How a Brand Film Can Make or Break Your Business

By January 19, 2019Uncategorized

No business person in their right mind would downplay the importance of branding. Whether it be a national, regional or local company, the brand you create is what people will associate and recognize your company by. Top companies around the globe use tactics from commercials with taglines to hashtags on Instagram, but branding does not have to be as large scale as this. Brand films made by video production companies are a great way to start building your company’s presence within its region and industry.

Why Your Company Needs a Brand Film

Our society is full of companies and individuals alike that are looking for the best products to use. A lot of the times, these individuals or companies will turn to online content in order to find what might be most fitting for them. The statistics on video engagement is INSANE. Never before have so many people searched for videos that will give them exactly what they want. If you are able to create a video that connects your company’s brand and/or product to the viewer, then you will have a video that has a chance to bring in a lot of business. However, these videos need to be high-quality, or else consumers are not going to trust you. People naturally correlate the execution of your video with the overall quality of your company. This is why it is important for you to consider utilizing a video production company to help you out.

Where to Place Your Brand Film

Some people may think that creating a commercial would be the most efficient way for people to see your brand video, however, that is not necessarily the case. Plenty of companies, big or small, create videos that are only viewable on their website or social media channels. In fact, others place their videos on accounts like Vimeo and share a branded video only to those who would be interested — like potential clients. The placement of your video really depends on the product you are trying to sell to others. For example, a lot of business-to-business products do not need to be televised but are great when shown in a meeting with that new potential client. If you are promoting a video that your company produced incorrectly, it might actually end up hurting your reputation. If you are unsure about where you might what to advertise your brand film, ask the video production company you work with and they should be able to help!

If you end up creating a video that is lacking in execution and you over promote it, you might as well put up a sign up in front of your building that says, “STAY AWAY.” In today’s world, you have to have good video productions in order to help people engage with your brand and product — hence the high demand for video production companies. Whether you decide to hire a video production company or not, just be aware that any video that you intend people to see will be under heavy scrutiny. Nonetheless, it is not too hard to find a solid company that can take a look at what your brand has to offer and then help you create the video that you were looking to make!

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