Cameras Used for Video Productions

With visual images at an all-time high, cameras are used now more than ever before. News broadcasts, live sporting events, YouTube videos and brand films all call for different types of cameras, and the thing is, if you are not apart of a video production company, you may have no idea what kind of cameras are used for the variety of productions you watch. Here is a short list of all the different types of cameras that are used in video productions.

**Disclaimer — we are specifically talking about cameras that video production companies use to shoot brand videos, interviews and commercials, not news broadcasts, live sporting events or movies**


The most common camera that video production companies use is a DSLR, or a Digital Single-Lens Reflex. Anyone that is starting to create their own videos will want to use a DSLR. There are different types of DSLR cameras but they ultimately have the same function: the ability to grab the subject of a shot with a sharp focus. Usually, DSLRs focus on the forefront of a shot because they do not have a great depth field but can capture high-quality images on the area they are focused on. In order to record the shot they need, video production companies will apply different lenses that give them the depth they need.

Hybrid DSLR

The hybrid version of DSLR cameras differs in quite a few ways. Rather than having to constantly adjust the focus on a regular DSLR, hybrids have a greater depth of field and can keep focus on different subjects within a shot. With a larger depth of field, hybrids are also able to zoom in on subjects a lot better than regular DSLRs. Further, hybrids have more storage on their device; DSLRs have around 15 minutes of total recording life. While the hybrid seems a little more user-friendly with its greater depth and longer recording life, it does not perform as well. Don’t take this wrong, hybrids can still capture amazing images, but they have a smaller sensor than a DSLR and therefore do not do as good in lower light.

Live Sensor

These cameras are like DSLRs but perform more like video cameras. They give you more functions, like extended recordings that go beyond 30 minutes and the use of a microphone.


To continue to show that there are different types of cameras based on the video’s purposes, we will briefly discuss drones as well. Video production companies use drones for great sweeping shots that give you an aerial viewpoint. Drones give your video a setting or place of reference, as well as more motion. Just like the DSLR cameras, there are a wide array of drones that you can use.


These four cameras are just several different types that are utilized when making promotional videos for other businesses, but there are even more cameras out there that are used for movies and live events. If you are looking for a video production company to help you produce a video, contact us at Fusion 360. We have the expertise and experience you need when using cameras like these.

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