6 Ways Fonts Makes Your Website Better

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There are so many elements of successful website design to think about. What colors work best? Which graphics will draw in visitors? What layout will best display the information? The list goes on and on and on and on. It’s such a long list that it’s easy to forget an element or two.

Font choice may seem like a small thing, but it is crucial for a great website design. Your site will never get high traffic if the people visiting it can’t read what you have to say. It doesn’t matter how great your website is if your font is terrible.

How to Make Your Video Ads More Successful

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If research and statistics are right, then you’re probably not going to read this entire article.

If people are looking for in-depth insight on any given subject, people now more than ever will turn to videos to get information. Marketing agencies that are worth their salt know that people turn more to videos for content than anywhere else. But how do you make your online video ads stand out in a crowded field of cat videos, how do you make your multimedia presence stand out?

Here are some of our personal tips:

Tip #1 Produce “How to” Videos

In 2015, “how to” video searches grew by 30 percent, which means that people are in a hurry to figure out stuff, and they need someone to walk them through how to do something step by step. “How to” videos are only increasing in popularity, and the more unique your “how to” topic is, the more views you’re likely to get.

So, for example, “How to change a flat tire” won’t get that many hits, being as there are literally thousands of those videos already. But a “how to fix a foosball table” video will get much more of an audience for you, even if that audience is smaller than the “fix a tire” group.

Tip #2 Make Testimonial Videos

In the age of Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes, people are more likely to look at reviews for your brand well before they even come close to buying your product. Marketing agencies have figured this out, so for their clients who sell products or services, they’ll make testimonial videos that prove to consumers that what they’re product or service is better than everyone else’s.

Tip #3 Find the “Sweet Spot” for Video Length

Marketing agencies that produce videos for their clients know that the best video ad length (according to Google) is no longer than three minutes. Within 45 seconds, people will know if they’re interested in the video they’re watching. There are some videos that can be longer than 3 minutes on Youtube that still deliver incredible results, but those exceptions are rare, and your video has to be incredibly engaging to pull something like that off.

The Stories Behind Some of the Best Celebrity Stage Names

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What’s in a name? Well, Shakespeare, a lot actually. Marketing agencies know that a name can make or break a product, company or career. It may seem silly that a few words could define so much, but think about it. Words convey so much power. Would you shop at a store called “Lots of Cheap Clothes?” Maybe. But you would be way more likely to shop a store called “Ross Dress for Less” or anything with the word “outlet” in its name.

Celebrities understand the power of a name better than anyone. Many of them entered the world of entertainment after adopting a new moniker. Some have changed their names after being famous in an effort to transform their brand. Here are the stories behind some of our favorite celebrity name changes.

Three Great Ways to Make Your Content Posting Less Boring

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No matter what you’re selling, content marketing has become a crowded industry. It’s crowded because marketing agencies see the great benefits of getting brands out to new audiences. Unfortunately, that has led to a lot of content marketing that is being pushed out in boring and dull ways.

Luckily, we know a thing or two about making producing, publishing and promoting good content (because we kind of do it every day), so here are some tips to making content promotion a little less boring.

Tip #1: A Picture Is Worth More Than 1,000 words

Time after time, social sites such as Facebook and Twitter have shown that marketing agencies that utilize images with their content will get better engagement among users than content without images. The reason is pretty simple: reading’s boring. Ok, not boring, but an image that utilizes a powerful and well-written headline can make user entranced with your post, and they won’t hesitate on clicking on your content.

Speaking of well-written headlines…

Tip #2: Master the Art of a Headline

Writers tend to not give too much thought to what their headlines should be because they’re focusing on writing great content. But if you want your content to be seen, you better spend a good amount of time coming up with a great headline too.

They’re difficult to come up with, because headlines have to wear multiple hats. They have to be intriguing while not looking like click bait, and they have to make your content seem unique or worth reading. It’s a tricky thing to master (some marketing agencies still don’t know how to make great headlines), but once you do, you’ll see your content shares go up.

Tip #3: Be Unique

When making content, you shouldn’t think about producing something you’ve already seen before. Try and come up with content and ideas that are out of the box. Writing more unique content will in turn give you more unique visitors to your website, and you’ll get audiences of all types flocking to your social media sites to see what’s the next best original piece you’ve written.

