Are TV and Radio Still Effective?

The words “traditional media” are starting to get a bad rap in the marketing and advertising world. Traditional media includes print, TV and radio. There are some marketing companies that think traditional media like TV and radio are old fashioned and not effective in today’s digital world. Although many people spend the majority of their time online or on their mobile devices, traditional forms of media are still widely used. If you are planning a new marketing campaign for your company, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t throw out traditional marketing efforts.

Still Relevant Platforms

Radio and TV have been around for decades, and are still around even with all the technological advances. There’s a reason they haven’t been replaced yet and that is because they are still used frequently. Many people are still using radio as it is an almost free service (as long as you have a device to listen to it). There’s also the popular trend of podcasts and online radio stations where marketing companies can display radio ads.

TV has and always will be popular with so many individuals watching shows and movies. With online streaming sites like Hulu, advertisements can be displayed on these sites before, in between and after your favorite shows. In addition, many of our favorite TV shows are still broadcast on popular networks like NBC, ABC and Fox. Think about how many TV’s are in your own house. People still rely on TV stations to get their news and weather updates. By choosing to advertise on TV and Radio, you are still reaching a pretty wide audience and, depending on your campaign and target audience, you can outperform some of your digital marketing efforts.

Major Brands Still Use Radio and TV to Advertise

If you are watching TV, you will notice that a lot of the ads you see are from big companies like Apple, McDonald’s, Google and Microsoft. If these big brands are having success using traditional forms of advertising, then you will too. TV is one of the best ways to advertise, and you are making a mistake if you think that it won’t be effective for your brand. Radio and TV have the power to introduce people to a new brand or product. Chances are if someone sees your ad on TV or hears about it on the radio, they will have their phone or computer next to them to do some research on your product.

Traditional Media Pairs Well with Digital Marketing

Many marketing companies believe that traditional forms of advertising do best when paired with online efforts. Social media and other online platforms actually have the ability to boost TV and radio results. You can create a marketing campaign that covers many different platforms and mediums and they will all support one another. The most successful campaigns are the ones that are spread across different mediums.

One great example of this is Apple. When they come out with a new product, they create billboards, TV ads, web ads and even social media ads to get people aware and hyped about their product. They spread their new product across multiple platforms, getting the most awareness and leading more people back to their website or other online spaces.

Don’t get too caught up in the digital side of marketing. Although it is successful and leads to quick results, there is still a lot of good that can come from TV and radio. There’s a reason that traditional media is still in play, and that’s because it’s effective. If your company is in need of a traditional advertisement or even digital help, marketing companies like ours, Fusion 360, can help create an ad that perfectly captures your brand.

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