How VSO Began

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We are all pretty familiar with voice search. Whether it’s Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant, most of us have used voice search at some point, if not on a daily basis. There are even voice search optimization agencies to help companies have better standings when voice search is used. We are creating a whole society around voice search, but where exactly did it begin? 

The very first voice-recognition system was built in 1952 and she was named Audrey. Audrey could only understand numbers. After Audrey was created, people instantly began working to get voice-recognition to work with words. By the 1960’s, scientists had invented systems that could recognize vowels and a few consonants; they had systems that could recognize 16 English words. These inventions were a big deal and had never been seen before. 

As time went on, voice-recognition systems continued to improve in quality. By 1976, another voice-recognition system was created named Harpy. Harpy could understand over 1,000 words which is roughly an average three-year-olds vocabulary. The invention of Harpy opened the door to a new approach to creating voice-recognition systems. This new approach allowed for more words to be recognized. This was a huge step in the 70’s. By the 1980’s, the few hundred words the systems could recognize turned into a few thousand words. 

Through the 90’s and early 2000’s, voice-recognition systems kept growing, started gaining recognition, and started getting smarter. The first voice-recognition system was put out in the market at this time, however, not many people bought it since it retailed at around $9000 dollars. In 2009 Google put voice search capabilities into their smartphones. Since then, the power of voice-recognition has been growing and getting better and better by the day. 

With the popularity of voice-recognition today, how can it benefit us? One way to benefit your business or company would be to hire voice search optimization agencies. Voice search optimization agencies help companies get their content seen by more people. This is a huge part of marketing, if people can’t find your website or blog how are they going to know how awesome your company is? Voice search optimization agencies work with you to create content and keywords that will make your website be one of the first to pop up after someone has voice-searched something related to your company. 

The creation of voice-recognition systems in 1952 has changed the way we live our lives today. Information about everything is now available for us at the tip of our fingers. All current smartphones have voice-recognition systems, whether its an Apple or Google phone. In fact, some of our TVs and cars have these systems in them. Voice-recognition has changed the way we live our lives today in numerous ways.


Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant

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Digital voice assistants are huge in today’s world. From asking Siri what the weather is like to asking Alexa who won the U.S Open, voice assistants inhabit our daily lives. In fact, they are used so frequently that there are voice search optimization companies now that help smaller businesses optimize their content for voice search. But which voice assistant is the best? Siri? Alexa? Google Assistant? Let’s take a look at different categories to see which voice assistants program is the best.

General Knowledge

One of the most entertaining and useful parts of voice assistance is the ability to ask any question and be given an answer almost immediately. Alexa, which is Amazons digital assistant ranks the highest when it comes to accurately answering questions. Siri on the other hand, Apple’s digital assistant takes last place. Siri is often found to give responses like “I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to that question” or gives useless or not relevant answers. Google Assistant falls in the middle of these two. Companies or small businesses can hire voice search optimization companies to help optimize their content so when someone asks Siri or Google Assistant a question, their company pops up as a result.


Whether you are ordering food, placing a reservation, or looking for a recipe, voice assistants are used frequently for anything involving food. All three assistants offer good recommendations for restaurants, but only Siri offers to set up reservations at these recommendations. When asked for a recipe for something simple like a chocolate chip cookie, Google Assistant and Alexa give you a recipe and walk you through the steps while Siri only sends you to Safari. Overall, all three voice assistants are tied for who is best when it comes to food questions. Again, voice search optimization companies can help your business gain more traffic by optimizing your content.


When it comes to communicating through phone calls, FaceTime, and text messages, the three digital assistants differ in ranking. Alexa allows you to compose texts messages to send and lets you call people in your contacts. Google Assistant lets you call people, but tends to have some issues with sending accurate text messages. Siri wins the day by a long shot in this category. Siri can compose text messages, make phone calls- even international ones, and you can write and send emails through her. When it comes to communicating, Siri comes in first place followed by Alexa and then Google Assistant

Overall, when looking at all three different kinds of voice assistants there are quite a few differences and we only touched on three. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. Voice search optimization companies work to help your business or company optimize your content. This will allow your name to pop up more frequently when someone searches “restaurants near me” or “good lawyers near me.” With the new age of voice assistants and voice search optimization companies, benefits are endless! One big benefit is that information is available to us faster than it ever has before. As for which assistant is better, that is a question you may need to decide for yourself.


