The Future of Digital Marketing

By January 9, 2018digital marketing

As technology progresses faster and faster each year, we’re always looking toward the future. This includes looking into new technologies and understanding how they’re going to change the marketing game. Digital marketing companies are always looking for innovative ways to connect with consumers and Fusion 360 Agency is no different.

Now let’s take a look at some of the ways marketing agencies could be changing how they connect with you, the consumer.

Mobile Sources

Over the past couple years mobile sources have dominated the way people are consuming data. This is largely because mobile technology has become so powerful that for many it’s replacing their daily use of computers. The convenience factor is key; having a mini computer in your pocket at all times leaves no questions unanswered and arguments almost irrelevant. Mobile sources are here to stay; the real question is how are digital marketing companies going to utilize them in the future?

There’s a large potential for augmented reality. This is when your phone uses the camera to see what’s around you and then overlays images onto the real scenery around you. A great example of how powerful this technology can be, is the explosion of Pokémon Go. Whereas this game is almost unheard of now, the use of augmented reality was somewhat groundbreaking. This same technology could be used for all sorts of digital marketing. For example, you could be walking down the street looking for a restaurant and as you look through the camera view, different restaurants surrounding you could have displays that pop out and tell you about them.

Social media on mobile sources has exploded and there’s no showing that it will slow down in the coming years. The majority of millennials receive their news through social media now. The use of geotagging within this environment could be used to select real-time marketing depending on the location of the individual and their demographic.

The future of digital marketing is uncertain; however, the use of mobile devices is not. Look forward to some radical ways of companies reaching their audience.


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