those 1.9 billion individuals, over 80 percent of the viewers come from outside of the United States of America.

Three Financial Figures

As our social media marketing company rolls out a couple of the dollar figures, just keep in mind that the first video ever uploaded to YouTube was on April 23, 2005. You will then see how quick YouTube was recognized as a perennial online website and how much it has blown up since — it’s WILD.

$1.6 billion — The amount Google paid to buy YouTube a little over a year after its inception.

$160 billion — Morgan Stanley’s estimated net value of YouTube by 2019.

From these numbers, we see that Goole recognized that YouTube was already a billion-dollar company and has made it one of the world’s most profitable companies. YouTube has increased its value on average by about $10 billion each year since 2005. Just to put this into perspective, today, YouTube is worth about the same as Disney.

Within YouTube’s empire, individuals also have the ability to make big money. Here’s our last financial stat:

$20-50 million — The estimated net worth of one YouTuber, PewDiePie.

It may not seem like much compared to the figures in the billions, but remember that this is just one guy in his twenties making videos.

Two Stats: Most Subscribers and Most Views

PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg (Swedish), fluctuates between having the most subscribers or somewhere close to it. Right now, he does not have the most subscribers on YouTube. While he may not be #1 currently, his main competitor is a huge corporation, not just some guy.

103 million — The number of subscribers T-Series has, the highest of any YouTube channel.

The most popular channel on YouTube right now is the Indian Music Label & Move Studio, T-Series. While they currently have the most subscribers on YouTube, they still do not come close to having the most views for one video.

6.2 billion — The number of times Luis Fonsi’s Despacito Ft. Daddy Yankee has been viewed.

Despacito’s next closest competitor isn’t even close (Ed Sharon’s Shape of You has 4.2 billion), but of the top-10 most viewed videos, all surpass at least 2.5 billion view counts and 9 of them are music videos (the only none music video is a random Russian-animated video, maybe for kids?).


As the stats cross between dollar amounts, time markers, ridiculous numbers in the billions, and some of the highest rankings, YouTube provides some of the most compelling stats. Social media marketing companies continue to help everyday companies with their deep knowledge and marketing abilities. If you need help with making a YouTube video for your company, contact us, Fusion 360, a video production and social media marketing company with the skills you need.

How to Create a Storyboard

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Storyboards are one of the most essential steps when it comes to creating a quality video production, which is why video production companies invest so much time in ensuring that they come up with a solid storyboard before they begin filming. Like a script, a storyboard helps guide the production in terms of how scenes need to be arranged and what it’s ultimately going to look like. Storyboards are essentially just scripts for the video production team.

Now that you know just how important these storyboards are, you might be wondering how you can get started on creating one for your next production project. Our video production team here at Fusion 360 Studios can help you on your storyboarding journey, so here are some tips to help get you started.

Start with a Template

Before anything, you’re going to want to set up a template for your storyboard. Without a starting point, it can be hard to know what you should do first, but templates act as the starting point for any video production project. Usually, this template will just be a bunch of empty rectangles in which storyboard artists fill in shot by shot. You can make your own or you can find templates online that you could print out.

Add the Script

The reason video production companies spend so much time on storyboarding is because it’s so much more than just drawing pictures, it’s providing ideas and visuals for the director and scriptwriters. Sometimes, these images are accompanied by short blurbs that end up being used in the script. Under each rectangle, you should add a line of script or dialogue that corresponds with the specific scene. This will help in the next step — sketching out the story.


Once you’ve filled in your template with the script, you’re going to want to sketch out what each scene will look like. This will help your team know what they need to include for each scene in terms of props, actors and which location you should be shooting in.

Add Notes

No good storyboard is complete without notes. These small additions can go a long way in ensuring a smooth production, and they include things such as descriptions of what’s happening in each scene, camera angles, movements and special effects.

Video production companies understand the importance of a good storyboard, so if you need help bringing your next video idea to life, don’t hesitate to call us here at Fusion 360 Studios. We have our video production game on lock and we’re ready to help you create something revolutionary.

The Importance of Storyboarding

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How would you describe the importance of sending an email to another colleague or client? Could you get by without it? What about advertisements of all forms — billboards, social media posts, online and television commercials, magazine ads, etc. — how easy would it be to find products that are best for you needs? Both of these examples depict what different forms of communication contribute in our everyday lives, and when it comes to storyboarding at a video production company for a film or video, directors and video producers rely heavily on what the storyboard communicates.

Storyboarding is a Form of Communication

When it comes to films and video productions, people look at directors as geniuses that envision everything, but what people don’t realize is how much directors rely on their team. One of those teams within a video production company is the storyboarding team. While a director may be responsible to make a piece of work come alive, they work out their ideas onto paper with the storyboard teams in order to see if it will work. However, a lot of the ideas for a video or film may originate from the storyboard because the artists can sometimes develop and visualize a concept or idea better.