Identifying Your Target Audience

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One of the key principles of marketing is identifying your target audience. In any marketing or advertising 101 classes, students will begin to learn about target audiences because they play a critical role in the success of a business. Every content marketing company understands that in order to generate sales and an eventual profit, you must know the right audience for your product.

It is sometimes fascinating to see business owners start out thinking one thing about their product, and then learning that the biggest selling point or benefit of the product ties to an entirely different demographic than they originally thought. Typically, business owners won’t misdiagnose their own product, but they do frequently miss nailing how to create the bridge between their target audience and their product.

Considering that the entire purpose of what content marketing companies do revolves around connecting the product with the target audience, they understand how to identify that audience. These companies put in the necessary time to learn more about the audience by conducting extensive research BEFORE they start coming up with plans and ideas. There are a few common ways marketing companies come up with a detailed analysis of the target audience; some of the frequently used tactics include producing primary research with polls and surveys, scanning secondary research in related scholarly/professional research articles, and learning more about a specific demographic.

Producing primary research – One of the most well-known and effective ways to learn more about your target audience is to produce surveys and polls that your current consumers will fill out. This will give you insight into what kind of groups and peoples you are working with.

Scanning secondary research –  The results to this are similar to the primary research you conduct; you will be able to better recognize the individuals that fall under the demographic category of your target audience. To get these results though, you will have to go through trusted scholarly/professional research and articles that related to your product and consumer. These articles will likely give you statistics or findings that direct you more to the individuals you should target.

Learning more about a specific demographic – Embrace the recognized demographic—check online forums, go to events they might have interest in, listen to the music or podcasts they do, and watch the TV shows or movies they do. Going to this length of research will help you speak their same language which will give you the ability to relate with them on a whole new level. This is ultimately what starts building the bridge between companies and their potential consumers or clients.

When a company properly identifies their target audience, they will be able to market their ads and promotions directly to that specific demographic. If the marketing efforts miss the mark, then that company can expect a minimal increase in sales and profit, and face the possibility of losing money as a result. However, if the target audience is spot on and the marketing tactics are executed well, then the company will achieve what they desired to from the beginning; content marketing companies understand that everything hinges on making your product appeal to the target audience.

Focusing on the target audience for a content marketing company is second nature. If you have any concerns with misidentifying your target audience or have any other marketing concern, contact us at Fusion 360.

Focusing on the Four Marketing Pillars

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Content marketing companies are based on four main pillars that make marketing successful. These four pillars each contribute in their own way to the success of marketing in general. From making and maintaining relationships to working on improving your company’s name recognition, these pillars help marketing agencies make the best choices in these situations.


Keeping existing customers and maintaining good relationships is pivotal for all content marketing companies. Though it may be easy to think that because you have already won them over you are good to go, this is not true; customers can leave just as quickly as they come. Also, happy customers are some of the best marketers possible. If they have had good experiences with your business, they will recommend you to their friends and family. Taking the time to make sure your clients and customers are satisfied is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to successful marketing. In today’s world, going digital and being readily available to help customers online is one of the best ways to ensure great customer satisfaction. 

New Customers

Though keeping current customers happy is important, gaining new customers is the whole purpose of marketing. Content marketing companies put a huge emphasis on this step. When you are working to find new customers, paying for things like ads is a great way to do this. Of course, word of mouth is still a great way to get new customers, but it is often the slowest way as well. Hiring content marketing companies are a great way to successfully find new customers.