Get Started With Livestreaming Video

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Step aside Facebook photos and Instagram. Livestreaming video is the new frontier in social media. Statistically, people are way more likely to stop and watch a video in their newsfeed than anything else. Just ask any of the nation’s top marketing agencies.

Photos are great, but video is awesome. Maybe it’s because video makes us feel like we are really there experiencing something. With livestreaming video, we practically can be there experiencing something in real time.

Livestreaming video is a new tool. With all new tools comes a time of experimentation as the general population figures out what works and what doesn’t. As you enter the world of livestreaming video, here are a few tips to get you off on the right foot.


RFPs: They’re a Thing of the Past

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Businessmen shaking hands

If you’re a brand searching for the right marketing agency with an Request for Proposal (RFP), you’re out of touch and dragging dead weight.

Brands often spend months getting a traditional RFP put together, which no longer cuts the mustard in a world where the media landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Those wasted months creating an RFP could be critical to raising your brand’s awareness through constantly evolving, modern digital marketing techniques.

Not only do RFPs waste valuable time, they potentially increase employee stress levels and workloads as employees are asked to help organize an RFP on top of their regular duties, often resulting in low employee morale and work output.

Marketing Agencies Know What They’re Doing

RFPs can be aggravating to those who have already spent years working and studying in the digital content marketing arena. Many digital marketing companies view RFPs as naive and condescending when, through those proposals, a brand assumes that it knows exactly what marketing hurdles it faces and solicits a narrow, ready-made solution.

While it can be useful for a brand to use an RFP to ask advertising agencies for basic info like client lists, case histories and strategic approaches, brands should instead look at an advertising agency’s willingness to adapt to changes in the media landscape.

Brands looking to hire digital marketing firms should seek those that develop and utilize forward-thinking, dynamic and unique communication strategies — not just those good at responding to a complex RFP. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are also discouraged through the traditional RFP approach since they are so formal and rigid.

Perhaps RFPs would still make sense if people didn’t have the ability to communicate instantaneously via the internet. Brands can now search for content marketing companies online, check out their work and list of clients, then email or message ideal candidates and set up a quick meeting, eliminating the wait time and costs associated with an RFP.



Snapchat’s Newest Snap-tics

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All you have to do is point at your designated target, zero in and shoot — with the camera in your Snapchat app, of course — to paint the world around you with colorful animations. Lenses have always been the best part of Snapchat.

As digital marketing firms begin implementing Snap-tics (Snapchat tactics) into their strategic marketing plans, there is a whole new world of possibilities available. Always remember the 9th of November, also known as the day Snapchat graced the planet with their new world lenses.

What Is a World Lens?

With 150 million daily users, Snapchat is the social media platform that seems impossible to beat. Instagram’s newest Stories feature attempted to break into the market. However, with Snapchat’s innovative features rolling out regularly, digital marketing firms are eager to make the platform work for them.

These lenses are slightly different than your typical Snapchat lens. Instead of face augmentation, your background world will be morphed into something new. Bring the drab of the grey world around you through the transformation to especially fabulous.

As Nick Gambino from NewsWatchTV so simply stated, “It’s basically adding an acid trip to the whole captured moment.”

The Anticipation Is Killing Me

It is assumed that the world lenses are simply a hype machine for none other than Snapchat’s new Spectacles. The second attempt at something similar to Google Glasses will retail at $130. These Spectacles will record moments of your daily life to be saved to your “Memories” file on the app.

This is yet another tool in the arsenal of digital marketing firms across the country. Snapchat continues to prove that it’s less about the financial backing or who did it first, rather it’s about who did it better.

With augmented reality glasses, adding a sleeping cloud that vomits rainbows to your personal world can be as easy as clicking a button.

Is the New iPhone on its Way to Being New Coke?

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Introducing, the newest member of the iPhone family — it’s the only phone on the market that will literally force you to buy Bluetooth headphones. Heck, why stop there? While you’re at it why not buy a new car stereo with Bluetooth capabilities so you’ll be able to charge your phone and listen at the same time as you roll down Utah roads?

It’s no secret that the iPhone 7 is getting mixed feedback. We were all expecting innovation that would make Steve Jobs proud. Instead, we felt the sting of an insult as they made us all aware that our technology is outdated and we’re behind on the times.

The cherry on top is the fact that users are finding their headphones crashing since the newest iOS update. As technology continues to grow, advertising agency employees are anxious to see if Apple’s courage is warranted or if this change will fall into the same category as the epic embarrassment that was “New Coke.”