Similar to how directors feed off of the storyboarding, the writers of the production do as well. Video production companies understand that the storyboard artists are often the original source of an idea, and that is partially why their contributions are so important. When people draw out an idea or thought, a lot of the unknown pieces come together. Finding those unknown pieces help complete everything that is needing to be communicated in a video production. In a way, storyboard artists are simply great communicators.

Can Films and Videos Survive Without Storyboards?

When people think of storyboarding, they often think only of pictures, but it is much more than that. Storyboarding effectively sets the blueprints of a film or complex video.

The question you might have is, do you really need storyboards to make a video or film? To answer that though, it might be good to ask, can companies live without email? It might be a possibility, but the overall efficiently would drop significantly. So too with storyboarding. Proper video production companies storyboard their films and even some videos because it makes the overall production run smoother, clearer and provide much better results.

If you have an idea for your company’s brand film, commercial or some other product/company-related video and need help bringing it to life, contact us at Fusion 360 studios. We are a legit video production company that has what it takes to produce exactly what you need.


Creating a Social Media Plan

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Whether your company’s line of work can build hundreds of thousands of followers or a couple hundred, utilizing social media is a terrific way to build brand recognition. However, with social media still in its infancy compared to long-time business owners, how to market a company successfully on social media can be challenging for older, established brands. What we’d suggest is building a social media plan!

As a social media marketing company, we see companies jumping into the thick of it without a clue about what they are doing. Before creating an account and posting random content without any direction, make a concrete plan first.

Assess Where You Are

The first thing you will want to do is assess what kind of social media presence your company currently holds. Unless your accounts are a complete disaster, don’t scrap everything and start from ground-up quite yet, you can learn a bit from your current following. For example, you can learn what has worked and what hasn’t worked with your posts and what kind of people follow you already. This kind of information can guide you as you continue to develop your plan.

Identify Your Target Audience

Every company should already know a bit about their audience through other research the company has performed, but they might not know how their audience behaves online. Social media marketing companies aim to help their clients reach their existing audience and find additional ways to contact new potential consumers. In order to do this, these social media marketing companies figure out when certain demographics use their social media, what social channels they are on, how often they click or swipe on an ad, and how often individuals buy from or interact with companies. Figuring out these things and optimizing the information you gain will significantly raise your social media game plan.

Determine How to Measure Success

Once you understand what your capabilities are and how your audience behaves, you can start setting goals and deciding what success is for your company. Having a large following may be nice, but it does not define social media success. In fact, things like the ratio between your following and the interaction they have with your content is a better measurement of your success. Decide for yourself what your company wants to see in terms of success and goals.

Create, Post and Follow Your Relevant Content

It is near the end of your social plan that you should start planning what kind of content you want to post, how frequent you will post and by what means you will create your content. Within all of this, just as social media marketing companies do, you should take advantage of helpful social media tools and analytics that help you schedule out and track your content.

Seeing the Results

In the end, once the wheels are turning, you need to continuously review your content and make sure that your plan is working. Even if you see some followers unfollow you and your growth plateau, don’t stress it, you still might be succeeding. If you need help with your social media plan, contact a social media marketing company like us, Fusion 360! We will be able to help you see the results you want and secure your social media success.

What is Digital PR?

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Today, everything is online. From products to news, you can instantly find and order anything on the internet — this is crucial when it comes to advertising methods. Marketing companies need to stay on top of their online marketing techniques if they want to thrive in the world of digital advertising. One of the best ways to do this is by embracing digital PR, a modern and evolved version of traditional PR.

What is Traditional PR

Instead of targeting only print publications, digital PR takes it takes aim at online publications to increase brand awareness. Marketing companies use digital PR every day with things like publishing articles online, working with influencers and writing web copy.

Digital PR is the new norm.

Types of Digital PR

As mentioned above, here are some of the most common types of digital PR that marketing companies use daily to yield results:

  • Press releases containing newsworthy content
  • Creating and sharing infographics
  • Offline press events
  • Blogger events
  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate programs
  • Creating and publishing blogs and articles
  • Creating and publishing brand videos and other video content

How Does Digital PR Help Brands?

Digital PR not only helps brands raise awareness for their business online, but it also has a positive impact on a website’s SEO. In order for marketing companies to achieve this, however, they have to have a working understanding of Google’s guidelines and ranking signals to improve their client’s website visibility in the search results.

SEO campaigns and digital PR go hand-in-hand, and if you don’t utilize digital PR, your SEO campaign can prove to be useless. Marketing companies like us here at Fusion 360 know how to make sure that your brand is making a mark in your industry.

A good digital PR strategy will help your business generate leads that are going to promote your product or service in front of relevant audiences. Marketing companies know that making sure the strategy is solid before putting it into play is important because the more people engage with your brand online, the more leads you’re going to generate, which will help our brand grow.

Digital PR is crucial if you’re looking to really make an impact in your respective industry, and marketing companies can help you put together an effective strategy. If you’re looking to up your digital advertising game, make sure to give us a call here at Fusion 360 Agency.