Name Recognition

Another thing content marketing companies work hard to do is to create name recognition for the company or business. This includes creating a brand that is recognizable all around. Creating a brand is important for so many reasons and recognition is just one of them. Like with new customers, ads play a big role in name recognition. When people hear your name, you want them to think positively and have the desire to invest in your product or service.


The last pillar content marketing companies find important is the communication pillar. Communicating in all aspects of life is important, and marketing is no exception. After you know who your customers and clients are, you can find ways to communicate with them. You can learn what they like, what they don’t like, and what they expect from you as a company. You also want to be able to communicate with your customers so you can explain things or answer questions for them.

All these pillars work together so that they hold up marketing as a whole. Content marketing companies work with these four pillars in mind to create the most successful marketing techniques they can.  

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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Find out exactly what pay-per-click advertising is and how your business can benefit from it.

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click ads, or PPC ads, are a type of advertising in which you only pay for the clicks that you receive. PPC advertisements can be very successful when combined with other types of promotion, such as social media marketing and SEO. The best advertising agencies know how to balance their advertising between PPC ads and other marketing efforts. Here’s three types of PPC ads that you should know about.

      1. Social Media PPC Ads

The best part about PPC social media ads is that you can target your audience. Some of the best advertising agencies know how to use social media to target their ideal customers by pinpointing the audience’s location, demographics, and more. Social media platforms that you can use PPC ads on include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. The added bonus of PPC ads on social is that there are many options to be creative. You can choose videos or images and create your own content for the ads. Another platform that you can choose to advertise on is YouTube. Since the ads show up before you watch a video, the PPC ads on YouTube are also known as pre-roll ads.

    1. Google PPC Ads

Another main category of PPC ads can be found on Google. This includes paying Google to add your website to the top of their site listings and paying Google anytime someone clicks on your site—these are otherwise known as search ads. A more targeted approach that Google offers for search ads are local search ads. When a company close to your business searches for another business near yours, your website will pop up.

    1. Retargeting PPC Ads

When the best advertising agencies want to convert their non-committal website visitors, they turn to retargeting PPC ads. These ads only show up to people who have visited your website before. Obviously, the people who visit your site are at least a little bit interested in the product or services that you offer, otherwise they wouldn’t be on your site, so it’s a good bet they’ll become a future customer. Retargeting ads can also be used on social platforms to remind those who’ve recently visited your site about their visit.

The Benefits of PPC Ads

The benefits of PPC ads are numerous, but if we could list the most important benefits, it’d be that your advertising efforts will be able grow and become even more targeted than previous efforts. The best advertising agencies aren’t afraid to add PPC into the mix with their other advertising efforts.

For more information on PPC ads, check out Fusion 360, today!

How Does Voice Search Optimization Work?

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Voice search is an amazing thing. Its convenience has made it one of the most praised ways to search for everything from restaurants to products and services. While people all around the world are taking advantage of the wonders of voice search optimization, have you ever really thought about how it works? Voice search optimization companies know how to use voice search to achieve great success, and we want to help you understand how it works.

Voice search uses a more natural process than you may think, however, it is not so simple. Computers use a variety of different methods to turn voice into text, which is then turned into results thanks to the search engine. Here is how voice search optimization works.

The Four Stages

There are four stages that a computer has to go through to turn voice into text. In order to achieve successful voice recognition, a computer must go through:

Matchmaking: This is when the computer compares the spoken word with the word fed in the voice search engine. It takes your voice and compares it to the closest thing possible on the web, which is why proper and clear diction is so crucial.

Language Modeling and Statistical Analysis: This stage requires the words spoken to be checked for grammar. Sound patterns are also checked to increase the accuracy of the recognition via the voice search optimization.

Pattern and Feature Analysis: Words in this stag are broken into bits and analyzed by their vowels. This helps voice search optimization tools measure the accuracy of the word.

Artificial Neural Networks: The voice search engine converts the voice into text (input for search).

While voice search optimization companies are aware of these stages, you may just be hearing about them. As mentioned before, VSO is a complex, yet an effective process that has changed the way people interact with the internet and the way advertising agencies create their SEO strategies.

