How Does Voice Search Optimization Work?

By October 26, 2018Uncategorized

Voice search is an amazing thing. Its convenience has made it one of the most praised ways to search for everything from restaurants to products and services. While people all around the world are taking advantage of the wonders of voice search optimization, have you ever really thought about how it works? Voice search optimization companies know how to use voice search to achieve great success, and we want to help you understand how it works.

Voice search uses a more natural process than you may think, however, it is not so simple. Computers use a variety of different methods to turn voice into text, which is then turned into results thanks to the search engine. Here is how voice search optimization works.

The Four Stages

There are four stages that a computer has to go through to turn voice into text. In order to achieve successful voice recognition, a computer must go through:

Matchmaking: This is when the computer compares the spoken word with the word fed in the voice search engine. It takes your voice and compares it to the closest thing possible on the web, which is why proper and clear diction is so crucial.

Language Modeling and Statistical Analysis: This stage requires the words spoken to be checked for grammar. Sound patterns are also checked to increase the accuracy of the recognition via the voice search optimization.

Pattern and Feature Analysis: Words in this stag are broken into bits and analyzed by their vowels. This helps voice search optimization tools measure the accuracy of the word.

Artificial Neural Networks: The voice search engine converts the voice into text (input for search).

While voice search optimization companies are aware of these stages, you may just be hearing about them. As mentioned before, VSO is a complex, yet an effective process that has changed the way people interact with the internet and the way advertising agencies create their SEO strategies.

While traditional searches are still common, it wouldn’t be surprising for voice search to one day take over completely, leading to the development of new and improved SEO strategies, and the rise of voice search optimization companies. Luckily for local Utah businesses, Fusion 360 advertising agency is already looking into the future and harnessing the power of voice search enginesif you want your company to stay ahead of the competition, make sure you contact us. We’ll help you develop a strategy that will keep your brand relevant for years to come.