Selecting a Soundtrack for Your Film

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Phenomenal action scenes, remarkable cinematography, and precise dialogue deserve a spectacular soundtrack. However, it can be quite challenging for a film production team to find the perfect soundtrack for their work of art. Regardless of whether it is a personal project or a client’s project, choosing a great audio track can cause numerous sleepless nights.

Film production companies are well aware of the implications of a sensational soundtrack; it’s what transforms your numerous scenes into a wonderful and relatable story. Music has a lot of emotions and soul woven through their waves and that is exactly what the film industry relays on to execute a perfect scene. If you can remember your favorite movie or commercial, it’s likely that you will remember the background music and if not, you might go back and find a song that carries emotion of your favorite moment.

So how do film and video production companies find the right track for their projects?

Choose the Soundtrack that Communicates the Message

The use of a music track in your film or video helps communicate the message to the mind and heart of the viewer. Whether you want to educate or entertain your audience, the type of background music you use will help convey the message to your audience. For example, for an educational video, it is advisable to use a calm and quiet song which will not divert the attention of your audience.

Set the Mood and Emotions

By choosing the right music track for your film, you set the mood for your film. As mentioned before, music brings in a lot of emotions no matter how big or small the project is. The most qualified and experienced film production companies always concentrate on how they want to make the audience feel; focus on the feelings you want to evoke and then choose the music track that best conveys those emotions.

Comply with Copyright Laws

You will have to either choose free music or purchase music that fits to your video, however, you must be sure that you legally acquire and use the music. There are numerous copyright laws that all film production companies must observe when it comes to using someone else’s music; every video or film you see on TV or in the theaters have went through the right venues in order for them to be played, and if they hadn’t then they would be in a heap of trouble.

Whether it is instrumentals or vocals, be certain that the audio track you use sets the tone you want in your video project. If you are unsure, it helps if you listen to a few songs and create a playlist where you can overlay the options before picking the right one. A quality soundtrack that is properly and carefully selected will always make your film more attractive and entertaining.

Choosing an experienced and qualified film production company will give you an edge when you are creating a video project. Film production companies like Big Door will assist you with anything from selecting the best location to finding the right song.

The Importance of Consistent Branding

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Branding is one of the most important things you can do for your company. Marketing companies spend a lot of time working with their clients to come up with the best branding ideas they can. Have you ever wondered why these marketing companies spend so much time brainstorming and improving other company’s brands? Or how about why exactly consistent branding, in general, is so important? Here are our three top reasons why creating a consistent brand is so important.


One of the biggest things consistent branding does for your company is it makes it more dependable. If you are constantly changing the way you brand or present your company, people are going to have a hard time trusting you in general. If you can’t stay consistent with something like your branding, how are people going to trust that you will be constant with the work or services you are going to be providing to them? Sticking with your brand is crucial, and if you really feel like you need to re-brand, hiring marketing companies are the best way to ensure you don’t lose too many people’s trust.


Having a consistent brand will help make your company or product more marketable. When your brand is consistent and trustworthy, people are going to automatically associate your name with good things. If your brand is changing constantly, customers won’t even have the chance to make these mental associations simply because they don’t recognize or remember who you are. Overall, having a consistent brand with help with your marketing and make it a lot easier on you.


The last reasons consistent branding is so important is because it builds so much trust between customers and your company. People are naturally going to trust companies and stores they know of. If you see a Target and another store that sells the exact same things as Target but is called something else, which one are you going to choose? Most people would choose Target simply because they have heard of it and know it. The same can be said of your company. Recognition builds trust and trust leads to business.

Having a consistent brand is so important in today’s market because it’s one of the only ways to help make your company or business memorable. Consistent brands help with dependability, marketing, and overall trust. Marketing companies are created specifically to help out in these situations. They know how to help brand your company to help make it consistent. Contact us today here at Fusion 360 if you have any questions about marketing companies or branding.

Summary of Google Algorithm Updates

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Google changes their algorithm pretty often, so it can be kind of hard to stay on top of all the updates. Especially if you are trying to create content that you want to optimize. Digital marketing companies have no choice but to stay on top of all of these updates. There are eight main algorithm updates Google has gone through, and to make it even easier, they are all pretty simple names- Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Mobile, RankBrain, Possum, and Fred.


Panda was first released in early 2011. The basic idea of Panda was to assign certain scores to different web pages. These scores would then determine where each web page would rank on the search engine. Panda was more of a filter than anything at the beginning, but it is now totally integrated into the algorithm Google uses.