While traditional searches are still common, it wouldn’t be surprising for voice search to one day take over completely, leading to the development of new and improved SEO strategies, and the rise of voice search optimization companies. Luckily for local Utah businesses, Fusion 360 advertising agency is already looking into the future and harnessing the power of voice search enginesif you want your company to stay ahead of the competition, make sure you contact us. We’ll help you develop a strategy that will keep your brand relevant for years to come.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Content

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Businesses are often faced with strenuous workloads and strict deadlines, which can make it hard to keep up with consumer demands. When it comes down to it, these struggling businesses are often faced with a tough decision: sacrifice quality or sacrifice quantity. Well, what if there was a way to keep both?

Content marketing agencies such as Fusion 360 exist to give your company room to breathe. Whether you need help with your campaign or you’re looking to get more content created for your website, we’re ready to take some of that weight off your shoulders. Here is how your business can benefit from outsourcing content.

Save Time

If you’re drowning in content work, there’s a good chance that some tasks are being put off, making you fall further and further behind and killing your company’s productivity. By outsourcing your content to reputable content marketing agencies, you’ll save yourself time; with extra time, you will be able to catch up on late work, restore productivity within your company, and really focus on your brand and customer relationship. If you really sit back and think about it, you’ll realize that this may be one of the best decisions your company can make. Freeing your employees from that crunch time they’ve been working on will help them get back into gear and focus on the most important parts of your company.

Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategy

Another great benefit that will come from outsourcing your content is that you’ll be strengthening your content marketing strategy. Content marketing agencies specialize in content marketing, so you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that what your agency is producing will be of high-quality. While you may have had some talented writers amongst your team, content teams will know how to make your content as engaging and as efficient as possible. letting your employees worry about fulfilling their most important tasks.

You’ll Most Likely See Better Results

Content marketing agencies want nothing more than to help your business succeed, so don’t be surprised when you see your following grow, numbers start to rise, and your product or service start to become a big hit with consumers. Content marketing agencies are meant to help your business, which is why outsourcing your content is one of the best decisions your company will ever make.

Hiring a content marketing agency is the best way to free time, increase productivity and ensure that your content is as high quality as possible. If your company needs marketing assistance, contact us here at Fusion 360 Agency.

YouTube Commercial Strategies

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There are several ways that you can market your business today, but the most effective and successful way to do it is through commercials, more specifically, through YouTube ads. YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world and many digital marketing agencies are turning to it to help build their client’s brand.

With over one billion unique visitors each month, YouTube sits only one spot back from Google as the second largest search engine; about 17 percent of all internet traffic flows through YouTube. Keeping that in mind, it is little surprise that there are over 100 hours of video uploaded every minute. As you can see, YouTube is a go-to platform for video advertisements. Here are some strategies digital marketing agencies are using to take full advantage of what YouTube offers.

Come Up with Goals

You don’t want to go into YouTube without a strategy—that is a recipe for disaster. Before you get your channel set up, you should make sure that you have some goals in mind. For example, write down how much engagement you’re hoping to receive, how much traffic you’re hoping to bring through to your channel, and maybe even how many subscribers you want.

The best way to achieve these goals is by using the famous SMART model: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Set deadlines for your goals and make them realistic so that you have a better chance of achieving them.

Create an Upload Schedule

Those who don’t have an upload schedule on YouTube are usually the channels that don’t do very well. If you really want to make your presence known, you’ll have to be consistent when it comes to uploading. Your consumers have to be able to know when to expect new content, because that is what will keep them engaged and keep your channel doing well.

Use a Variety of Different Marketing Videos

It’s best to switch it up when it comes to your content, especially if you want to keep your audience engaged and if you want to bring in new subscribers. Your digital marketing agency should use videos ranging from interviews, behind-the-scenes and how-to videos in order to produce content relative to your clients’ interest. 

