How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Will Change Marketing

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Marketing has to evolve in order to stay relevant and continue to be effective. Advertising through social media, print ads and digital marketing won’t be enough to keep your brand relevant in the years to come. Now, augmented reality and virtual reality have stepped into the ring.

Augmented and virtual realities are going to make for some big changes in the field of marketing, whether you work for local Utah marketing agencies or national marketing firms. Augmented and virtual realities are no longer a thing of the future. Several marketing firms now have to come up with ideas for incorporating augmented reality or virtual reality into their marketing strategy. Here are some of the ways that augmented reality and virtual reality are going to change marketing.

Brand Values Will Become Clearer

Communicating a brand’s values is part of marketing. With virtual reality, marketing will have to dive even deeper into brand values. As consumers, virtual reality will allow us to source exactly what items we want and wearing those items will show others what brands we support—and thus what values we align ourselves with. Everything we wear and use will represent our values.

Effects of Augmented Reality

There are limitless opportunities for advertising using augmented reality. With augmented reality, you can display your product nearly anywhere. Augmented reality is especially popular for clothing brands that now have virtual fitting rooms which allow consumers to try on products without having to be in the store physically. Marketing agencies are even seeing furniture retailers placing their product in people’s homes virtually.

Effects of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another great marketing tool that is going to cause some major changes in the world of marketing over the next few years. Virtual reality can do some things that augmented reality can’t, like storytelling. Through virtual reality, companies can show consumers how the company came to be while fostering engagement.

Augmented reality and virtual reality present a lot of interesting ideas and ways of marketing. No longer a thing of the future, augmented and virtual realities can give your brand a unique advantage and show your consumers what your brand is all about.


The Importance of Strong Visuals in Marketing

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What makes you click on an article? Either one of two things: an eye catching title or a picture that grabs your interest. Marketing agencies spend a lot of time trying to find new ways to grab your attention. One of the best ways to do so is by taking the time to create interesting visuals to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Capture Attention

You’ve probably heard about clickbait, where you click on something that isn’t really what it claims to be. This might be super shady, but it is effective. The human eye is a fickle thing, it loses interest quickly and moves from one thing to the next unless it is truly captivated. Whether it is clicking on an article about Kylie Jenner’s baby or a video that has an interesting thumb nail, the most views come from the most attention-grabbing things.


When it comes to remembering something, we usually do better at remembering visual or audio stimulants than words on a page. So, if marketing agencies really want their audience to remember an ad or read about their product, a strong visual is important. Visuals also need to communicate in few words with the same importance as an article, no easy task. Too many words and no one will read or remember your ad. Too few words and everyone is just left questioning their existence. It’s all a delicate balance.


It’s all just a matter of time, it’s how much we are willing to invest in this face paced digital world. Visuals are an efficient way to get what you are trying to say across quickly. That way someone can look at it and say “okay, this is what this is about” and decide if it is worth investing more moments into looking into it. Which if your visual is strong they probably will.


To click, or not to click, that is the question all consumers ask themselves and that all marketing agencies try to predict. Unlike other things in this world, clicks actually do matter.


Super Bowl Ads: A Cultural Phenomenon

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Super Bowl advertising is not just another advertising opportunity for companies. It’s a chance for millions of people to see your company’s ad that, hopefully, will be talked about in the weeks following the Super Bowl. These ads have become a cultural phenomenon that is talked about leading up to and following the big game. That means a lot of exposure for your brand.

The History of Super Bowl Ads

Over the last half century, super bowl ads have become a cultural phenomenon. Marketing agencies and marketing firms ship out big bucks, whether they’re in Utah or California, to get an advertising spot in the Super Bowl these days. Starting out as just 60-second ads running about $85,000 per ad nearly 50 years ago, today a single 30-second Super Bowl ad costs more than $5 million on average. These ads started out as discounted ads sold for less than 100 grand and now marketing agencies spend months working on campaigns and creating ads for the Super Bowl.

Share the Secret?

While some companies opt for sharing their commercials before the big game, other brands keep it a secret until the big day. Some brands like releasing their ad before the game so that they can get people talking about it before the Super Bowl. Other brands even release teaser ads before their Super Bowl Ad airs to tease consumers and get the PR ball rolling.

Why Do We Love Super Bowl Ads? 

For starters, most of us love seeing what crazy and unique ad campaigns marketing agencies have been cooking up all year. Marketing firms—like our Fusion 360 firm based in Utah—love Super Bowl ads because they present the opportunity to create a truly memorable commercial that will be viewed by millions of people. Super Bowl ads get a lot of hype and truly great Super Bowl ads will be talked about for years to come.

From Apple’s “1984” ad nearly 30 years ago to the Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice commercial this year, Super Bowl ads present the opportunity to create a truly memorable ad. If you want to make your way into the Advertising Hall of Fame, an unforgettable Super Bowl ad is a great way to get there.