Penguin is kind of similar to Panda in it’s ranking. However, Penguin down-ranks websites that use links or keywords that seem manipulative or spamming. Its main goal is to catch people trying to cheat the system when it comes to algorithm ranking. Digital marketing companies are responsible for coming up with ranking techniques that help companies but don’t cheat the system- a tricky job!


The next big update was Hummingbird which launched in the summer of 2013. Hummingbird wasn’t as minor as Panda and Penguin, in fact, it changed the way search engines work to this day. Hummingbird made it so you could search questions and websites with answers would pop up, even if the title of the webpage didn’t have the same words as the questions. This update was a huge game changer for Google.


Pigeon was released in late 2014. This update worked to include a location in the search results. This helped to increase the rankings of local listings. This update also affected the search results in Google Maps.


The mobile updated was released in 2015 and was designed to help make top ranking results be mobile-friendly. This made it so people on smartphones could also use Google to find answers.


RankBrain is pretty similar to Hummingbird as it is actually a part of that update. RankBrain helps to understand the meaning of questions typed into Google rather than the physical words written. It helps to get the most accurate results possible.


The Possum update was just an addition to Pigeon. It helped to make search results closer to your physical location. For example, when you search “Doctor’s Offices Near Me” instead of just showing results in your city, it shows doctor’s offices within a few miles of your current location.


Fred is the last Google algorithm update. This update helps filter out the websites that violate Google’s rules and guidelines. This update mostly affected blogs that generated really low-quality content to get ad revenue and that don’t have digital marketing companies to help them.

A huge responsibility of digital marketing companies is to understand and work with the Google algorithms updates. To learn more about SEO and specifically Google Analytics, click here. If you are interested in hiring digital marketing companies for help, contact us here at Fusion 360 Agency.


5 Basic Video Equipment Tools

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If you work for any major video production company, you’re already familiar with the most basic video equipment tools. However, all video production companies have to start somewhere. And all video editors and enthusiasts have to learn about the industry at a basic level first. There are certain pieces of equipment that all video production companies use, even if they use different models and versions of it.

Obviously, you’ll need a professional video camera. The camera that you have on your phone won’t work for this purpose. Professionals can teach you how to create relatively good videos on your phone, but these cannot replace those created with a professional video camera.

You will also need a shotgun microphone. People care about the visual quality of professional videos, but the audio quality is just as important these days. Almost every video production company uses a shotgun microphone to enhance the audio quality of a production.

If you’ve been around video production companies at all, you have probably seen a tripod. You’ve also no doubt looked at professional videos and wondered how the camera people managed to keep the camera so steady. It definitely wasn’t because the filmmakers in question had very steady hands. Tripods provide the stability videos require, making it easier for video producers to get really good results.

You may already have one of the most important pieces of video editing equipment: headphones. With headphones, you can listen for absolutely everything during a shoot.

All video production companies use lights of some kind. Professional lighting is extremely important. It can eliminate a lot of disruptive shadows. A camera light can also make everything much more visible than it would be otherwise.

Gather all these pieces of equipment before you start, and you’ll be well on your way to making quality videos.

If you need a quality video production company to help you with a project, take a look at the things we’ve done here at Fusion 360.

The Importance of Drone Licensing

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If you’re a drone pilot, getting a drone license is a good idea. If you’re not yet a drone pilot, but plan on flying drones professionally in any way, you’ll absolutely need to get a drone license. It’s true that drones are a new technology, and many of the rules of drone piloting are not set yet. However, if you work for a video production company, an official drone license can help you to capture types of footage that you might not otherwise have access to.

All commercial businesses that operate drones need drone licenses, and video production companies are subject to this rule. If you’re just flying a drone as a hobbyist, you probably don’t need a drone license. However, if you want to make money from the images you capture, you may want to consider becoming professionally licensed.

While lots of people these days make small amounts of money from their hobbies, and you might not be an official one-person video production company, selling your drone footage makes you a professional freelancer. Unless you plan on giving away your drone videos for free, you need a drone license.

There are many benefits associated with acquiring a drone license. If your video production company is still growing, you can increase your credibility with clients by advertising that your drone pilots are licensed. Piloting a drone is a desirable skillone that many clients are willing to pay more for.

Once you’ve acquired a drone license, you’ll gain more options as a drone pilot. An important advantage is the ability to fly your drone in areas that would have been off-limits otherwise. By flying your drone in these previously restricted areas, you may be able to get superior footage. If you work for a video production company, this ability can give you a major edge over your competition.

In the process of getting your license, you’ll also learn more about drone-flying techniques. Even people who work at large video production companies can benefit from learning more about drone flying best practices, especially because drone technology changes so quickly.