5 Video Lighting Tips

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Lighting up your video is just as important as writing it, filming it and editing it. All of these aspects of video production need to be executed properly on their own in order to bring them together to create one finished masterpiece. Video production companies work hard to ensure that this happens, and today we’re going to be talking about the top lighting tips to help make sure that you get the best possible shots while filming your next video project.

So, if you’re struggling to get adequate lighting while on set, you might want to take the time to read this blog on the 5 top video lighting tips.

Use Three-Point Lighting

Using three-point lighting is going to help when you shoot interviews, promo videos, webinars and other related content. Three-point lighting is a common lighting setup that consists of a key light, fill light and a backlight. The key light is the main light used to brighten up a subject. The fill light offsets the key light’s brightness by taking away the shadow cast on the subject. This is accomplished by placing the fill light opposite from the key light. The backlight separates your subject and the background and creates depth to prevent flat shots. Having all three lights is ideal, but you can live without the backlight.

Check You Locations for Lighting Opportunity

Video production companies also like to scout out their shoot locations to make sure that they know exactly how the scene can and will be lit. Depending on your location, scouting it in advance could save you money on lighting as well. Indoor locations are trickier because you could get good natural lighting in the venue or you might have to light up more area to give you the brightness you’re looking for.

Utilize Soft Lighting

This lighting technique requires more lighting equipment, but it’ll help create a softer appearance when it comes to facial features in actors, hosts and interviewers. The closer a light is to your face, the harder that light will be, meaning that you’ll have strong angles and your face might be too well lit. Soft light is achieved by placing lights farther away from the subject.

Determine Your Budget

You’ll be able to achieve decent lighting no matter what your budget is, and while not every filmmaker has the budget of successful video production companies, lighting is something that you should definitely invest in. Basic lighting can cost you as little as 10 dollars each, while mid-range and high-end lights will run you anywhere from 100 to 500 dollars. As mentioned previously, you don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars, but it will certainly help your next video production.

Don’t Mix Lights with Different Color Temperatures

Have you ever noticed the different lighting in places like a doctor’s office, your living room and a store? What you’re witnessing is called color temperature, and different light temperatures are used depending on the location. When filming, it’s important to look out for this color temperature, as you don’t want to mix two different temperatures. For example, you should make sure that all your lights have the same bulb to ensure that you’re using the same color temperature for each shot. You should also take the natural lighting in your set into account to determine if it’s negatively affecting your shot.

These five lighting tips are going to help your next production significantly, and if you’re looking for a video production company to help you get started on your next project, give us a call here at Fusion 360 Studios. Our award-winning video team can help answer any questions you might have as well as get the ball rolling on your production.

5 Video Production Tips

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It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in, you are going to have to make a video at some point. As a video production company dedicated to quality work, we want to help everyone produce professional-grade videos they can share. In order to create a video that your target audience enjoys, here are five tips that will get you there!


All video production companies know that pre-production work is arguably the most important portion in video making. Without putting in work before you start shooting your video, you can run into a handful of problems. For example, if your company forgoes researching what your target audience’s interests, behaviors or selling points are, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money on a video that doesn’t appeal to the audience you want.

Speaking of money, without proper planning, you will have problems with things like budgeting, execution and purpose. When you don’t plan appropriately and end up misjudging your budget, you can expect bad results overall. In addition, how your video is executed oftentimes comes down to how well you’ve planned. Video production companies always have a detailed plan for each video they make, that way they are able to stay within budget, execute on everything they intend to, and ultimately follow to the purpose of the video.

After you’ve put in the work needed during pre-production, you are ready for the production aspects.


Before anything else within the production phase, you’ve GOT TO HAVE A GOOD CAMERA. If you try to make a video without a quality DSLR camera, you are going to end up with a video that people won’t be able to take seriously. If the image is questionable in the least, people are much more likely to not take your business seriously. Make sure you find a quality camera and someone that knows how to work it.


The same goes for your audio — if your audio is unprofessional, it makes it just as hard to take your company seriously. This means that the voices can’t be too quiet, muffled or accompanied by ambient noises. The best resolution is to invest in a microphone for your on-screen talent to use. If you do not have any dialog, you still need to be careful with the decibel-level of any background music you use.


Unlike the previous two factors, lighting isn’t something that will wreck your production entirely (unless it’s REALLY bad), but it is something that can take it to the next level! Video production companies will often suggest that you set up three-point lighting in order to make sure your on-screen subject is captured professionally.


The last tip is to keep your post-production simple. This has to do with your planning and execution, but in order to wrap up your video smoothly, you can’t expect your video editor to throw everything together easily if your video demands complex edits. Animations, motion rendering, key-framing and more can be really difficult and cost a lot of money. By keeping your video simple and not overly complex, your post-production work will be much easier.

If You Need Help From Professionals

Fusion 360 is a quality video production company that can help your company with your video needs. Contact us today and we will see what we can do for you!