Incorporate SEO Into Your Videos

Of course, a digital marketing agency will also want to make sure that their content is ranking across search engines all over the internet. The best way to boost SEO on your YouTube videos is through keywords, video headlines, video tags, and descriptions. With solid framework for your SEO, you’ll see an increase in views and subscribers.

For any other marketing questions, considering contacting us at Fusion 360.

Outsourcing Your Social Media

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Social media is one of the best ways to get traffic to your business today. In fact, social media is so huge right now that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 88% of businesses are using social media as a marketing technique. However, it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out how to most effectively use social media as this marketing tool. This is why many businesses decide to outsource their social media to digital marketing companies.

Outsourcing social media is giving the responsibility of managing your social media accounts to a company or group of people that are experts when it comes to social media marketing. These groups are often times digital marketing companies that work on many different platforms, however, within the past few years, the social media aspect of marketing has become huge for these companies. So when exactly should you outsource your social media to a digital marketing company, and when should you just do it yourself?

The most important thing to keep in mind when using social media as a marketing tool is making sure your brand is showing. Though this sounds like a relatively easy task, a lot of businesses struggle with this. Outsourcing is a great way to help fix this problem. Again, digital marketing companies are experts at this kind of stuff. They know the best ways to present your business on social media while defining and presenting your brand in a natural way.

Another time outsourcing your social media might be a good idea is if you don’t know what kind of content you want to post. Figuring out your social media content can be tricky depending on the type of business you have. Considering digital marketing companies are great at creating content strategies, outsourcing can make this a lot easier. They know what kind of content gets viewed the most and what kinds get the most feedback and traffic to businesses.  

The last reason outsourcing social media is a good idea is because you are an expert of your business, but digital marketing companies are experts at marketing. You may be able to post visually pleasing pictures or grammatically correct blogs, but do you know the latest algorithm changes?…When you outsource your social media it is no longer your job to figure that stuff out—it’s ours.

Social media marketing is huge in today’s world. The effectiveness of your marketing on these sites can literally make or break your business’s success. There are a lot of reasons and benefits to outsourcing your social media to digital marketing companies. They know how to present your brand in the best ways, they have creative and unique content ideas, and they are experts at marketing. By outsourcing your social media, you will have less to worry about and more time to focus on making your business the best it can be while leaving the marketing up to us.

Inside an Ad Agency: Social Media Manager

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Social media managers within advertising agencies have a variety of responsibilities. Social media managers are essential to an advertising agency because they, more than the average social media user, know the ins and outs of different social platforms. Here are a few of the many responsibilities that a social media manager carries out on a day-to-day basis.

Creating a Social Strategy

When a social media manager receives a new client, their first job is to create a social strategy for the client. Depending on the client’s needs and wishes, a social media manager will choose which social platforms will work best for the client’s company. Then, after they select which platforms they would like to use, social media managers will create a calendar of how many times posts should go out for each platform every week.

Social media managers at advertising agencies also focus on the patterns of posting when building a social strategy. For example, a certain day of the week could be the day when video content is consistently posted. Developing a social strategy is essential for any company’s success.

Scheduling Social Posts

Scheduling posts requires organization and consistency. Organization can come in the form of using scheduling tools such as Hootsuite to plan out future posts. While scheduling posts, social managers at advertising agencies also choose what times during the day that posts should go out at.

It’s essential to schedule posts ahead of time so that social media managers can revise and edit the writing in captions. The written part of posts is important and requires someone who has impeccable grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Along with this, social managers must be creative and knowledgeable about what looks good and what doesn’t.

Creating Content for Social Posts

As a social media manager, your job is not only to create content for social posts, but also to create a consistent brand image. Every piece of content that is designed for a specific client needs to have the same colors, patterns, font, and overall similar look. Social managers will create content that has all of these requirements so that the client’s consumers can become accustomed to a brand image. When social media managers at advertising agencies understand their brand image, they can create stunning content that will reach higher engagement.

If you are in need of consistent posts and a brand image, consider using an advertising agency like Fusion 360 that has a social team that will do it all for you!