Where to Begin: Social Media Campaigns

By October 29, 2018Uncategorized

Social media campaigns can bring your marketing to the next level. Here’s five steps to create a dynamic social media campaign.

Why are social media campaigns such a big deal? Moz shared that 72 percent of online adults use social networking sites, showing that social media marketing is here to stay. Social media campaigns come from within the realm of social media marketing and help top advertising agencies to stay at the top of their game.

What is a Social Media Campaign?

A social media campaign is a marketing effort focused on a particular goal. Social media campaigns are a great way to reach your audience, not only because most people use social daily, but also because it’s free for your company. Top advertising agencies use social media campaigns to reach specific goals, which are usually different than the company’s day-to-day social media goals.

Learn Your Audience

First, you need to know your audience. This includes knowing what your audiences’ wants and needs are. You need to know your target audience, whether they are mostly male or female, and what ages your audience is primarily.

Knowing your audience will help drive people to your product. If you are a TV news organization, your primary target audience is both males and females, ages 25-50. If you are a clothing boutique targeting millennials, your primary audience will be female young adults. All top advertising agencies keep audience in mind when designing content.

Plan Your Strategy

Next, you need to plan your strategy. This means that you create a goal for your campaign, decide on the mediums that you will use, and choose what platforms you will use to push out your content. Make sure that your focus goal is measurable.

Plan Your Content and Distribution

Now, you can plan out what your content will look like. Top advertising agencies make sure that every piece of content that goes into a campaign has a similar look, so that the consumer understands the product better. When Red Bull did their Australia summer campaign in 2016, they used their Instagram to promote content with yellow filters and the hashtag #thissummer. Red Bull reached 1.2 million consumers that summer from their campaign. Once you’ve planned your content, strategize how you will distribute it–be strategic about what days and times the content will go out at. 

Create Your Content and Post It

One of the final steps top advertising agencies use when building campaigns is actually designing the content and posting it. Stick with your plan and strategy, and then sit back and watch the magic happen!

Measure Your Effectiveness

Lastly, don’t forget to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Whether you look at the number of tweets, likes, shares, or clicks, make sure that you choose a specific way to measure your goal.

Top advertising agencies all generally follow these steps when creating a social media campaign. Social media campaigns can boost your companies reach, especially when done correctly. Remember, campaigns can bring the business to your company, and help you reach your goals.