Music and Copyright Laws

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While musicians know the copyright laws regarding someone using their music or video productions, the public may be less familiar but they need to know these laws so they do not unknowingly violate them. Fusion 360 is an award-winning production house and digital advertising agency that knows and abides by copyright laws.

Music and video productions are copyrighted immediately after their creation. Creation happens when the lyrics or music is recorded or written down on paper, but the owner of the music needs to register the work.

Music ownership includes the right to reproduce, alter and perform the music. An owner can also display, distribute and sell copies of the work, add visual graphics to it, and permit others to do any of the aforementioned things.

Copyright does not end when the owner dies. Copyright typically ends 70 years after the author’s death.

When a “work for hire” musician creates a piece of music for a business, the business retains copyright of it for 95 years from the time it was first published or for 120 years from the date of its creation, whichever expires first.

There are also special rules in place for people who want to perform a version of a copyrighted song. They have to pay a set rate to the copyright owner to acquire “mechanical rights” to use the music.

Finally, it is important to know that a “poor man’s copyright” is not good copyright protection. You may have heard that the date of creation for a copyright law can be established by mailing yourself a copy of the work and keeping it in a sealed envelope, but that type of copyright will not stand up in court. The best way to ensure that your work is copyrighted is to register it with the United States Copyright Office. This information is important to all businesses that do video productions.

Knowing the copyright laws will help you if you ever copyright a piece of music or someone uses a piece that you have already copyrighted. If you need to make a video with music overlaid but don’t know how to handle copyright laws, contact us at Fusion 360 for any extra help you might need.

Finding the Right Song for Your Video

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Selecting the right song for your video productions can determine whether or not it will be a success. There is a lot of feeling and soul in music and it can absolutely be what emotionally connects your audience to your video. If you can remember your favorite commercial or online video, you probably remember it and feel a connection to it because of the music that is in it. If you want your video to do the same for others, there are some tips for you to follow.

The first thing that you need to do is figure out what message you want to share with your audience. To determine this, you need to know the purpose of your video. Do you want to educate or entertain your audience? Is it product-based or brand oriented? Is it positive or negative? Is it fast-paced or slow? What is the general feel of the video? For example, for an informative video production video, it is a good idea to go with a quiet and soothing song that will not distract your audience.

The next thing that you need to do is to set the mood of your video through your music choice. Do you want your video to be as intriguing, direct, or positive? You also need to think about how you want your viewers to feel. First of all, you need to write down the feelings that you want to convey with your video to keep you focused and on track. Then you need to search for the right music for your video.

Listening to a few songs before you select the song is another great idea. You can create a playlist and then choose from it. Finally, you should choose an instrumental or vocal song. Having just the right song will complete your video. These tips will help you find just the right song but be sure you are aware of any copyright laws.

For any more video production related needs, Fusion 360 helps businesses produce videos and we can help you as well.

The Role of Hyperlinks in SEO

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When it comes to creating engaging, result driven content, SEO companies need to make sure that their writers are strategically incorporating hyperlinks into their writing. Link building is a crucial step in SEO marketing, and SEO companies need to understand how to use this method efficiently if they want to help their clients succeed.

So, what exactly is link building? The link building process is using hyperlinks to generate traffic to client’s websites, blogs, and ultimately resulting in more client/consumer interactions. If you want to bring more business to your company, you’re going to want to get in contact with SEO companies to see what services they can offer you. Here is the role that link building plays in SEO.

What is Hyperlinking?

Hyperlinking allows for the connection of two separate website, files or articles. The reason that hyperlinking is so important for SEO companies is because this is what helps bring traffic to their client’s websites and blogs. For example, if you’re writing a blog about what you should do if you’re involved in a car accident, you’ll want to hyperlink the lawyer’s website in the piece, as well as any relevant information you may have found on another blog found within that client’s site.

Link building is all about elaborating on specific points and topics and linking to convenient data. If you write a blog post without any keywords or hyperlinks, chances are that nothing will become of that piece, and you won’t see results for your clients, meaning that you aren’t doing your job as an SEO agency.

How to Hyperlink the Right Way

Of course, you can’t just start shoving hyperlinks all over your blogs, you’re going to have to be more strategic than that. SEO companies can’t afford to get blacklisted by search engines, so it’s important that they place these hyperlinks in a strategic way. For one, you have to make sure you aren’t linking to spammy or sketchy websites. Only use trusted sites and reliable sources of information.

Aside from making sure that your links are reliable and safe to visit, you have to make sure that they work. You aren’t going to reach your audience if they’re trying to click on a broken link. Also, make sure that your hyperlinks serve an actual purpose within your blog and that you’re placing them in over the appropriate keyword or key phrase. If you’re adding hyperlinks that don’t relate to your written piece at all or if you hyperlink something over a keyword that it doesn’t match, the hyperlink will be considered more spammy than efficient.