The “New Coke” Debacle

Take a step back in time when Coke decided to take a risk with a new formula. Their advertising agency had the task of creating a campaign that displayed their courage. Sitting in the number one seat for soft drinks, they felt comfortable with their decision.

After 77 days of protests from their loyal followers, and jabs from Pepsi — whose product took over the number one spot — they admitted it was a mistake brought the old formula back. As an ode to the memory of these dark times, any time a product is classified as an astronomical failure they’re given the title of “New Coke.”

Is iPhone Following in Their Footsteps?

Over the years there isn’t an advertising agency who has been able to beat the brand of exclusivity associated with Apple. Their followers are comparable to the devoted Coke fans that were behind bringing original Coke back. In a world where only the strong survive, the headphone jack that’s survived for decades is putting up a fight.

Only time will tell if the innovation sticks or if the insult “New Coke” is replaced by “iPhone 7.”

The Highs and Lows of “Doctor Strange” Advertising

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If you feel like you’ve spent your life looking at the world through a keyhole, trying to broaden your view, you might find that you have something in common with Doctor Strange.” If you’re someone who has worked at an advertising agency, you’ll find the product placement surroundingDoctor Strange” hilarious.

 As less people are watching network television and are instead streaming their favorite television series, less people are seeing advertisements for new movies and materials. A creative approach is needed to reach audiences, thus product placement has returned. When it comes to Doctor Strange,” we witnessed both a success and a failure.

General Hospital

 Product placement can be downright painful. Brands are thrown into movies by many an advertising agency with the label facing outward in a forced position. General Hospital” attempted a new form of product placement, where they worked Doctor Strange” into the script.

 We open on a man and woman talking seriously; you’d imagine he’s about to profess his love for her. Instead, seemingly out of the blue we are hit with a, You know Doctor Strange is about to hit theaters pretty soon…” and a, You may be surprised to hear this, but… If I can’t see that movie with you, I don’t want to see it.”

 The reactions were immediate. It felt like a moment in The Office” when they made eye contact with the camera so you understood the hilarity. This product placement, however funny, would be deemed a failure from Utah to the Big Apple.

“Huaweis Honor

 One of the more subtle attempts at product placement was for the Honor 8. Doctor Strange drives a $237,250 Lambo, but uses a $399.99 Chinese smartphone — somehow the two don’t add up. The brand Huawei recognized that they lacked brand awareness overseas, leading them to partner up with labels like Marvel.

There isn’t an advertising agency that wouldn’t be proud of this one. The subtlety in placing the Honor 8 on billboards throughout the movie increased the position in their target market’s minds (18 to 34 year old men and women).

 Hats off to you for your sly moves, Huawei!

Brandertainment: The Evolution of Content Marketing

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The camera opens on an FBI trained forensic artist and a woman, separated only by a curtain. He asks her to describe herself as he draws. This sketch is compared to the one that a stranger described for her, pointing out her true beauty.

Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign is masterfully crafted to hit you in the heartstrings as you realize the beauty you can’t see in yourself. As content marketing companies, this is what we hope to achieve. This is “Brandertainment.”

Simply Put

“Branded content,” “Advertainment” or “Brandertainment” — it goes by many names but they all mean one thing: An entertainment based vehicle that is complementary to a brand’s marketing strategy. This is funded by the brand in hopes of connecting with the target audience in a unique and engaging way through stories that elicit feelings.

Roughly 61 percent of consumers have reported that they are more likely to buy from a brand that delivers custom content. We escape the drudgery of day-to-day life through our entertainment choices. Enter the champions of the marketing world, the digital marketing firms.

Can You Do It?

Most content marketing companies use professional media producers instead of in-house production, however you don’t need Hollywood to create your incredible piece of content. While viral videos are intended to reach mass audiences, “Brandertainment” is intended to create the deeper connection with the target audience.

With a unique concept, this form of content marketing can be achieved by even the smallest brands. First, set clear goals for your campaign — do you want to increase sales or simply increase brand awareness? Second comes the brainstorming — bounce ideas back and forth until you define a clear winner.

Finally, produce and launch your campaign — a small budget doesn’t mean low quality content. Invest in a production team that will carry your idea to the finish.

As the great Willy Wonka once said, “Invention, my dear friends, is 93 percent perspiration, six percent electricity, four percent evaporation and two percent butterscotch ripple.” So sugar up, and good luck.