SEO companies have to take advantage of proper hyperlinking techniques because that is what’s going to help your clients stand out from the competition. If you’re struggling to bring in traffic to your site, and your business is suffering, contact us here at Fusion 360 Studios. We’re experts when it comes to SEO tactics, and we want to help your business get back on track.


What Are Hyperlinks and Why Are They Important for SEO

The Importance of Google Analytics

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SEO companies that hope to become successful know that they have to harness today’s most influential digital marketing tools to help in their quest to make sure that their clients succeed in their respective industries. One of these tools is the ever so useful Google analytics. This is a free tool that helps SEO companies track all data from channels that are directing traffic to a client’s website, so it’s clear to see why SEO companies should be taking advantage of this software.

So, if you’re looking for a tool to help you track all the necessary data you need to help your agency survive, consider using the tool that 50 million websites around the world use. Here is why Google Analytics is so important.

It Automatically Collects Data for You

Google analytics is set up in a way that helps reduce the stress of trying to manage all of your website data; all you have to do is set up your account and copy a simple line of code to get started. We know that SEO companies are busy creating engaging content for their clients, and Google analytics helps these agencies by removing the stress of having to manually collect their stats.

It Helps Repair Your Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are something that SEO companies need to be observant of, this is something that you want to reduce as much as possible. Bounce rates show how much time consumers are spending on your site, and if you have a high bounce rate, you’re doing something wrong with your website.

The best way to reduce your bounce rates is by making sure that your website is properly optimized and is easy for visitors to navigate. An attractive landing page and functioning tabs combined with valuable information is the best way to reduce your bounce rates.

Google analytics helps track your bounce rates so that you have an idea of how much you need to cut them by.

The Best Part is That Google Analytics is Free

When looking for digital marketing tools, SEO companies are oftentimes wary of the prices; these agency’s want to make sure that they’re investing in a profitable tool for their digital marketing needs. One of the best things about Google analytics, aside from its practicality and simplicity, is that it’s free. That’s right, you aren’t going to have to pay a penny for this useful tool, and it can only benefit you, so make sure that your agency isn’t sleeping on Google analytics.

Simplicity is Key

Google analytics is a beautiful tool in the sense that it is simple to use. Google analytics can be easily integrated with other tools and platforms, making it possible for you to put together your dream advertising arsenal.

Google analytics is a must in the world of digital advertising, and SEO companies should use this tool to their advantage, as well as to the advantage of their clients.


The Importance of Google Analytics

The Dangers of Black-Hat Strategies

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The most important thing for digital marketing companies to remember is that they should be coming up with effective strategies to help improve their SEO game. SEO is what makes your content usable, what generates results and ultimately what the main purpose of digital marketing companies is. However, coming up with a solid strategy isn’t always a walk in the park, and some digital marketing companies, therefore, end up relying on black-hat strategies.

If you don’t know what black-hat strategies are, they’re essentially SEO practices that increase a site ranking on search engines through methods that violate the search engines’ terms of service. The problem with this is that if search engines happen to pick up on digital marketing companies using these black-hat methods, they can blacklist the company, which can quickly lead to your agency’s demise.

Here are some of the most common black-hat strategies that digital marketing companies should aim to avoid.

Keyword Stuffing

This is one of the oldest black-hat SEO strategies to date, going back to the 90’s. SEO focused pieces should include keywords and phrases that draw traffic to a specific business. For example, if one of your clients is a law firm who uses the keyword “auto accident” in their pieces, you’re going to want to make sure that you limit the number of times you use it.

The magic number is anything under two percent; if you use the keyword any more than that, your company could be penalized by Google’s algorithms. Keyword stuffing is dangerous and unnecessary, so always make sure that you’re gaging your keyword usage.

Content Spamming

Backlinking is crucial in SEO. The more backlinks your site earns, the more your website ranks when it comes to search engines. But ultimately, more links does not equal more engagement. In fact, if you use too many links, Google will mark your agency as spam, which will cause your SEO value to plummet.

Recycling Content

This one may seem obvious, but digital marketing companies should avoid recycling their old content, even if you’re using different terminology and synonyms. If digital marketing companies fail to create new content and instead lean toward reusing their old blog posts or videos, they can find themselves being blacklisted on the main search engines.

You’re going to want to make sure that your agency is following a professional, efficient and ethical SEO strategy if you want your company to succeed. Always avoid black-hat SEO strategies, or else you can find yourself struggling to stay afloat in the world of digital advertising.


23 Harmful Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid